Can Aquaman’s Trident Kill Superman in DC Comics?

can aquamans trident kill superman

Between 1992 and 1993, DC Comics published a story called “The Death of Superman,” a large narrative structure that dealt with Superman’s death at the hands of Doomsday and his return. Ever since then, the topic of Superman’s death has been a very interesting one in the world of comics, and people have wondered how and why Superman could die. Superman is usually perceived as the most powerful superhero, and although he is not immortal, he doesn’t really die all that often. In light of that, we have pondered one possibility of Superman dying: being stabbed by Aquaman’s trident. Could it happen?

  • Article breakdown:
  • Although Aquaman’s Trident is imbued with magic, we do not think that it could actually kill Superman.
  • It could injure him, but Superman is just too powerful to be killed in such a way.

Can Aquaman’s trident cut Superman?

There is a common misconception that Superman is especially vulnerable to magic simply because he is not immune to it. But this is really a misconception, although Superman can be hurt by magic.

Still, the Man of Steel has proven that he is not any less resistant to magic than he is to other things that can harm him. In fact, during a fight with the magical supervillain Disciple, he was the only Justice League member who could resist his magic and defeat him. This proves Superman’s strength, and although he is not immune to magic, it doesn’t affect him worse than other weapons, and he is not as nearly as strong as Kryptonite.

Superman defeating Disciple

So, what can Aquaman’s magical Trident do? Superman was shown to sustain injuries from magical objects in two separate storylines, but they were minor. While fighting the supervillain Equus, who used Angelic Claws (known to be able to cut a human in half in a second), Superman only sustained a mild cut, which also happened when Wonder Woman used her magic sword to cut Superman.

This means that magical objects can injure him, but the injuries are usually minor. What does that mean for Aquaman?


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Well, based on the fact that Aquaman’s Trident is a magical weapon but nothing out of the ordinary when compared to other similar weapons, we deduce that the Trident might injure or cut Superman. Still, the injuries wouldn’t really be anything more than minor scratches.

Can Aquaman’s trident kill Superman?

Now that we have seen that Aquaman’s trident could probably injure the Man of Steel, we cannot but wonder whether it could kill him. Theoretically, it could. If it can cut him, it could also pierce him, right? Well…

The issue with killing Superman, in general, is that it is very hard to do. Doomsday managed to do it, but it took him an enormous amount of time, and he perished during the fight. And Doomsday is way stronger than Aquaman or Aquaman’s trident; Doomsday’s a monster. So, while Aquaman’s trident could cut Superman, we highly doubt that it could actually pierce through him and kill him, simply because Superman would never allow it to happen, and his physique would resist it.


Superman and Aquaman have clashed before, and although Aquaman managed to land several sucker punches, he never really gave it his best against his friend and colleague. Undoubtedly, if he did, he would’ve been able to beat Aquaman to a pulp. Even with Mera’s help, the two couldn’t do much against the Man of Still.

Certainly, Aquaman did not use his Trident in those clashes, but with Superman’s speed, fighting skills, agility, and strength, we highly doubt that Aquaman could do much even with the Trident in his arms. Sure, he could launch a surprise attack and maybe do some harm temporarily, but kill Superman? We think it’s practically impossible, so the question is fuly answered!

And what do you think about this? Have something to add? Let me know in the comments below!

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