Matthew Vaughn Says That Deadpool and Wolverine Will Save the MCU – “The Marvel Universe Is About To Have a Jolt”


Among the upcoming MCU releases, ‘Deadpool 3’ stands out as the most eagerly anticipated, with fans eagerly anticipating a cinematic experience that surpasses the rest of the MCU lineup. The studio itself is banking on it to be a game-changer.

Since the announcement of the new Deadpool film as part of the MCU franchise, everything seems to be aligning in its favor. Hugh Jackman is set to reprise his role as Wolverine, it’s slated to be R-rated, and it promises to delve into the Multiverse, featuring numerous cameos from the beloved Fox’s X-Men franchise. Rumors even suggest that Taylor Swift might have a role in the film.

The significance of ‘Deadpool 3’ is underscored by Marvel Studios relying on it to offset their recent movie losses. Notably, it’s the sole movie scheduled for release in 2024, aligning with Bob Iger’s recent emphasis on prioritizing quality over quantity, as officially announced in the schedule.


Rumors: Additional R-Rated MCU Projects Planned Regardless of the Outcomes of ‘Echo’ and ‘Deadpool 3’

The fanbase is buzzing with excitement, dissecting every leaked detail, image, and statement for insights. According to Matthew Vaughn, this heightened interest is justified, as he proclaimed on the Brobible Podcast that ‘Deadpool 3’ is poised to rescue the MCU from its current challenges.

The few snippets that I know about ‘Deadpool vs. Wolverine’ — or ‘Wolverine vs. Deadpool’, I’m sure that argument between Ryan and Hugh is happening as we speak — are unbelievable.

That’s going to be the jolt… the Marvel universe is about to have a jolt of them and it’s going to bring that body back to life… I think Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are about to save the whole Marvel universe.

The director of ‘X-Men: First Class’ additionally mentioned that ‘Deadpool 3’ will serve as an ideal foundation for Marvel Studios to explore further X-Men movies in the coming years.

I’m a genuine fan of the X-Men, all I want is for the movies to be as good as they should be

Regardless of your expectations and the eventual outcome of the movie, it may be imposing some rather lofty standards upon itself. After all, Deadpool was never intended to be the linchpin of the MCU, and it seems somewhat absurd to have an entire interconnected universe hinge on the success of a comedy film. Yet, in a way, isn’t that the quintessential Deadpool essence? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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