Satoru Gojō: Origins, Powers, Weaknesses, Skills & More

Satoru Gojō: Origins, Powers, Weaknesses, Skills & More

Satoru Gojō is not the protagonist of Jujutsu Kaisen but he is, by all standards, its strongest and most important persona. Basically overpowered, Satoru Gojō is able to defeat anyone he comes across, including – by his own assumption – the fully-powered Sukuna (although he has said that it would wear him down a little). Gojō absolutely deserves the praise as he is one of the franchise’s best-written characters.

This article is going to focus solely on Gojō and his story. You’re going to find out his origins, his powers and abilities, but also a lot of other biographical information. Due to his popularity, it is completely understandable that people want to know more about him and that is why we have decided to write this guide for you.

Satoru Gojō’s origins

Satoru Gojo was born on December 7, 1989. After he was born, the balance of power shifted and Satoru got a bounty put on his head and was targeted by bounty hunters. However, his power was such that the latter could not do anything against him and this marked the beginning of a victorious era for the exorcists over their opponents. In terms of a classic origin story, Gojo doesn’t really have one, but his past is explored in the Gojo’s Past Arc, which is what we are going to do, too.

During his second year as a student at the Tokyo Exorcism School, Satoru along with Suguru Geto and Shoko Ieiri go to check on Mei Mei and Utahime Iori after not hearing from them for two days. After the three manage to save Mei Mei and Utahime in addition to dealing with the plague, they attend a meeting where Masamichi Yaga punishes Satoru for not putting up a curtain.

Riko wakes up

Later, Satoru, Suguru, and Shoko are in the classroom discussing the importance of a curtain. Satoru and Suguru then argue about the strong protecting the weak which almost results in a fight. Suddenly, Masamichi enters the room and gives the two students an assignment from Tengen. Masamichi explains to the two the importance of the mission and that they are going to find two groups who want to stop them.

After being informed of the mission, Satoru and Suguru leave to perform it. When they arrive on the scene to retrieve Tengen’s ship for the mission, an explosion occurs and the ship falls to the ground but Satoru and Suguru manage to save the ship. Satoru is then confronted by a member of Q, Bayer. Satoru easily defeats Bayer and encounters Suguru and Tengen’s ship, Riko. Satoru then introduces himself, along with Suguru, to Riko.

The three then start talking, and Riko explains to them that she doesn’t hate the idea of ​​assimilating with Tengen. After talking, Satoru and Suguru bring Riko to her school, as she forced them to, so she can visit her friend. Once they arrive at the school, Satoru calls Masamichi, who explains how they must grant all of Riko’s requests before she merges with Tengen.

Satoru Gojo first appearance

After talking with Masamichi, they decide to check out the Oversight Flails and Suguru tells him that two have been exorcised. Satoru and Misato Kuroi leave to protect Riko, while Suguru deals with the intruders. After getting rid of the enemies, Satoru goes to the beach in Okinawa with Suguru, Riko and Misato.

To ensure Riko’s safety, Kento Nanami and Yu Haibara then join them at the airport and stay all day in Okinawa. Upon re-entering the school barrier, Satoru feels relieved but Toji Fushiguro stabs Satoru from behind. Satoru gets out of it and tells the others to go inside, while he deals with the enemy. During his fight, Satoru notices that he cannot read his opponent’s movements, as the enemy has no Cursed Energy.

When he loses track of him, Satoru decides to raze the ground but the enemy manages to block Satoru’s vision with several flails. Satoru wonders what to do, but the enemy attacks and manages to hurt him. Satoru manages to recover and heads to the Astral Cult base to retrieve Riko’s body. Once there, he confronts Toji and explains how he managed to survive.

Satoru then confronts Toji and after a few exchanges, manages to kill him with his Violet spell. He then retrieves Riko’s body but when Suguru shows up, Satoru suggests that they take care of all the cult adherents, but Suguru tells him that wouldn’t make sense. A year later, Suguru and Shoko help Satoru with his techniques.

Satoru and Riko surrounded by children of the star

A few days later, Satoru is informed that Suguru is on the run after slaughtering an entire village and killing his own parents. Satoru is contacted by Shoko who tells him that Suguru is in Shinjuku. He then goes there and manages to meet Suguru. The two then talk about how Suguru plans to kill every non-exorcist in the world.

When Suguru begins to drift away, Satoru cannot bring himself to kill his former friend. Satoru subsequently meets Masamichi and the two talk about his strength. Some time later, Satoru meets Megumi for the first time and the two talk about his father and the Zenin Clan. However Megumi does not want to know anything about this one and Satoru then asks him if he wants to go to the Zenin clan.

