Jujutsu Kaisen: Why Do People Think Satoru Gojō Is Gay?

Jujutsu Kaisen: Why Do People Think Satoru Gojō Is Gay?

Satoru Gojō is not the protagonist of Jujutsu Kaisen, but he is, by all standards, its strongest and most important persona. Basically overpowered, Satoru Gojō is able to defeat anyone he comes across, including – by his own assumption – the fully-powered Sukuna (although he has said that it would wear him down a little). Gojō deserves praise as he is one of the franchise’s best-written characters. But, despite all of his powers and abilities, Gojō won’t be analyzed from that aspect in this article, no. In it, we are going to talk about Gojō’s private life, as we tell you whether or not Gojō is gay in Jujutsu Kaisen.

Officially, Satoru Gojō is not gay in the Jujutsu Kaisen universe. He does not have a romantic interest as of now, but he has not been confirmed as a gay character. People often consider him gay because of his friendship with Geto, as well as the fact that he has not shown any explicit romantic interest towards female characters, and – of course – his flamboyant personality.

This article will focus solely on Gojō and his personal life, as well as his romantic interests, if there are any. You’re going to find out all of the circumstances that have given rise to theories that Satoru Gojō is actually gay, but also some factual answers related to this issue that will help you understand the situation better. Due to his popularity, it is completely understandable that people want to know about Gojō’s life, but be aware that there will be some spoilers in this article.

Satoru Gojō’s sexuality

Satoru Gojō, the series’ most popular character, is often a topic of numerous debates and discussions. Most of them focus on his powers and abilities, but his private life and personality. This article is going to focus on the latter. Namely, if you go around the Internet, you’ll notice that one of the burning questions related to Gojō is the question of his sexuality. People have assumed everything, from Gojō being asexual to him being pansexual. But what does the Jujutsu Kaisen canon say about this? Well, nothing!

As far as Akutami’s canon is concerned, Gojō’s sexuality is not known. He has not been officially shipped with anyone, but there are some characters that he has been close with. His relationship with his late friend, Suguru Geto, has most often been used as proof of his homosexuality, but we’ll tell you more about that in the next section of this article.


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Aside from Gojō, Gojō has been shipped with numerous other characters, but he has not developed any noticeable romantic feelings towards anyone in the series. Does that mean that he is asexual? Well, not necessarily, but there is one thing you have to know.

It is a well-known fact that shonen anime do include some romance elements but rarely actually focus on them. This gives fans ample opportunity to ship different characters with each other, thus coming up with various fan theories. Still, the canon rarely explores these aspects until the very end of a series when, most often in a prologue, we find out who ended up with whom. So, Gojō having no romantic interest now doesn’t imply anything, as it is a general rule in shonen works that romance is not the narrative focus.

And while people will say that they want, the story itself suggests that Gojō might have a somewhat closer relationship with Kasumi Miwa, a second-year student, and Gakuganji’s secretary. She is also a Gojō fan. Coming from a poor family, she wishes to become a Jujutsu sorcerer to aid her brothers financially. Her cursed technique is the New Shadow Style, a set of skills designed to combine the art of the sword with evil energy.

This ship has been quite popular for some time, but when it was revealed that Miwa had feelings for Mechamaru, it fell a bit into the background. Miwa is definitely not a sure pair for Gojō, but it has been a popular ship for some time, and Gojō does seem to fancy her in one way or another. But, the gist of this is that officially, Gojō’s sexuality is unknown.

Explaining Gojō’s potential homosexuality

Well, now that you know the whole answer, we can once again confirm that, officially – Satoru Gojō is not gay. Akutami has not even hinted at this, and from what we can understand, the only source of this is the fans, who keep reading too much into the story, as it seems. Gojō had a very close friendship with the late Suguru Geto, whom he considered his only true friend and his only true equal. The two were quite close, which is why Gojō was so heartbroken when Geto became a criminal, but it was Gojō who ultimately killed Geto at the end of Jujutsu Kaisen 0, and that was one of the series’ saddest moments.

When Kenjaku later appeared in Geto’s stolen body, the trauma hit Gojō hard, and he ended up being sealed because of his sadness and nostalgia for his lost friend. That is how close the two of them were.


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But, this does not really indicate that Gojō is gay. Close friendships between male characters are normal, and we have later seen that Gojō cares both for Yuta and Itadori, and he is definitely not in love with them (heck, Yuta is a relative, even). On top of that, it is not like Gojō ignores female characters, and he has a very close relationship with Kasumi Miwa, who obviously likes him, and it doesn’t seem like Gojō is immune to Miwa either. So far, there are only two confirmed LGBTQ characters in Jujutsu Kaisen, and we have already written about them, which means that Gojō is not among them. Now, whether Akutami plans to change that is unknown, but as things stand now, Gojō is not gay in Jujutsu Kaisen.

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