Jujutsu Kaisen: Satoru Gojō’s Origins, Powers & Weaknesses Explained

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Satoru Gojō, while not the protagonist of Jujutsu Kaisen, undeniably stands as its most powerful and crucial figure. With overwhelming power, Gojō effortlessly overcomes any opponent, even claiming the ability to take on the fully-powered Sukuna, albeit with a hint of exhaustion. Praised for his exceptional character development, Gojō takes center stage in this article, exploring into his origins, extraordinary abilities, and various biographical details. Given his immense popularity, it’s only natural that fans crave more insights into his story, prompting us to craft this comprehensive guide just for you.

Editor’s Note: This article was updated in January 2024 and reflects the most up to date developments in Jujutsu Kaisen manga.

When was Satoru Gojō born & why did he have a bounty on his head?

Satoru Gojo, born on December 7, 1989, faced a bounty on his head right after birth, sparking a futile pursuit by bounty hunters. His unmatched power shifted the balance, leading to an era of exorcist triumph. While lacking a traditional origin story, Gojo’s past is explored in the Gojo’s Past Arc. In his second year at Tokyo Exorcism School, he, along with Suguru Geto and Shoko Ieiri, rescues Mei Mei and Utahime Iori from a dangerous situation. The trio, having dealt with a plague, faces consequences from Masamichi Yaga for a seemingly minor oversight.

Riko wakes up

Later, in a classroom discussion, Satoru, Suguru, and Shoko debate the significance of a curtain, leading to a heated argument about the strong protecting the weak. Masamichi interrupts, assigning them a mission from Tengen, emphasizing its importance and the opposition they’ll face.

In response, Satoru and Suguru embark on the mission. While retrieving Tengen’s ship, an explosion occurs, but they manage to save it. Satoru confronts Bayer of Q, defeating him effortlessly. They then encounter Riko on Tengen’s ship and engage in a conversation. Riko reveals her openness to assimilating with Tengen.

Satoru and Suguru, at Riko’s request, bring her to her school. Masamichi instructs them to fulfill all of Riko’s wishes before she merges with Tengen.

Satoru Gojo first appearance

After consulting with Masamichi, they learn that two Oversight Flails have been exorcised. Satoru and Misato Kuroi guard Riko while Suguru handles the intruders. After eliminating the threats, they unwind at Okinawa’s beach.

To ensure Riko’s safety, Kento Nanami and Yu Haibara join them at the airport, spending the day in Okinawa. Re-entering the school barrier, Satoru feels relief, but Toji Fushiguro surprises him with a stab. Satoru urges the others to go inside as he faces the enemy, realizing the opponent lacks Cursed Energy.

In the intense battle, Satoru struggles as the enemy’s movements become unreadable. Faced with a blocked vision, Satoru is injured, but he recovers and heads to the Astral Cult base to retrieve Riko who has been assassinated by Toji. Confronting Toji, Satoru explains his survival and engages in a deadly clash, ultimately killing Toji with his Purple Technique. Retrieving Riko’s body, Satoru suggests dealing with all cult adherents, but Suguru disagrees. A year later, Suguru and Shoko assist Satoru in refining his techniques.


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Satoru and Riko surrounded by children of the star

A few days later, Satoru is informed that Suguru is on the run after slaughtering an entire village and killing his own parents. Satoru is contacted by Shoko, who tells him that Suguru is in Shinjuku. He then goes there and manages to meet Suguru. The two then talk about how Suguru plans to kill every non-exorcist in the world. When Suguru begins to drift away, Satoru cannot bring himself to kill his former friend. Satoru subsequently meets Masamichi, and the two talk about his strength. Sometime later, Satoru meets Megumi for the first time, and the two talk about his father and the Zenin Clan. However, Megumi does not want to know anything about this one, and Satoru then asks him if he wants to go to the Zenin clan. Megumi says her answer will depend on whether her sister will be happy if they go to which Satoru replies that her sister won’t be happy. He also tells her that he will take care of everything and that Megumi will have to grow strong from this point on.