Megumi says her answer will depend on whether her sister will be happy if they go to which Satoru replies that her sister won’t be happy. He also tells her that he will take care of everything and that Megumi will have to grow strong from this point on.

Satoru Gojō’s powers and abilities

Satoru is said to be one of, if not the most powerful exorcist in the series, wielding both immense amounts of Cursed Energy and a dangerously powerful technique. As a student, both Satoru and Suguru were considered “the strongest”, capable of overpowering experienced and older bounty hunters.

After realizing the true strength of his powers and perfecting them, Satoru’s power increased dramatically to the point where he was able to beat Toji Fushiguro who previously could easily overpower Satoru and Suguru. Growing up, he eclipsed Suguru’s power, with the latter admitting that Satoru had truly become the “sole strongest”.

Suguru also stated that Satoru had the ability to kill all of humanity single-handedly, where he couldn’t. In the present, Satoru’s power is feared even by the highest dignitaries of the exorcist society, and it is such that he can overrule decisions made by pundits such as a person’s capital punishment. He states in particular that it would be easy for him to kill them all and overthrow the current society if he had really wanted to.


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Satoru even claimed that he could defeat Sukuna at his full power. Kenjaku and his S-Class flail party were also suspicious of Satoru’s power and skill, with Kenjaku admitting he couldn’t defeat Satoru through conventional means. Satoru was also able to master 4 S-class blights in one fight.

Even when Kenjaku and his party finally hatched a plan to confront him in battle, despite their preparations, Satoru was able to easily fend off their assaults and overpower them, leaving them stunned at just how overwhelmed their abilities truly were.

Satoru, in addition to his overwhelming level of cursed energy, is also an incredibly fearsome master of martial arts, with extraordinary physical prowess to back up his skills. He was able to completely overpower Jogo in melee, delivering several pinpoint attacks to the Curse’s weak spots. He was even able to fight a largely overpowered Jogo and Hanami in close combat, easily countering their attacks and delivering powerful blows that quickly forced them into submission.

He has great physical strength to fight powerful blights without issue, delivering powerful punches and can even throw them a great distance with a single kick, like during his fight against Jogo. He has great speed, managing to follow the movements of an S-Level Curse effortlessly, and throwing nearly imperceptible punches and kicks.

He has been shown to be able to move faster than the eye can perceive, and in his greatest feat of speed, covered a great distance from a fight and returned to the battlefield before until his opponent realizes he was even gone in the first place.

Satoru has proven to be quite tactical and has shown the ability to figure out what his opponent is planning with just enough information. He has also shown to be extremely adaptable to virtually every enemy he has faced thus far, knowing exactly what to do to counter their techniques and defeat them.

Les caracteristiques du Pouvoir de lInfini EP20

Satoru is known within the exorcist society as the most powerful sorcerer. He got this alias due to the immense amounts of cursed energy and powerful techniques he possesses. Satoru’s cursed energy is vast enough to use a Domain Expansion multiple times a day unlike other sorcerers.

He has excellent control over his cursed energy, being able to activate his Domain Expansion in a split second, use the Reversal Curse, and even combine positive and negative cursed energy. Here is an overview of his specific Jujutsu techniques:

