10 Marvel Characters That Can Drink the Most (Ranked by Their Tolerance)

Marvel Characters That Can Drink The Most

We are used to seeing Marvel superheroes as all-mighty creatures who are always there to save the day whenever needed. When talking about them what first comes to our mind is how powerful they are, what their abilities are etc. But if we dig a little deeper than that we can easily find that our beloved superheroes also have some bad days and fighting against great perils of the universe can sometimes take its toll. So what do some of them tend to do? They like to pick up a bottle in order to take the edge off a little bit.

However, some of them do this almost in vain because their alcohol tolerance is enormous or their metabolism just works way too fast for them to get intoxicated that easily. Here are some of the Marvel characters that can drink the most.

10. Captain Marvel


I will start this list of Marvel characters that can drink the most with Carol Danvers. Although portrayed very differently in the MCU, she was actually frequently intoxicated in the comics. She struggled a lot with her new powers and then with the loss of them. She tried hard to be appreciated and accepted by the Avengers but sometimes, due to alcohol abuse, she managed to do more damage than good.

Later on, Tony Stark started to realize that Carol might have a similar problem as he does… Out of all the superheroes on this list, she could drink a lot, but her tolerance was not very high.

9. Jessica Jones


Jessica is actually a functional alcoholic and can rarely be found sober. As she usually drinks liquor, she gets intoxicated as any other human would, but she has a decent tolerance due to her long-term alcohol abuse. Apparently, her superpowers didn’t grant her the ability to have a high tolerance to alcohol like some other superheroes have, but she managed to get along fine, all things considered.

8. Iron Man

iron man alcohol

Although in the MCU, Tony is portrayed more like a playboy ( before he fell in love with Pepper) in the comics he is also a bit of an alcoholic himself. He was actually a member of Alcoholics Anonymous and later became a sponsor to Carol Danvers, a.k.a. Captain Marvel mentioned above.

Tony struggled severely with this addiction and fell off the wagon several times when he tried to remain sober. As his alcohol tolerance goes, he is an ordinary man with no enhanced tolerance or fast regeneration abilities, but he still drank a fair amount of drinks through the years and that is why he is on this list.


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7. Captain America


Cap is one of those people that always seems to have his emotions in check and never lose his coolness. It was even considered that he doesn’t drink because he’s trying to portray himself as a ‘good guy, but he, later on, explained that is not the only case, but his body just metabolizes everything so fast that he can’t get drunk. He tried to mourn Bucky’s demise by getting drunk even though he knew beer won’t help him get drunk.

If we take into consideration that his body metabolizes everything four times faster than a regular human’s body, it is clear that Captain America clearly can drink a high amount of alcohol win no considerate side effects. But the statement that can’t get drunk is probably wrong.

6. The Winter Soldier

Bucky Barnes, a.k.a. The Winter Soldier is Steve Rodger’s best friend and he has similar tolerance when it comes to drinking alcohol just like Cap does. Bucky was injected with a Super-Solider Serum that made his organism also metabolize everything four times faster than other humans.

So it is fair to conclude that his drinking capacity is somewhere alongside Captain America’s, with maybe slightly higher tolerance as he is prone to drink alcohol more often than Steve. In The Falcon and The Winter Soldier TV show, we witnessed that Bucky can easily chug a couple of beers one after the other like it is nothing.

5. Deadpool

bar deadpool deathstroke garrus vakarian wallpaper preview

When talking about Wade and his drinking alcohol abilities, I’d say that he is somewhat similar to Wolverine. His regenerative abilities are somewhat similar to Logan’s as he can also heal very quickly and is practically immune to toxins. Deadpool’s body is very resistant to any kind of intoxication but he is not immune to it.

That means that if this guy were to drink high amounts of alcohol, he would probably get drunk, but only for a very short period of time because his organism would dissolve alcohol rapidly.

4. Wolverine


When not in the X-Men mansion or on some mission, Logan is likely to be found in a bar. He enjoys drinking even though there is not much effect alcohol has on him. On more than one occasion he enjoyed drinks with other superheroes like Hercules and Nightcrawler. However, Nightcrawler just couldn’t keep up.

What’s interesting about Wolverine’s alcohol tolerance is the fact that he actually can get drunk, but only for a few seconds or so. When intoxicated, his body’s regenerative abilities dissolve alcohol from his body rapidly. In the Logan movie, we get to see Wolverine in his senior years and he actually can get drunk because his healing abilities weakened. He can still drink very much though.


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3. Thor

thor ragnarok doctor strange beer 1210492

Thor is one of those heroes that celebrate his victories with his friends and loves to have a few drinks. His alcohol tolerance is much higher than human’s as we see on several occasions. Thor managed to get Dr. Selvig drunk when Odin banished him to Earth. These two were enjoying a couple of beers in the bar but Selvig got hammered and Thor seemed to be sober.

Asgardian mead is something that Thor drinks often also and can drink a decent amount of it while regular humans do not tolerate that kind of alcohol well. In his cameo in Avengers: Age of Ultron, Stan Lee had to be carried away after enjoying this drink with Thor. However, as seen in the Avengers: Endgame, Thor can get drunk and stay drunk for quite some time but he needs to intake high amounts of alcohol all the time.

2. She-Hulk

screen shot 2022 08 18 at 9 52 20 am 1660833181

Jennifer Walters, a.k.a. She-Hulk is also a resistant drinker. Just like her cousin, She-Hulk metabolizes alcohol very quickly and can drink an enormous amount of it to even get a little tipsy. In the new She-Hulk TV show, she even pretended to be drunk just to make Bruce open up about Captain America’s love life.

However, as we realized seconds later, she was sober and not wasted, so it is fair to conclude that she can follow up her cousin’s drinking pace very decently, even though the Hulk can most likely drink more.

1. Hulk

Mark Ruffalo Smart Hulk Tatiana Maslany She Hulk drink screengrab

Top spot on this list of Marvel characters who can drink the most goes to Hulk. Believe it or not, up until recently it was very debatable whether Hulk can get drunk or not, and if so, how much can he actually drink before getting hammered. It was speculated that he can’t get drunk due to his regenerative abilities and something similar was finally confirmed by the ‘Smart Hulk’ himself.

As he mentioned, his body ( and She-Hulk’s also ) metabolizes alcohol incredibly fast so he can drink so much and not get drunk. ”All buzz, no barf” – he says. If we take into consideration his physical constitution and appearance, he is fairly larger than She-Hulk, so it is fair to assume that his alcohol tolerance is also higher. I think he can actually drink the most out of all the superheroes mentioned above.

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