Satoru Gojō’s powers and abilities

Satoru stands out as one of, if not the most powerful exorcist in the series, wielding immense Cursed Energy and powerful technique. During his student days, both Satoru and Suguru were hailed as “the strongest,” effortlessly overpowering experienced bounty hunters. Satoru’s power surged after realizing its true potential, enabling him to defeat Toji Fushiguro, who once easily dominated him and Suguru.

As he grew, Satoru surpassed Suguru, becoming the uncontested “sole strongest.” Suguru acknowledged Satoru’s capability to single-handedly wipe out humanity, a feat beyond Suguru’s own abilities. Presently, Satoru’s power instills fear among top exorcist dignitaries, allowing him to override decisions and even influence matters like capital punishment. He asserts the ease with which he could dismantle the current society if he desired


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Satoru even claimed that he could defeat Sukuna at his full power, but we all know how that ultimately turned out. Kenjaku and his S-Class flail party were also suspicious of Satoru’s power and skill, with Kenjaku admitting he couldn’t defeat Satoru through conventional means. Satoru was also able to master 4 S-class curses in one fight.

Even when Kenjaku and his party finally hatched a plan to confront him in battle, despite their preparations, Satoru was able to easily fend off their assaults and overpower them, leaving them stunned at just how overwhelmed their abilities truly were.

Satoru not only possesses overwhelming cursed energy but also excels as a skilled martial artist, showcasing extraordinary physical prowess. In melee combat, he completely overpowered Jogo, exploiting weak spots with pinpoint attacks. Facing overpowering opponents like Jogo and Hanami, Satoru effortlessly countered their attacks and forced them into submission with powerful blows.

His physical strength allows him to combat powerful curses effortlessly, delivering potent punches and throwing them great distances with a single kick. Satoru’s speed is remarkable, effortlessly tracking the movements of an S-Level Curse, delivering nearly imperceptible punches and kicks. His incredible speed is highlighted by covering great distances unnoticed by opponents. Tactically astute, Satoru quickly grasps his opponent’s plans with limited information. His adaptability shines as he navigates encounters, countering techniques and defeating enemies with precision.

Les caracteristiques du Pouvoir de lInfini EP20

Satoru is known within the exorcist society as the most powerful sorcerer. He got this alias due to the immense amounts of cursed energy and powerful techniques he possesses. Satoru’s cursed energy is vast enough to use a Domain Expansion multiple times a day, unlike other sorcerers.

He has excellent control over his cursed energy, being able to activate his Domain Expansion in a split second, use the Reverse Cursed Technique, and even combine positive and negative cursed energy. Here is an overview of his specific Jujutsu techniques:

  • Limitless: Satoru’s inherited technique, exclusive to the Gojo clan, involves precise space manipulation at the atomic level. This manipulation serves as the foundation for various results and techniques within the overall ability. The technique, known as Limitless, has three standard forms and an additional “non-standard” form.
    • Infinity: Infinity, the neutral form of Limitless, is often misunderstood as the ability to stop, but its true power lies in slowing things down. When an object or person tries to strike Satoru, they instead encounter an infinite space between him and the target. Satoru can selectively determine what impacts him, considering factors like mass, speed, and danger.
    • Cursed Technique Lapse: Blue: The enhanced form of Infinity, known as Blue, is achieved when Satoru amplifies Limitless, turning the conceptual impossibility of negative distance into reality. This creates an aspiring void, allowing the user to designate a point with their hand where this impossibility exists. By doing so, they can compel space to fill up, drawing all nearby material towards the center of that point.
      • Cursed Technique Lapse Maximum Cursed Energy Output: Blue: Satoru harnesses the power of attraction to focus on a single point, drawing everything around him towards it. Additionally, he can manipulate the position of this point, effectively pulling everything in his vicinity toward the new location of the dot.
    • Cursed Technique Reversal: Red: In contrast to the Blue technique, Red is its opposite, achieved through Satoru’s Reverse Cursed Technique. By reversing the properties of the Blue and activating Infinity Divergence, Satoru transforms the attracting technique into a violently repelling one. This power was demonstrated when he created a massive explosive void, repelling even an S-class Curse. Fueled by positive cursed energy and functioning as a reverse spell, Red has twice the destructive capability of Blue.
    • Hollow Technique: Purple: By combining Blue and Red, Satoru triggers a powerful effect. With a snap of his fingers, an imaginary mass is released, effectively erasing everything in its path.