  • Limitless: This is Satoru’s inherited technique and it is exclusive to members of the Gojo clan. Having been naturally inherited, this technique works via precise space manipulation at the atomic level, resulting in multiple subsequent results and techniques within the overall ability. With space manipulation as the base level of the technique, Limitless has three standard forms and beyond that one “non-standard” form.
    • Infinity: Being the neutral form of the Limitless, Infinity is commonly known as the ability to stop, although this is a common misconception as Infinity’s true ability is to slow things down. When something attempts to hit Satoru, the person or object in question instead reaches infinity between him and them. Satoru is able to decide what hits him and what doesn’t, and can do so based on mass, speed, and danger.
    • Cursed Technique Lapse: Blue: The enhanced version of Infinity, Blue, is the by-product of Satoru amplifying the Limitless and bringing the conceptual impossibility of negative distance into reality, thus creating an aspiring void. The user then dictates with his hand a point where this impossibility is located and forces the space to fill up, attracting all the material towards the center of this point.
      • Cursed Technique Lapse Maximum Cursed Energy Output: Blue: Using the power of attraction, Satoru only makes a single point attracting everything around him. Satoru is also able to move the dot around him to pull everything around him to that dot.
    • Cursed Technique Reversal: Red: Being the opposite of the Blue spell, Red has the opposite effect. Using his Reverse Cursed Technique to reverse the properties of his Blue Spell, Satoru activates his Infinity Divergence and in turn does an Attracting Technique to become a Violently Repelling Technique. This is first shown when Satoru was able to interact with space creating a large explosive void repelling even an S-class Curse. Being an ability that is powered by positive cursed energy and formed as a reverse spell, the ability has twice Blue’s destructive ability.
    • Hollow Technique: Purple: After combining Blue and Red together, Satoru snaps his fingers creating the release of an imaginary mass that literally erases everything in its path.
  • Reverse Cursed Technique: This spell reverses the properties of a body or technique charged with cursed energy. In his case, he uses it in a spell by coupling it with the spell Cursed Technique Lapse: Blue to reverse his abilities. He also makes almost permanent use of it to heal himself and avoid damaging his brain due to the Limitless.
  • Curtain: Satoru can create a barrier that surrounds a defined area to hide anything within it from the outside world.
    • Unlimited Void: Satoru’s Domain Expansion creates an infinite space, where his opponents can seemingly see everything, feel everything, and both vice versa, but the information there is endless. However, those with whom it comes into physical contact are immune to the effects of the territory. Satoru has great command of his territory as he can activate it for 0.2 seconds, limiting its lasting effect on those he traps inside. Also, unlike other exorcists or plagues, Satoru can use his territory almost indefinitely. He started developing his territory when he was a teenager more precisely when he was in high school.
  • Six Eyes: This is a special ability appearing in certain members of the Gojo Clan that grants Satoru extraordinary perception and the ability to use the Limitless to its full potential. He is also the first person to possess this eye and the Limitless at the same time for 400 years. Thanks to this eye, the amount of Cursed Energy Satoru loses is practically nil.
  • Black Flash: It was implied that Satoru once used the Black Flash technique. A technique in which a person applies occult energy in the 0.000001 second interval where he gives a physical blow, thus distorting space creating a kind of black colored lightning. The impact of the blow is also raised to the power of 2.5.

Satoru Gojō’s weaknesses

As the most powerful Jujutsu sorcerer in the world, Gojo doesn’t really have any specific weaknesses. He has been defeated with the Inverted Spear of Heaven, a very powerful cursed tool, but that was a long time ago; the Black Rope also seems like it can harm him, but it’s not something that can really defeat him, according to what we know from Jujutsu Kaisen 0.

The Domain Amplification technique was also used to harm him in Shibuya, but Gojo managed to find a weak spot in it and survive. Ultimately, he has been sealed away, but the seal is a really OP technique so we don’t really count it as his character-specific weakness.

How strong is Satoru Gojō?

Although he is not invincible, Gojo is thought to be the single most powerful character of Jujutsu Kaisen. He is basically overpowered in every way imaginable, and somehow, when it’s him – it works. Gojo does nothing to hide his overpowered nature and when it’s him, it seems kind of natural and expected.

Now, so far, there hasn’t been a character who could actually defeat a fully powered Gojo; the fact that he has been sealed up means only that there is a power greater than his (which makes sense, since he is not a god), but not that he can be defeated, since the seal doesn’t kill him. In that aspect, we can deduce that Gojo is, indeed, the most powerful character in Jujutsu Kaisen.

Is Satoru Gojō dead? How is he still alive?

The events that we are about to describe are from the Shibuya Incident Arc. This arc hasn’t yet been adapted in anime form, so if you haven’t read the manga, we have to warn you that major spoilers lie ahead, so be careful how you approach our text.

On October 31 in Shibuya, Satoru enters the Veil that has been erected over the neighborhood. As Satoru pushes his way through the crowd, he realizes the enemy’s intentions and decides to head for the lower levels. As Satoru reaches the subway, he is confronted by Jogo, Hanami, and Choso. Satoru then prepares to fight against the Three Cursed.

As Hanami starts blocking all the exits, Satoru tells them it’s not necessary as he has no intention of running away. The Curses then bring the trapped people into the subway and begin attacking Satoru. When Jogo and Hanami attack using Domain Expansion on Satoru, the latter manages to get rid of their technique. Satoru reflects on how Domain Expansion works and how vulnerable he is to their attacks now.

When Jogo comments that Satoru wasn’t going to run away, Satoru replies that he is surprised as the Cuses thought they could defeat him with poor strategy. Satoru takes off his blindfold and says he’ll take down Hanami first since the fiend managed to get away with it after confronting him twice before. As Satoru closes in on Jogo and Hanami, the latter attack Satoru.

