‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Season 2, Episode 1 Recap & Ending Explained: Does Mike Find Out Milo Escaped?

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Welcome to the Ending Explained for Season 2, Episode 1 of Mayor of Kingstown. The series returns for a second season on Paramount Plus after the impressive performance of season 1. Taylor Sheridan has become a machine on his own, thanks to his sensibilities when it comes to talking about society in this day and age. While other creators have chosen to go all in into progressive values, Sheridan has maintained his shows leaning more towards conservatism and even the middle ground when it comes to social issues.

This is great because it creates a balance between what we see on TV and in movies and what actually happens in the real world. Most movies and TV shows would lead you to believe that the world has moved on to a fully progressive society, which is not true. The success of Sheridan has proved that there is a part of the audience that feels more identified with conservative and neutral values. This is all good, the flavor is in the variety, and we should all just learn to respect the way others live.


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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Mayor of Kingstown, Season 2. Read at your own risk.

Does Mike Find Out Milo Escaped?

Season 2 of Mayor of Kingstown begins exactly where season 1 left off. It seems that just days have gone by since the riot at the prison ended up becoming one of the most terrifying massacres ever seen on television. There are more than 300 bodies in the aftermath, which include not only prisoners but also guards. Of course, Mike and the entire town are now seeing the consequences of such a massacre, and things don’t seem to go well in the foreseeable future. Crime is rampant, and the police are hitting as many targets as possible, but with no effect.

Mike visits Bunny, the leader of the Crips, who is now always on a roof, fearing having his life taken in a drive-by. Bunny explains that because of the massacre at the prison, there are no leaders inside the prison or outside of it. This means that the gangs find themselves without a proper vision, and the members are basically doing whatever they want. Bunny also explains that there are no leaders anywhere. The people who now conform to the gangs are either too green to be taken seriously, or they have already wasted their opportunities to lead, and no one wants to see them in that position.

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Mike is also dealing with his own issue. He and Iris are still living together in the cabin, and still have problems sleeping. So, Mike has a surprise for Iris; he is taking her to a boat that they can use for a week. Maybe the rocking of the boat will help them sleep better, which it does. Iris is enthralled. No one has ever done something this nice for her. However, things take a dark turn when Mike informs Iris, the FBI is here to take her away to protect her. She believed she could have stayed with Mike forever, but he had other ideas.

You see, Mike realizes that Milo’s body has not been found. Mike immediately concludes that this means that Milo has escaped. He talks with several people about it, but they don’t want to believe that the most dangerous criminal in all of Michigan just escaped and did it by walking by the front door. Mike is sure that he has escaped, and this is the reason he gave Iris to the FBI. It doesn’t matter, in the end, Iris realizes the situation and leaves the FBI’s protection, and goes back to Mike. She has decided she wants to be with him, even if her life is at risk.

What Is Happening With The Prison After The Riot In Season 1?

The prison is a mess. Most of the prisoners are living outside in the yard or in other temporary facilities while the prison is being repaired. The guards that are installed at these facilities don’t really care about what happens to the prisoners, and they let them get beaten up. It seems they only really interact with the prisoners in very punctual situations. Captain Kareem, who was tortured, raped, and abused during the riot, as he was the leader of the guards, is now having a rough time.


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Kareem is clearly traumatized. He wakes up at night with nightmares, and he often doesn’t recognize his wife or daughter. His mind goes back to the time when he was abused and tortured. His wife tries to do the best she can, but Kareem’s mental state is clearly not good. However, when we see him talking to the psychiatrist that will check if he is capable to go to work, we see him lying about it. He denies being raped and says he just wants to work, so he can retire and get his pension. The psychiatrist approves him to get back on duty.

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This approval has immediate consequences as we see Kareem back at work and the other guards basically serving him some of the criminals who abused him during the riot. Kareen lets his anger out, and he seems to kill one of the men by hitting him with his shotgun. Kyle is another character who is having a rough day. Lesser than Kareem’s of course, but either way. Kyle is now working for the coastal police, and he is having a hard time adapting to a less violent environment.

While boarding a boat, he loses control and aims his gun at everyone. He believes he is searching for drugs when in reality the boat’s owner was just receiving a warning for a blank check. Kyle and Mike’s mother, Miriam, are also having a bad time. She is trying to teach her class at the women’s prison, but when she tries to make the guards leave the room, the class is canceled. Later, she is robbed by a young man, but she refuses to press charges. Miriam’s convictions and compassion for others don’t seem to match the reality around her, and this could be lethal for her in the future.

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