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  • Reverse Cursed Technique: This spell reverses the properties of a body or technique infused with cursed energy. Satoru employs it in combination with the Cursed Technique Lapse: Blue spell to reverse his own abilities. Additionally, he regularly utilizes it to heal himself and prevent damage to his brain caused by the Limitless technique.
  • Curtain: Satoru can create a barrier that surrounds a defined area to hide anything within it from the outside world.
    • Unlimited Void: Satoru’s Domain Expansion forms an infinite space, offering opponents seemingly omniscient awareness. However, physical contact grants immunity to its effects. Satoru can activate it briefly for 0.2 seconds, minimizing its impact on trapped individuals. Unlike other exorcists, he can use his territory almost indefinitely. He began developing this ability during his high school years as a teenager.
  • Six Eyes: Satoru possesses a unique ability within the Gojo Clan, granting him exceptional perception and the full utilization of the Limitless technique. He is the first individual in 400 years to possess both this special eye and the Limitless simultaneously. This eye also allows Satoru to minimize the loss of Cursed Energy to nearly zero.
  • Black Flash: Satoru has hinted at using the Black Flash technique, a method that involves infusing occult energy within a 0.000001-second interval during a physical strike. This manipulation of space results in the creation of black-colored lightning. The impact of the blow is significantly amplified, raised to the power of 2.5.

What are Satoru Gojō’s weaknesses?

As the most powerful Jujutsu sorcerer in the world, Gojo doesn’t really have any specific weaknesses. He has been defeated with the Inverted Spear of Heaven, a very powerful cursed tool, but that was a long time ago; the Black Rope also seems like it can harm him, but it’s not something that can really defeat him, according to what we know from Jujutsu Kaisen 0.

The Domain Amplification technique was also used to harm him in Shibuya, but Gojo managed to find a weak spot in it and survive. Ultimately, he has been sealed away, but the seal is a really OP technique, so we don’t really count it as his character-specific weakness.


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How strong is Satoru Gojō?

Although he is not invincible, Gojo is thought to be the single most powerful character of Jujutsu Kaisen. He is basically overpowered in every way imaginable, and somehow, when it’s him – it works. Gojo does nothing to hide his overpowered nature and when it’s him, it seems kind of natural and expected. Basically, the only opponent that Gojo couldn’t defeat was Sukuna.

Why has Satoru Gojō been sealed?

Gojo has, of course, been sealed because he was deemed as a threat by the villain impersonating his late friend, Suguru. Satoru Gojo is just so powerful that you’d really not have him in your way if possible, which is why his opponents did what they did. There is no ulterior motive to him being sealed away.

How long has Satoru Gojō been sealed?

Since Gojo was sealed in the Prison Realm in late October 2018 and was unsealed in Chapter 221 of the manga. In Chapter 221 of the manga, Hana uses her Jacob’s Ladder technique to release Gojo from the Prison Realm. However, Kenjaku had already thought of a plan that would have made it more difficult for Gojo to join up with his allies if ever someone released him.

jacobs ladder.jpg

Kenjaku set up the Prison Realm box to release Gojo deep under the ocean in a subduction zone if ever someone were to release him. As such, he had the bases covered by formulating a backup plan. Kenjaku hoped that Gojo getting released deep in the ocean would kill him or, at the very least, slow him down.

Even if getting released deep in the ocean wouldn’t kill Gojo (because he is THAT powerful), Kenjaku believed that this would slow the powerful sorcerer down well enough for him to attempt to kill him before he could meet up with his allies and foil his plans. 

Due to his immense strength, Gojo was unharmed after he escaped the Prison Realm. Not even the pressure of the ocean was enough to kill him. As such, he immediately tried to kill Kenjaku when the villain confronted him.

Why does Satoru Gojō cover his eyes?

The reason why Gojo wears a blindfold is his Six Eyes technique. Six Eyes is a special ability appearing in some members of the Gojo Clan and manifesting through the user’s eyes. It grants the user extraordinary perception and the ability to use the Limitless to its full potential. The best-known possessor of this ability is Satoru Gojo.

Satoru analysant un terrain du ciel EP20

Due to the immense power it grants the user, this technique is extremely tiring on the user’s eyes. Because of that, Gojo would become tired quicker than usual, which is why he is usually seen with his blindfold or a pair of dark glasses.