Satoru scell3F par Suguru CH90

The sorcerer manages to dodge their attacks and even manages to rip off Jogo’s arm. As Jogo walks away from the fight, Satoru pursues him. Hanami thinks Satoru won’t use his spells and decides to attack him with his own spell, but Jogo advises him against it. Unfortunately, Satoru quickly grabs Hanami and rips its branches off. Suddenly, Choso attacks Satoru, but the latter easily blocks the attack.

Satoru then discovers that Choso is one of the Cursed Womb: Death Paintings and notes that he does not attack like the other curses. Hanami, then weakened, gets crushed by Satoru’s Limitless against the wall and ends up being exorcised. After that, Satoru notices people starting to avoid him and ponders how he can end the curses once enough people disperse.

He notes, however, that he will not be able to save them all. When a train full of altered humans arrives and starts attacking people, Satoru wonders what the curses are thinking doing this. As Mahito attacks Satoru, the latter dodges and then retaliates with a blow but misses. When more humans are sent to their location, Satoru gets distracted leaving Mahito and Choso to kill humans around him.

When Jogo suddenly attacks, Satoru grabs his arm but Jogo cuts him off to get away. Satoru then activates his Domain Expansion for 0.2 seconds, freezing everyone in the subway and then Satoru begins killing all of the altered humans, namely a thousand. After this, Satoru notices a small box on the floor. Satoru is about to leave but stops when Suguru shows up.

Being confused by the appearance of his late comrade, the box placed on the ground captures Satoru. No longer feeling his strength, Satoru thinks he has lost. However, he asks the person in front of him who she is, and he responds that he is Suguru. Thanks to his eyes, Satoru unmasks the deception and the person in front of him confesses to being an impostor.

Satoru laissant le reste 3F ses alli3Fs CH91

The person also says that he will unseal Satoru in a thousand years after completing his plan. Satoru however says that they still have Yuta on their side, to which the impostor retorts that even though Yuta is powerful, he couldn’t become the “next Satoru Gojo”. The impostor then says goodbye to Satoru while he is sealing him.

Before he bows out, Satoru asks Suguru how long he plans to let someone else take over his body. Hearing this, Suguru’s body arm suddenly grabs his own neck. The impostor laughs and says that this is the first time an inhabited body has disobeyed him. The impostor then calls Mahito and the two discuss what happened.

After listening to them, Satoru tells the impostor to quickly seal it as he is tired of extending them. The impostor then seals Satoru in the Prison Realm. After being sealed, Satoru uses his spell to force the Prison Realm to the ground much to the would-be Suguru’s wrath. Inside the edge, Satoru says he screwed up, but then places his hopes in his students.

Why has Satoru Gojō been sealed?

Gojo has, of course, been sealed because he was deemed as a threat by the villain impersonating his late friend, Suguru. Satoru Gojo is just so powerful that you’d really not have him in your way if possible, which is why his opponents did what they did. There is no ulterior motive to him being sealed away.

How long has Satoru Gojō been sealed?

Since Gojo was sealed in the Prison Realm in late October 2018, and the current arc (Itadori’s Extermination Arc) is set in November of that same year, we can deduce that Gojo has been sealed for about a month now.

Why does Satoru Gojō cover his eyes?

The reason because of which Gojo wears a blindfold is his Six Eyes technique. Six Eyes is a special ability appearing in some members of the Gojo Clan and manifesting through the user’s eyes. It grants the user extraordinary perception and the ability to use the Limitless to its full potential. The best-known possessor of this ability is Satoru Gojo.

Satoru analysant un terrain du ciel EP20

Due to the immense power it grants the user, this technique is extremely tiring on the user’s eyes. Because of that, Gojo would become tired quicker than usual, which is why he is usually seen with his blindfold or a pair of dark glasses.

Can Satoru Gojō see through his mask?

Absolutely yes. The Six Eyes technique gives Gojo such extraordinary abilities that he can see clearly even with the blindfold on. He usually takes it off only during battles, which makes sense, as he wants to have a good look at his opponents and their powers.

Who is Satoru Gojō’s crush?

As you probably know, romance is a part of shonen stories, but it is rarely the focus of such series; this is why characters from shonen works rarely end up together before the epilogue of a story, as the writers want to focus on the adventure part. This is why we are going to give you a quick answer here – Gojo does not have a crush, as it is not relevant for his plot. Fans keep shipping him with both Utahime and Miwa, but neither of them are his crushes, at least not at this moment.

Is Satoru Gojō straight?

By all means – yes, he is. He is flamboyant and eccentric, but there is absolutely nothing that points to him not being heterosexual at this moment. Ultimately, it’s Gojo – it doesn’t really matter, we’ll love him whatever he is.