Mahershala Ali’s Potential MCU Debut Might Precede ‘Blade’ & Here’s Where We Might See Him

Mahershala Alis Potential MCU Debut Might Precede Blade Heres Where We Might See Him

Rumors of a ‘Blade’ franchise reboot and its integration into the MCU surfaced as early as 2016, following the studio’s reclamation of the character rights in 2011. Kevin Feige was among the first to acknowledge the potential for a project centered around the vampire slayer, whether in the form of a live-action TV series or a film.

Mahershala Ali’s interest in portraying Blade became evident when he approached the studio with a ready script. Despite the project being greenlit, it entered a prolonged development phase, spanning nine years. Details regarding the plot and production remained scarce, with recent speculation suggesting a rewrite, spearheaded by writer Michael Green.

Originally slated for a 2023 release, the movie faced numerous delays, pushing its debut to November 2025. Reports indicate that Ali nearly withdrew from the project due to the extensive effort required to properly bring the iconic character into the MCU fold.


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If the latest rumors are true, we’ll get to see Mahershala as Blade sooner than expected. Reportedly, he’ll voice Blade in ‘Marvel Zombies,’ a series in the MCU that’s not part of the main storyline but takes inspiration from the comic of the same name.

It’s not surprising, given recent leaks from CanWeGetSomeToast, a well-known source, who shared on X that Blade will have a significant role in the upcoming animated series. While details about the series’ plot are scarce, Iman Vellani previously confirmed that Ms. Marvel will also be a key character.

The first season of ‘Marvel Zombies’ will consist of four episodes and is expected to debut sometime in 2024. This show marks the first spinoff from the popular animated series ‘What If…?’, which recently premiered its second season.

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