Can Satoru Gojō see through his mask?

Absolutely yes. The Six Eyes technique gives Gojo such extraordinary abilities that he can see clearly even with the blindfold on. He usually takes it off only during battles, which makes sense, as he wants to have a good look at his opponents and their powers.


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Who is Satoru Gojō’s crush?

As you probably know, romance is a part of shonen stories, but it is rarely the focus of such series; this is why characters from shonen works rarely end up together before the epilogue of a story, as the writers want to focus on the adventure part. This is why we are going to give you a quick answer here – Gojo does not have a crush, as it is not relevant to his plot. Fans keep shipping him with both Utahime and Miwa, but neither of them was his crush, and it seemed that Gojo’s character retired without truly ending up with someone.

Is Satoru Gojō straight?

By all means – yes, he is. He is flamboyant and eccentric, but there is absolutely nothing that points to him not being heterosexual at this moment. Ultimately, it’s Gojo – it doesn’t really matter; we’ll love him whatever he is.

What happened to Gojo? Is he really dead?

Sukuna killed Gojo in Chapter 236 of manga.

Gojo has been cut in half and he is seemingly dead, with Hajime Kashimo jumping in the battle to try and take out Sukuna now that Gojo is dead. Supposedly. (Honestly, the more yours truly reads into this, the more stupid it seems, as either Akutami is going to revive Gojo to make the plot meaningful once again, or he is going to conclude the story with several additional inconsistent asspulls that will ruin the logic of one of the best shonen works in recent years.)

Now, in Chapter 235… okay, let us summarize what happened until Chapter 235. When Gojo and Sukuna began their epic battle, they originally acted as though they were testing one another by maintaining a standstill for several chapters while simultaneously breaching all recognized regulations and rules of the jujutsu world as Gojo’s friends and allies watch.

Gojo has recovered from his time in the Prison Realm, where he experienced a further expansion of his skills, and Sukuna is now inside Megumi’s body and can use Megumi’s techniques as well. When either of them appeared to have the upper hand, the other would pull off some incredible maneuver, and the fight would end up precisely where it had begun. At first, neither of them could do much.

But, at one point, while combining his Red and Blue, Gojo seemed to have the upper hand, as Sukuna was cornered and depended on whether Mahoraga could adapt to Gojo’s techniques in time. Sadly, he did, and sooner rather than later, Gojo found himself facing three opponents simultaneously, with Mahoraga almost slicing him off. Still, Gojo fought off the two Shikigami and then used his trump card, the Hollow Technique: Purple, to destroy a chunk of Shibuya (again!) and seemingly defeat Sukuna. Chapter 235 ended with the words, “Gojo won.”

But it seemed to be too easy. And Chapter 236 confirmed our fears. After a scene in the afterlife, we cut back to reality, where we see Satoru Gojo seemingly dead, being cut in half by Sukuna. How did he do it? Well, the explanation provided by Sukuna (i.e., Akutami) is so confusing and so inconsistent that we simply decided to quote Sukuna here, as explaining it in our words wouldn’t make much sense:

“When Mahoraga first adapted to your Limitless, it changed the nature of its cursed energy to neutralize and nullify your Limitless. That’s not something I can do, so I chose to wait. I waited for an adaptation to your Limitless that suited me. The second adaptation was exactly what I wanted. It wasn’t a projection of the Slash like I do. Instead, it’s an extension of the cursed technique’s target. The technique’s target isn’t just Satoru Gojo. It’s extended to space, existence, and even the world itself, all of which… it cuts. Limitless doesn’t matter here, as long as you still exist in that space, in this world, your existence will be split in half along with everything else. Of course, it was nearly impossible to pull off. But I had an excellent manual.”– Sukuna in Jujutsu Kaisen, Chapter 236

Now that you can read the official explanation for yourselves, you can probably see that it doesn’t make much sense, especially based on everything that had happened before. This being Sukuna’s trump card against Gojo makes little to no sense, and we can understand why even Sukuna fans think that this is not a good enough explanation and are somewhat disappointed that their favorite character lost in such a manner. Gojo might still return to manga, but the chances are slim.

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