30 Best Satoru Gojo Quotes from Jujutsu Kaisen

30 Best Satoru Gojo Quotes From Jujutsu Kaisen

Gojo Satoru is one of the strongest if not the strongest character in the Jujutsu Kaisen manga and anime. He plays the role of a mentor to his students, Yuji Itadori, Megumi Fugishiro, Nobara Kugisaki, and so on. There are many wise but also hilarious quotes from Gojo that we have seen so far. His amazing abilities are what make him the only one relaxed in highly stressful situations, which ultimately brings his comedic side out. Furthermore, let’s take a look at the 30 best Satoru Gojo quotes from Jujutsu Kaisen.

1. “ Don’t Worry. I’m the strongest ”

gojo satoru 2

This is the first time we see Gojo in action. He would go on to fight Sukuna after Itadori swallowed the cursed finger.

2. “Winning by dying and winning even if you die are two completely different things Megumi. Give it your all. It’s okay to be selfish.”

gojo satoru 1

In this scene, Gojo is trying to explain to Megumi why it’s essential to keep fighting, and not prepare to go out the easy route.

3. “You’re lucky if you can die a normal death after running into a curse. Even if they find your body all torn apart, that still might be considered all right. If you were to start investigating the remains of Sukuna, you’d probably witness some gruesome scenes. I can’t guarantee that you won’t be a victim one day. Anyway … Pick your hell.”

gojo 3

In this scene, Gojo explains to Itadori which path he can take. For Itadori, this was a clear-cut decision, and even though the reality of his situation is harsh at that moment he saw his purpose.

4. „Searching for someone to blame is just a pain.“

gojo 4

Gojo is a very direct character, and in this scene, he’s trying to say that looking for others to blame and hyper-focusing on certain mistakes is a waste of time.


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5. “Me, a target of the great Sukuna? What an honor!”

gojo 5

This quote just further shows us his relaxed manner even after he is confronted with the possibility of fighting one of the most powerful villains out there. His confidence is not unfounded.

6. “ However, being a jujutsu sorcerer is an individual sport. Yes. But no matter how many allies you have around you … You die alone.”

gojo 6

After relying on his friends too much, Gojo explains to Megumi if he continues to do so, he won’t be able to fight for himself when he needs to.

7. “That guy Yuji … He’s crazy up here. Today, I wanna see … How crazy she can get.”

gojo 7

This was one of Gojo’s tests to see how Itadori would handle more difficult curses, ones who are intelligent. Especially testing his control after eating the second finger.

8. „I’ve always been a nice guy who cares for my students.“

gojo 8

This was Gojo’s response after Shoko noticed his soft spot for Itadori. He tries to brush it off by saying he cares for all of his students equally.

9. “ Maybe I should just kill all the higher-ups. ”

gojo 9

In this scene, we see Gojo’s hatred towards the higher-up of the system, who have been planning all along for Itadori’s demise.

10. „When granted everything, you can’t do anything.“

gojo 10

In this scene, he is explaining how it feels to have the powers he possesses. How overwhelming it becomes, you’re seeing, smelling, and hearing everything all at once.

11. “I’m gonna reset this crappy Jujutsu world. It’d be easy to kill everyone who’s in charge. But someone else would just take their place. Nothing would change. And it’s not as if people approve of massacres anyway… So that’s why I’m turning to education. I need strong and intelligent allies. I need to foster them.”

gojo 11

Gojo is fed up with the old people in charge of the Jujutsu world, and their corrupted ways of ruling. He is planning to go against them eventually, but he feels like he needs to build support from the inside first.

12. „Love is the most twisted curse of all.“

gojo 12

This is something that Gojo said to Yuta, trying to show him that he will become strong enough to unravel Rika’s curse.

13. “I refuse to keep this kid from living the best years of his life. Not just him, but everyone.”

gojo 15

In this scene, Gojo speaks about how he feels about Itadori and his students, and the way he honestly wants them to, despite the circumstances try and live their lives to the fullest.

14. “Throughout heaven and Earth … I alone am the honored one.”

gojo 14

After going through a near-death experience and still being able to revive himself, Gojo unlocked his potential even further.


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15. “We should be good since you’re so weak”

gojo 16

In this scene, after being followed by Jogo, Gojo decides he would confront his stalker.

16. “It pisses me off how high-and-mighty old folks are these days.”

gojo 17

Gojo constantly taunts the elder leaders for their way of thinking that they are superior to others.

17. “The wave of power that you guys have been ignoring to maintain your status and in the name of stupid traditions has gotten huge and is approaching.”

gojo 20

This is where the tides have started to turn slowly, and the elders underestimate Gojo and his adamant dislike for their corrupted ways.

18. “Looks like time doesn’t pass here. Crap I messed up. This could be trouble. Whatever. It’ll be fine. I have faith in everyone.”

gojo 29

In this scene, Gojo was trapped in a Prison Realm, and he couldn’t break out. After he realized this, he decided to put his faith in his students.

19. „Yeah, maybe it’s a good night for me. But it’s about time for you to wake up. How are you gonna let yourself get used like that Suguru?“

gojo 23

This is from the same time he was trapped in the Prison realm, but in this scene, he tried to talk Geto into taking back control from Kenjaku.

20. “It looks like just being strong isn’t enough. I can only save those who are prepared to be saved.”

gojo 24

This is a scene where Gojo is reflecting on past events. Specifically where he couldn’t help his friend by taking him on a dangerous path, which later led to his death. He could not save him, and so he explains that sometimes strength just isn’t enough.

21. “ Let’s get a little crazy. ”

gojo 30

In this scene, Gojo is getting ready to use his special cursed technique called Hollow Purple.

22. „You have to be strong enough not to leave me behind.“

gojo 22

This was a part of a conversation between Gojo and Fushiguro. Gojo had really high expectations from him, and so this was him showing him that he still has a lot to learn.

23. „My soul denies it.“

gojo satoru 2 1

This was a really hard moment for Gojo, going back to when he was caught in the Prison Realm where he recognized his former best friend, Getou. This scene shows the conflict in him when he says that his soul denies him as the person he is now.

24. “Didn’t you learn that studying is important?”


This is another example where Gojo is leaning on his comedic side, but also showing off his abilities.

25. “My Best Friend. My one and only.“

gojo 28

Gojo said this to Yuta after he killed his best friend, even after committing many crimes, he was still very important to him. Unfortunately, he had no other choice.

26. „My student’s watching, so I’m going to show off a little“

gojo 21 1

In this scene, Gojo is preparing to fight one of the strongest curses of all time but also remains pretty relaxed, as he usually does. This time he does it to show off in front of his students.

27. “I am surprised, you thought you could beat me using your sorry excuse for a brain”

gojo 18

In this scene, Gojo is taunting Jogo, one of the villains and leaders of the sentient cursed spirits.


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28. “My six eyes tell me you are Suguru Geto…. But my soul knows otherwise.”

PV1 Satoru Gojo

This is another line from the scene where Gojo encounters his best friend and tells him that his powers might recognize him, but he doesn’t.

29. “Who’re you calling nothing special?”

why does gojo wear a mask 1621289501369

Another scene where Jogo thought he could take down Gojo, even though their strengths are not in any way comparable.

30. “Hey weed. This is our third meeting, right? And you still haven’t learned! You’re going down first!”

gojo 25

In this scene, Gojo is fighting one of the more prominent villains, called Hanami, a cursed spirit that is connected with nature.

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