Leslye Headland and Cast Discuss the Setting & Premise of ‘Star Wars: Acolyte’: ““I Am Always Attracted to Immoral Characters”

Disney's 'The Acolyte', a New 'Star Wars' Series, Releases First Trailer!

‘The Acolyte’ is the first live-action series set in the High Republic era and the second overall (after ‘Young Jedi Adventures’). Headland, a longtime Star Wars fan since her teens, eagerly seized the opportunity to contribute something fresh and distinct to the franchise. She described ‘Acolyte’ as a blend of ‘Frozen’ and ‘Kill Bill’, drawing inspiration from Wuxia films and Samurai action.

The trailer hinted at these influences, with Headland emphasizing that ‘Acolyte’ will showcase Jedi outnumbering Sith for the first time in Star Wars history.

In her recent interview with Empire Magazine, Headland described her motivation to tell a story from the perspective of the antagonists.

I was driven to write a story that essentially was from the perspective of the bad guys. I write that way with my other work. I am always attracted to amoral – or immoral – characters, and finding the humanity within the villains

Lee Jung-jae, who plays Jedi Master Sol, described the show as “A Space Fantasy Whodunit.”

It’s one story with several reveals, and new clues and new information each episode. “It’s not just a mystery that you have to find out. It’s not unlike Russian Doll. It’s almost like a spiral – it digs deeper and deeper and deeper. It’s going to get even more intriguing and gripping, because of that detective genre. It’s going to keep you on the edge of your toes, wanting to guess.

In earlier interviews, Headland revealed her deliberate choice of setting the series in the High Republic era. She aimed to depict the Jedi as a formidable institution at the peak of their power. While traditional Star Wars narratives often pit the underdog against established authority, ‘Acolyte’ flips the script, presenting the Jedi Order as the dominant force. It’s an intriguing premise, and I’m eager to see how Headland explores it.

Mark your calendars: the show debuts on June 4 on Disney+ with the first two episodes. Got thoughts to share? Drop them in the comments below!

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