Mayor of Kingstown: Who Is Terry Belleville Playing?

mayor of kingstown terry belleville

Over the past decade or so, whenever you see the name Taylor Sheridan attached to the show, you know it will be a smash hit. One of Sheridan’s most critically acclaimed shows over the past couple of years is Mayor of Kingstown, with Jeremy Renner leading as Mike McClusky. But, with all the roles throughout a couple of seasons of action, who is Terry Belleville playing?

Terry Belleville portrays a minor guest role as the Senator in Season 1 Episode 2 of Mayor of Kingstown. The actor’s role in the series is quite minor, but unlike many other minor roles in the series, his was as a higher-ranking individual. Belleville is known for episodic roles of similar caliber.

For instance, Murdoch Mysteries fans will likely recognize Terry Belleville as Jones, a minor character that appeared in the series. Belleville is an older gentleman that did most of his work in theater, with occasional smaller roles in film and TV. Let’s dive into his resume and his minor role in Mayor of Kingstown a bit more.

Who is Terry Belleville?

Before we get into his minor yet high-ranking role in Mayor of Kingstown, let’s introduce Terry Belleville to the broader public.

Terry Belleville might not be a well-known actor for film and TV fans, but theater fans will surely know Belleville for numerous roles on the big boards. His TV career started way back in 1998 when he played a minor role of a scientist in the TV series Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show.

He then went on to work exclusively in theaters for over a decade before landing another minor role as an Older Man in the TV Series, Almost Heroes. He was also a UN Representative in the hit movie Pacific Rim while portraying Father Vince Nelson in the show Coroner in 2020.

His most recent TV role prior to Mayor of Kingstown was in the show Murdoch Mysteries, where he portrayed a minor guest character called Jones.

On the theater boards, Terry Belleville did tons of work, portraying Norman Thayer in the show On Golden Pond, Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady, Gordon in The Waiting Room, etc. His most renowned role came in Theater Junction’s play Betrayal, where he portrayed Robert. He was nominated for a Betty Mitchell Award for Best Actor for the role.


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Who is Terry Belleville playing in Mayor of Kingstown?

Terry Belleville isn’t playing anyone in Mayor of Kingstown, as far as we know. Or, at least, his character no longer appears in the series for quite some time. He did, however, appear in the show almost from the very start.

Terry Belleville played a minor role of a Senator in Mayor of Kingstown – specifically, in the second episode of Season 1, titled The End Begins. While his role only lasted for a few brief scenes and never reappeared in other episodes, it was enough for the show to appear on Terry’s IMDb page, becoming the best-rated project on his list of acting credits.

As for the episode where Terry Belleville appeared, The End Begins, it was actually an awesome episode, jam-packed with new characters and stuff developing that were crucial in the show’s future. Mike’s brother, Mitch, passed away (to put it mildly), and now it was on Mike to take over the reins.

mayor of kingstown episode 2 1

The title, The End Begins, actually refers to Mike taking over as the Mayor of Kingstown and reestablishing some sort of order in the small town. We get into more depth with many characters, such as Tobi Bamtefa’s Bunny – a gang leader who was actually the closest thing Mike had to a friend in the entire show.

We also learn more about the McLusky family, including Mike’s mother, Mariam, his brother, Kyle, and others. Ultimately, we see that Mike is ready to take over and that he’s more than capable of putting back order in the town, even if it means using not-so-clean tactics.

For instance, we see him set fire to his late brother’s office, knowing the insurance company will cover for it – just to ‘tie up some loose ends.’ Overall, it’s a crucial episode to understand Mike McLusky in the future, as well as the characters surrounding him and the power distribution in Kingstown.


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Will Terry Belleville return in Mayor of Kingstown?

Seeing that we are already two seasons – twenty episodes, to be precise – into the show, and the third season has not even been announced officially yet due to the lead actor’s devastating accident recently, I’m not sure that Terry Belleville’s Senator will return in Mayor of Kingstown.

After all, it was simply a minor role that appeared in a single episode – the second episode of the show ever – and he hasn’t reappeared since. Ergo, if and when Season 3 does take place, I doubt you’ll get to recognize Terry Belleville back in action. Although technically, not many people recognize Belleville anyways, so I doubt you’d know he returned in the first place.

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