Lost Ark Noble Banquet Skin: How to Unlock It & How It Looks on Characters

lost ark noble banquet skins

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While Lost Ark already flaunts an incredible array of appealing getups for classes, yet another skin set has been released for players. The Noble Banquet Skin Set takes a minimalistic and modern approach, making it ideal for countless players.

The Noble Banquet Skins are part of the recent April update, including armor and weapon skins for all classes in the game – both male, and female. Players can obtain the Noble Banquet Skin up until July 14th, 2022, through the Super Premium Ark Pass using Royal Crystals, or via the in-game store using Blue Crystals.

Considering the fact that the Noble Banquets Skin Set may only be available for a limited timeframe, players are eager to learn how to obtain it in-game. Stick around to find out about the Noble Banquet Skin collection, including how it looks on different characters as well as how to unlock it.

Lost Ark Noble Banquet Skin

The recent monthly update for April occurring on April 21st, 2022, was incredibly hefty, including a ton of new additions such as a new class, a long-awaited new continent, and much more for players to enjoy. But, the update also featured the release of the Noble Banquet Skin collection.

lost ark april update

It’s no surprise that players are itching to get their hands on the entire Noble Banquet Skin collection, which features awesome armor sets and weapon skins for each class. According to the devs, the skin is character bound and cannot be traded, with a limit of 1 per character.

We’ve outlined everything you need to know about the Noble Banquet Skin collection, with images thanks to Get To Text and Screenrant.

How To Unlock The Noble Banquet Skin Set

There are only two ways for players to obtain the Noble Banquet Skin collection in Lost Ark, both of which will require a form of payment either using either real-world or in-game currency.

lost ark noble banquet

Although the Ark Pass, relevant to the Noble banquet Skin collection, is available via the in-game store until June 18th, progress can be earned up until July 14th, 2022. This means that players will be able to obtain the Noble Banquet Skins as a secondary reward until this date – unless the skins are purchased.

Below are the two methods for obtaining the Noble Banquet Skin in Lost Ark:

1. Super Premium Ark Pass

The Noble Banquet Skin will be a reward for any Lost Ark player who purchases the Super Premium option of the Ark Pass. However, players will need to farm a minimum in order to obtain the entire Noble Banquet Skin Set.

To clarify, completing all 30 levels of the Pass will not unlock the entire set of Noble Banquet Skins. Lost Ark players will gradually gain access to pieces of the complete Noble Banquet Skin collection as they progress through the Ark Pass’s reward system.

lost ark noble banquet unlock

Progressing through the Ark Pass will consist of completing both Normal and Season Missions, providing various rewards upon completion. The Normal Missions function similarly to daily or weekly Una’s Tasks, while the Season Missions can only be completed once during the Ark Pass’s duration.

Below are the levels at which pieces of the Noble Banquet Skins and inclusions will be unlocked within the Super Premium Ark Pass:

Super Premium
Ark Pass Level
Noble Banquet Skin Piece Unlocked
5Noble Banquet Wallpaper
15Noble Banquet Headwear Selection Chest × 1
20Noble Banquet Chestpiece Selection Chest × 1
25Noble Banquet Pants Selection Chest × 1
30Noble Banquet Weapon Selection Chest × 1

Although this may seem like a mission in itself, players who are active should have no trouble completing all 30 levels of the Ark Pass to obtain the complete Noble Banquet Skin set, including weapons and armor for their character. On the other hand, casual players who are less active will need to dedicate more time in order to complete the missions consistently before the season comes to an end.


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While players can purchase the Premium option that doesn’t include the skin set for 1,500 Royal crystals, the Super Premium option within the Ark Pass will cost a total of 3,000 Royal Crystals. This equates to approximately $30, as Royal Crystals cannot be obtained in-game by other means.

2. Lost Ark In-Game Store

For players who would prefer to obtain the Noble Banquet Skins in-game, the set is available within the Lost Ark in-game store. However, much like the Super Premium Ark Pass approach, players will not be able to obtain the complete collection in one go – which can be seen as a negative or positive, depending on preferences.

This option will cost players Blue Crystals rather than the use of Royal crystals with the first option, making it a better choice for many players. The weapon and armor Noble Banquet Skins will automatically match the player’s avatar and class appearance once they are claimed.

Below are the Noble Banquet Skin collection components that can be purchased within Lost Ark’s in-game store, as well as their Blue Crystal costs:

Noble Banquet Skin PartCost
Appearance of the Noble Banquet840 Blue Crystals
Noble Banquet Weapon Skin270 Blue Crystals

Noble Banquet Skin Classes & Appearance

All classes are included in the Noble Banquet Skin Collection, including female and male classes or sub-classes. This also includes the brand new Glaivier class, within the Martial Artist main class.

lost ark noble banquet armor

All Noble Banquet Skin armor or outfit parts and the weapons parts come in 3 types for both male and female characters, as seen below:

Female Noble
Banquet Skin
Male Noble
Banquet Skin
Lofty AmbitionWhiteNoble AmbitionWhite
Mysterious NobleBrown
Mysterious NobleBrown
Elegant NobleBrown
Elegant NobleGray

That being said, the color palette may be adaptable in some instances. The Noble Banquet Skins are dyeable, and many players have been posting their dyed Noble Banquet Skin variants since its release.


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If you’re looking for a proper view of each of the classes in their Noble Banquet Skin getup, check out this video below thanks to RomeSW Games:

Noble Banquet Skin Weapons

The Noble Banquet Skin Collection includes unique weapon skins for each main class, following the same skin types and color palettes as the armor variants seen above.

lost ark noble banquet weapons

Below are images of all of the Noble Banquet Skins for weapons, thanks to Get To Text:

Assassin Noble Banquet Weapons

assassin noble banquet weapon 1
assassin noble banquet weapon 2
assassin noble banquet weapon 3

Warrior Noble Banquet Weapons

warrior noble banquet weapon 1
warrior noble banquet weapon 2
warrior noble banquet weapon 3
warrior noble banquet weapon 4

Mage Noble Banquet Weapons

mage noble banquet weapon 1
mage noble banquet weapon 2
mage noble banquet weapon 3

Martial Artist Noble Banquet Weapons

martial noble banquet weapon 1
martial noble banquet weapon 2
martial noble banquet weapon 3
martial noble banquet weapon 4

Gunner Noble Banquet Weapons

gunner noble banquet weapon 1
gunner noble banquet weapon 2
gunner noble banquet weapon 3
gunner noble banquet weapon 4

The Noble Banquet Skins have sent the Lost Ark community into a frenzy, and for good reason – this skin set is undeniably stylish and would be perfect for just about any player who wants a more sleek and slimline silhouette for their character. Thankfully, the Noble Banquet Skins are not too challenging to obtain – although it will take some solid grinding, it’ll definitely be worthwhile!

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