Is Gojo Still Sealed in the Prison Realm & When Will He Be Out?

Is Gojo Still Sealed in the Prison Realm & When Will He Be Out?

Satoru Gojō is not the protagonist of Jujutsu Kaisen but he is, by all standards, its strongest and most important persona. Basically overpowered, Satoru Gojō is able to defeat anyone he comes across, including – by his own assumption – the fully-powered Sukuna (although he has said that it would wear him down a little). Gojō absolutely deserves the praise as he is one of the franchise’s best-written characters. But, despite all of his powers and abilities, Gojō has been sealed by Kenjaku in the dreaded Prison Realm, with no means of escape from the inside. In this article, we are going to tell you whether he is still sealed and how all of that happened.

As of the time of writing this article, Satoru Gojō is still sealed away in the Prison Realm, as it was shown in the Shibuya Incident Arc. While his allies are fighting in the Culling Game, they are also looking for a way to unseal Gojō, as they know that he is their most powerful ally. Gojō will by all means be unsealed at some point in the story, but we don’t know when it is going to happen.

This article is going to focus solely on Gojō and him ending up sealed in the Prison Realm. You’re going to find out all of the circumstances surrounding this event, as well as its consequences. Due to his popularity, it is completely understandable that people want to know about Gojō’s fate and that is why we have decided to write this article for you.

How did Gojo get sealed in the Priso Realm?

On October 31 in Shibuya, Satoru enters the veil that has been erected over the neighborhood. As Satoru pushes his way through the crowd, he realizes the enemy’s intentions and decides to head for the lower levels. As Satoru reaches the subway, he is confronted by Jogo, Hanami, and Choso. Satoru then prepares to fight against the three Curses.

As Hanami starts blocking all the exits, Satoru tells them it’s not necessary as he has no intention of running away. The Curses then bring the trapped people into the subway and begin attacking Satoru. When Jogo and Hanami attack using Domain Expansion on Satoru, the latter manages to get rid of their technique. Satoru reflects on how Domain Expansion works and how vulnerable he is to their attacks now.

When Jogo comments that Satoru wasn’t going to run away, Satoru replies that he is surprised as the curses thought they could defeat him with poor strategy. Satoru takes off his blindfold and says he’ll take down Hanami first since the scourge managed to get away with it after confronting him twice before. As Satoru closes in on Jogo and Hanami, the latter attack Satoru.

The exorcist manages to dodge their attacks and even manages to rip off Jogo’s arm. As Jogo walks away from the fight, Satoru pursues him. Hanami thinks Satoru won’t use his spells and decides to attack him with his own spell, but Jogo advises him against it. Unfortunately, Satoru quickly grabs Hanami and rips his branches off.

Suddenly, Choso attacks Satoru, but the latter easily blocks the attack. Satoru then discovers that Choso is one of the Cursed Womb Death Painting and notes that he does not attack like the other curses. Hanami, then weakened, gets crushed by Satoru’s Infinity against the wall and ends up being exorcised.

After that, Satoru notices people starting to avoid him and ponders how he can end the curses once enough people disperse. He notes, however, that he will not be able to save them all. When a train full of altered humans arrives and starts attacking people, Satoru wonders what the curses are thinking doing this.

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As Mahito attacks Satoru, the latter dodges and then retaliates with a blow but misses. When more humans are sent to their location, Satoru gets distracted leaving Mahito and Choso to kill humans around him. When Jogo suddenly attacks, Satoru grabs his arm but Jogo cuts him off to get away. Satoru then activates his Domain Expansion for 0.2 seconds, freezing everyone in the subway, and then Satoru begins killing all of the altered humans, namely a thousand.

After this, Satoru notices a small box on the floor. Satoru is about to leave but stops when Suguru shows up. Being then confused by the appearance of his late comrade, the box placed on the ground captures Satoru. No longer feeling his strength, Satoru thinks he has lost. However, he asks the person in front of him who she is, who responds that she is Suguru.

Thanks to his eyes, Satoru unmasks the deception and the person in front of him confesses to being an impostor. The person also says that he will unseal Satoru in a thousand years after completing his plan. Satoru however says that they still have Yuta on their side, to which the impostor retorts that even though Yuta is powerful, he couldn’t become the “next Satoru Gojo”.

The impostor then says goodbye to Satoru while he is sealing him. Before he bows out, Satoru asks Suguru how long he plans to let someone else take over his body. Hearing this, Suguru’s body arm suddenly grabs his own neck. The impostor laughs and says that this is the first time an inhabited body has disobeyed him. The impostor then calls Mahito and the two discuss what happened. After listening to them, Satoru tells the impostor to quickly seal it as he is tired of extending them. The impostor then seals Satoru in the Prison Gate’s boundary.

After being sealed, Satoru uses his spell to force the Prison Gate’s Boundary to the ground much to the would-be Suguru’s anger. Inside the edge, Satoru says he screwed up, but then places his hopes in his students. After the events of the Shibuya Incident, Satoru was seen as one of the causes of the incident and as such, he is permanently exiled from the jujutsu society.

Removing his seal is now considered a criminal act, and anyone who removes the seal will be considered a traitor. Later, as Yuta talks with Yuji, the former reveals that Satoru had come to see him in Africa around September. Satoru had personally asked him to watch over all the first and second if anything happened to him and especially Yuji.

Is Gojo still sealed in Jujutsu Kaisen? When will he be out?

At the time of writing, Satoru Gojō is still sealed within the Prison Realm. The Prison Realm cannot be broken out of from the inside, but Gojō’s allies, including Yuta and Itadori, are currently working on finding a way to free him. There are some ways to free someone from the Prison Realm, but their search for these means is still ongoing so we don’t know when Gojō is going to get out of the Prison Realm, but we are quite certain that he is – at one point – going to return to the main story.

This is all we know about Gojō being sealed inside the Prison Realm at the time. As the story evolved, we are certainly going to have more information about Gojō, so we are definitely going to update this article once more information come to light.

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