Both Knives Out Movies in Order Including Recaps

Knives Out Movies

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Knives Out, back when it was released in 2019 was an unexpected success even though the movie had a budget that would make you think the creators had it in mind that it would. It would have been nothing without the excellent leadership from director Rian Johnson and perhaps an even better cast. The movie was such a success that both Lionsgate and Netflix were fighting for the rights to a sequel.

Not only was it a success in the box office department, but was also critically acclaimed. It was hard to find negative critic reviews. The positive ones mention Rian Johnson as a genius who bridged the gap between art and entertainment while some kind of negative reviews mention that it’s a shame the excellent star cast didn’t have a chance to shine as much with the way the movie was made. No matter what the critics say it’s an excellent movie and it’s finally had its long-awaited sequel released so let’s dive right into all the details and see how to watch Knives Out movies in order.

How many Knives Out movies are there?

There’s a total of two Knives Out movies officially out. The first movie was a box-office success, grossing a total of $311.4 million worldwide on a $40 million budget. The movie’s success came as a surprise not just to the people making it but to the actors as well. Specifically, I’m talking about the Knives Out star Jamie Lee Curtis.

Due to its worldwide critical acclaim, Netflix quickly bought the rights to the movie’s two sequels. The first sequel came out on September 10th, 2022, and will receive a one-week-limited theatre release on November 23rd. The official release date on Netflix is scheduled for the 23rd of December.

It’s hard to keep track of all the release dates for a movie but Knives Out stands out in this area due to the fact that it’s the first movie to debut in all three major US theatrical chains which are AMC, Regal, and Cinemark before going global with a Netflix release. So, before you get all confused, let’s dive into how you’re supposed to watch the movies if they’re connected and what will the sequels even be about.


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Knives Out movies in order (at a glance)

Knives Out is a murder mystery whodunnit movie and that is what you can expect from both the first and second movies.

Here is the list of Knives Out movies at a glance:

  1. Knives Out (2019)
  2. Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery (2022)

Both movies star the same detective played by Daniel Craig and revolve around the same theme, the burden of extreme wealth.

What is the best way to watch Knives Out movies?

There’s no reason to watch Knives Out movies by release date order since Glass Onion is an independent sequel to the first movie. While this is true, you might want to get acquainted with our lead character, detective Benoit Blanc played by Daniel Craig by watching Knives Out first but that is up to your personal preference. What I would recommend is you watch it by the release date since you’ll have to wait for the official release of Glass Onion anyway if you’re reading this before December 23rd.

Knives Out movies in order (by release date)

Knives Out

Benoit Blanc

The first movie starts us off with the death of crime novelist Harlan Thrombey. A week later, news has spread and upon the arrival of most of his family members, we meet our detective and main character, Benoit Blanc who was hired to solve the mystery of Harlan Thrombey. He now has to untangle the web of lies created by the deeply disturbed and dysfunctional wealthy family of the deceased.

Some of the cast members include Chris Evans as Ransome Drysdale, Jamie Lee Curtis as Linda Drysdale, Toni Collete as Joni Thrombey, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt as detective Hardrock.

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

The second movie is set on a Greek island where a wealthy tech billionaire invites his friends out for a getaway. Of course, it wouldn’t be a murder mystery if someone didn’t turn up dead, and yet again, we meet our detective Benoit Blanc who is set to solve the case. As is with the first movie, the scenes all look very grand and glorious, wealthy and pompous.

Apart from Daniel Craig, none of the cast members from the first movie will appear in the second one. The all-new cast includes Kate Hudson as Birdie Jay, Edward Norton as Miles Bron, Janelle Monáe as Cassandra Brand, and Dave Bautista as Duke Cody.

Where to watch Knives Out movies?

You can watch Knives Out on major streaming platforms that include Netflix, HBO Max, and PrimeVideo. With Prime Video, you’ll have to rent or buy it as you will on VUDU, iTunes, Microsoft Store, and Google Play Store. The sequel to the Knives Out movie, Glass Onion, will be available on Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video and you’ll also be able to buy it on Google Play and iTunes store.

Do you need to watch Knives Out movies in order?

You do not have to watch Knives Out movies in order. As mentioned before, the sequel is an independent release and the only similarities the two movies share are their theme and main character, Benoit Blanc.


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Are Knives Out movies connected?

The movies both share the theme and visual aesthetic. Both start in a similar way and both feature wealthy characters paired with the detective tasked to solve a murder but other than that, the movies are in no way connected. It’s kind of like James Bond movies, the movies all have something in common but you can’t possibly map out a timeline that would make sense (unless you theory craft in the case of the James Bond movies).

Will there be more Knives Out movies?

Netflix bought the rights to two more sequels, one being Glass Onion and the other name still having no name so yes, there will be a third installment of the movie. If we look at how long it took to make the first sequel, we can expect to see the third installment of the movie somewhere in the year 2025.

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