Magic Mike Movies in Order & How Many Are There?

Magic Mike Movies In Order & How Many Are There?

Magic Mike won over the world when the first movie came out in 2012, and since then became a really fondly watched movie anytime it is released or announced. The story follows a young man Adam, who at 19 years old, dropped out of college and is looking for work. He stumbles upon Mike Lane, a seasoned star stripper, whose dream is to build a series of strip clubs.

An unusually star-studded cast and fun plot of the movie garnered critical acclaim and success at the box office. It is loosely inspired by Channing Tatum’s experiences as a male stripper in Tampa, Florida, however, he emphasized that the movie is mostly fictional, which provided him and other executives to play with the film’s storyline quite a bit.

We will include all available movies until today, discuss their concepts, and why were they so successful. Moreover, we will look into new possible Magic Mike content and see what can we expect from new projects. If you are interested in this topic, stay with us until the end of the article.

How Many Magic Mike Movies Are Out There?

There are two Magic Mike movies. Because the franchise is quite new, the first movie being released in 2012, there are not that many Magic Mike movies. Until today, only two Magic Mike movies were released in 2012 and 2015 respectively, and both have strong connections. The cast changed a few actors from the first movie but overall the Magic Mike franchise or first two movies gained a lot of success among the critics and the public.

Magic Mike Movies In Order (At Glance)

Now, because there are only two movies released till this point, this is our list at glance:

  1. Magic Mike (2012)
  2. Magic Mike XXL (2015)

The first movie is the original one that is following a young man trying to find a job, and getting recruited by the male stripper club. The second movie follows the story of Mike Lane, and his coming back to the club that made him a famous male stripper. The plot is simple, cool, and fun, and without further ado, let’s talk more about these movies.

What Is the Best Way to Watch Magic Mike Movies?

The best way to watch the Magic Mike Movies is to follow the release date order or chronological order, it does not really matter. The sequel of the first movie is essentially a time jump in the future, and because of that, both watch orders are fine.

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Magic Mike Movies in Order (Release Date)

1. Magic Mike (2012)

Magic Mike Movies In Order & How Many Are There?

The first movie on the list is simply called Magic Mike, and it came out in 2012. It was distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures and directed by Steven Soderbergh, who is also known for directing successfully and critically acclaimed films like Ocean’s trilogy, Erin Brockovich, Traffic, for which he got Academy Awards, and other notable projects.

The movie was written by Reid Carolin, and produced by Gregory Jacobs, Nick Wechsler, and Channing Tatum. He had a lot of say for the atmosphere of the film, and he wanted it to be reflective of the life as a male stripper he led before his acting career “exploded”. The movie had a really talented cast that included Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer, Matthew McConaughey, Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello, and more.

The story follows a young college dropout Adam who is trying to get by and look for a job. Mike Lane notices him and takes him under his wing – he later encourages him to take on stripping in the club Xquisite. After meeting Adam’s sister Brooke and promising her he will take care of her little brother, Mike seems to be reluctant on continuing dancing and stripping and open up his own business.

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Adam gets acquainted with strippers’ lavish lifestyle and falls deeply into drugs and alcohol. Mike realizes that he needs to do something about it. The movie revolves around the realistic life of underground businesses that are harsh and hard to overcome. Loyalties and life priorities are questioned as well, and Soderbergh’s unique style of directing really upholds the movie’s visuals and plot points.

The Magic Mike movie deals with a lot of sensitive themes, and even though it is a fun movie with cool gags, and laughs all around, it still depicts drama amazingly well. The movie was a success both critically and commercially and the fans had a lot to look for in the future.

2. Magic Mike XXL (2015)

Magic Mike Movies In Order & How Many Are There?

The sequel of the first Magic Mike movie, Magic Mike XXL, promised the fans another good storyline, and it did not disappoint. This time director of the movie is Gregory Jacobs, who was a producer of the previous installment, Reid Carolin was another person that came back, and the cast of the movie changed a bit – Alex Pettyfer, and Matthew McConaughey did not come back. However, the cast got good new additions in Jada Pinkett Smith, Amber Heard, Donald Glover, and Andie McDowell.

Magic Mike XXL follows the story of Mike Lane, who stopped stripping at the end of the last movie, but three years later, he managed for his dream to come to fruition – he finally owns his own furniture business. However, Tarzan calls him and tells him that Dallas is gone – the owner of the Xquisite. Mike goes back to the hotel to find his former dancers and decides to retire with a bang – they will do a final performance as Kings of Tampa and dance it out at the Myrtle Beach male stripping convention.

Magic Mike Movies In Order & How Many Are There?

The gang stumbles upon an adventure and some old faces from Mike’s past come back to hunt him. Overall, the movie was a success, both commercially and critically. While most of the critics agreed the first movie was better, they praised the sequel for still managing to express that Magic Mike charm we all like.

Where To Watch Magic Mike Movies?

Magic Mike, like most of the newer movies, is available on streaming platforms. People outside of Europe can find the movie both on Hulu and HBO Max, while Europeans can find it only on HBO Max.

Are Magic Mike Movies Connected?

Magic Mike movies are connected since the sequel of the first movie is a continuation of the plot, and it follows mostly the same characters (Channing Tatum).

Will There Be More Magic Mike Movies?

There will definitely be more Magic Mike movies. Even though we are unsure if the movie creators wanted to make a trilogy from the beginning, we can still confirm that the Magic Mike franchise will get another movie, and it will be probably the last one. According to the actor of the main protagonist, Channing Tatum, there will be a “Last Dance” movie released, but it is kept under the rug.

Steven Soderbergh will return as a director of the third movie, after skipping on the second one. There were rumors about new casting additions, but we will wait and see what are they “cooking” for us.

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