Kratos vs. Superman: Who Would Win in a Fight?

kratos vs superman

There are a lot of different fictional characters that are incredibly powerful and strong, and we often see them in video games and comic books. In the world of video games, there aren’t a lot of characters stronger than God of War’s Kratos, who is quite literally a slayer of gods and has slayed gods from two different pantheons already. On the other hand, DC’s Superman is the most well-known comic book powerhouse character. So, if they were to fight, who between Kratos and Superman would win?

Superman is likely to win against Kratos. While Kratos is incredibly strong, durable, and brutal, Superman is just as strong but is faster and more durable and has more powers and abilities that he could use against the Ghost of Sparta. As such, Superman will win this fight against Kratos.

We’ve seen Kratos pulling off incredible wins against incredibly strong gods in God of War, but we don’t often see too many fictional characters that are on the level of Superman. As such, this should be a fun fight to watch, but it should sway in favor of the Man of Steel. That said, let’s look at this fight in greater detail to understand who would win.


When we look at the strength scaling of God of War, it can be pretty difficult to truly see how strong Kratos is as his strength kind of fluctuates depending on how much he wants to exert himself. But the fact of the matter is that he has boundless strength that allows him to lift all sorts of heavy objects, such as trees, boulders, and even titans. In fact, we have seen him resisting the strength of a titan that is supposedly exponentially bigger than him. As such, there seem to be no true limits to what Kratos is capable of in terms of his strength.


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Superman has always been one of the strongest characters in the fictional world because the strength scaling in DC seems to get crazy from time to time. He is known to lift incredibly heavy objects like cars and tanks but could also go heavier by carrying entire buildings. What’s crazier is that, in the comics, he has been shown to have enough strength to push entire planets. And let’s not even get into the details of just how heavy Superman could possibly lift, as the number will blow your mind.

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Kratos has strength feats that are incredible when you look at them, but his strength feats don’t match up to what Superman has been able to accomplish. In that regard, the Man of Steel takes this round from the Ghost of Sparta.

Ghost of Sparta 0, Man of Steel 1


Thanks to his godly physiology, Kratos can move at incredible speeds that allow him to blitz toward an opponent in a blink of an eye. He is several times faster than a human being at his peak and is capable of keeping up with the speeds of Zeus, Charon, and Hermes. Magni, who is almost just as strong as he is, couldn’t keep up with Kratos’s speed due to the fact that he was simply a lot faster.

Superman is one of the few characters in the world of DC that is almost as fast as the Flash and the other speedsters. Of course, he has always been known to be faster than a speeding bullet, and that means that he has speeds that can break the sound barrier. There’s also the fact that when he is moving outside the earth’s atmosphere, Superman is known to be able to fly at speeds faster than light. As such, he is capable of moving from one city to another or even from planet to planet at incredible speeds.

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It might be true that Kratos is incredibly fast, but his speed was never his strongest suit. On the other hand, Superman has always been known to be faster than even the fastest cars and jet planes.

Ghost of Sparta 0, Man of Steel 2


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If there’s something that Kratos is really good at aside from brutalizing his opponents, it’s the fact that he can take serious hits without dying. Kratos is known to be able to survive some of the most powerful attacks and the hardest falls in the history of the God of War video games, as there aren’t a lot of characters that are capable of actually killing him. He can even absorb blows from Thor’s Mjolnir without getting injured and can survive attacks from gigantic creatures such as titans. Kratos is also known for his ability to recover from his wounds in a hurry.

There is a good reason why Superman is known as the Man of Steel, as he has a body that is harder than steel and is incredibly difficult to damage. Conventional weapons like blades and guns do not affect Superman at all, as the only things that could hurt him (aside from Kryptonite and magic) are attacks that are just as strong or even stronger than him. As such, attacks coming from people or sources that aren’t close to Superman’s level won’t even hurt him at all.

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Kratos can get hurt by ordinary blades and swords, no matter how durable he may be. On the other hand, only a character that’s on the same level as Superman’s strength is capable of truly hurting him.

Ghost of Sparta 0, Man of Steel 3

Powers and Abilities

Kratos has powers and abilities that tend to vary from time to time, as he is almost always known to use the abilities of the gods that he has killed by using their own weapons. However, in the past, Kratos was able to showcase his ability to shapeshift, especially when he was still the god of war in Greece. There were also instances where he was able to absorb the powers of other power sources to become stronger or to obtain their powers. Aside from that, he doesn’t have any innate powers.


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Superman has a host of different powers and abilities that allow him to gain an advantage over any opponent. We all know that he is capable of flying at incredible speeds that allow him to circle the entire globe in a hurry. He also has heat vision, which has always been his go-to attack if he wasn’t beating his enemies with his fists. On top of that, Superman has a lot of other powers and abilities that can be useful, such as freeze breath, X-ray vision, and enhanced senses.

heat vision

Kratos doesn’t have a lot of different powers, especially after the fall of the Greek pantheon, as he mostly used his fists and weapons in the subsequent God of War games. On the other hand, Superman has a host of different abilities that he could use against the Ghost of Sparta.

Ghost of Sparta 0, Man of Steel 4

Fighting Skills

Trained in the art of Spartan military combat, Kratos is one of the greatest fighters in the entire God of War series, as he is an expert in many different forms of combat and is dangerous with or without weapons. He is an extremely powerful hand-to-hand fighter, as he can beat opponents up without even using any of his weapons. But when he has his weapons at his disposal, he becomes even more dangerous because he is known to be able to use any kind of weapon masterfully.

While Superman started out as a simple brawler, he improved his fighting skills by training with Wonder Woman and Batman, who are both incredible fighters. As such, Superman’s fighting skills are not to be messed with because he can actually use them whenever he needs to, especially when he is up against an opponent that he can’t defeat using simple punches. However, Superman was never really known for being the best combatant or weapons expert.

If he has the right weapon at his disposal, there is a good chance that Kratos could bridge the gap between him and Superman. And if they were just going to engage in a simple hand-to-hand fight without the use of their powers, Kratos could actually make things tough for Superman due to his superior fighting skills.

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Kratos vs. Superman: Who Would Win In A Fight?

Even though Kratos has a chance against Superman if he had the right kind of weapon in his hands, the Man of Steel is simply at an entirely different level compared to him. Kratos is a slayer of gods, but Superman has fought, killed, and defeated his own fair share of gods in the DC universe as well. As such, Kratos probably won’t stand a chance against Superman unless he has a weapon that is capable of hurting or killing Superman. After all, we’ve seen a few characters that aren’t as strong as the Man of Steel but were able to actually hurt him because they had the right weapons at their disposal.