What Is AB in ‘Mayor of Kingstown’? Is Mike a Member?

Mike Bunny and Gunner in Mayor of Kingstown 1

“If failure of society could be distilled into one city, this would be the city,” Mike McLusky (Jeremy Renner) said while describing Kingstown at the end of the show’s second season. The season ended with Kingstown on the verge of a gang war between Bunny’s Crips and the uncontrollable AB. AB is one of the most powerful gangs in Mayor of Kingstown, although many fans still wonder who they are and what their affiliation to Mike McLusky is.

AB is the abbreviation for Aryan Brotherhood, a gang of white supremacists in Kingstown, which also includes some members of law enforcement and even COs in Kingstown prisons. ABs are not as powerful as the Crips in prison anymore because black inmates outnumber their white counterparts three to one. It is still a very strong gang in Kingstown, with a hand in most criminal activities, including human trafficking. Mike was an AB member while he was in prison because it was the only way for him to survive.

The line between heroes and villains in Mayor of Kingstown is gray, which is why Mike Mclusky has to keep in touch with each gang, but the ABs have proved a hard nut to crack for ‘The Mayor.’ From Davidson, who tried to kill Mike, to Duke (Andrew Howard), whose line of business was just too horrific to watch, ABs are just too extreme, even by Kingstown standards. The Mayor of Kingstown has expressed the ABs as the total villains as compared to Bunny’s (Tobi Bamtefa) Crips. So, who are these ABs, and what makes them the most dangerous gang in Kingstown?

AB in Mayor of Kingstown, fully explained

Duke and Gunner in Mayor of Kingstown 1

The Aryan Brotherhood, or simply The Brotherhood, is a gang of white supremacists in Kingstown previously led by Gunner (Dylan Kenin) before Mike had him killed at the Anchor Bay Prison by Raphael and Big Hug.

Mike said that the ABs were once the most powerful gang in the prisons because there were more white inmates in Kingstown.

The influx of black inmates has caused a power shift that left the ABs outnumbered three to one. However, some prison guards and police officers are members or sympathizers of the gang, which gives it an upper hand over other gangs.

Mike was once a member of the gang while he was in prison, but he told Duke that he only joined the Brotherhood to survive in prison and that he didn’t care about them anymore now that he wasn’t in jail.

However, some gang members still think Mike McLusky is one of them, which is why Davidson was surprised when Mike warned him against harassing Bunny at the Anchor Bay prison.


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Mike doesn’t like the ABs and even kills Duke for sexually assaulting Iris and getting her addicted to drugs before selling her off to the Crips.

After the riots in the show’s first season, Mike cut a deal with the DA to put all gang members in prison to reestablish leadership because the gangs were out of control in the streets.

When prisoners were transferred from Tent City Prison to Anchor Bay, AB gained an advantage because most guards at the prison, including the chief guard Davidson, were either AB members or sympathizers.

The ABs also used drones to ship drugs into the prison to gain an advantage over the other gangs in prison with the help of the guards. Mike tried to establish a fair ground for all the gangs, but the alliance between the guards and Gunner was just too powerful.

AB affiliate guards even armed gang members and stood by as they attacked their rivals in the yard, something that really angered Bunny and the Crips.

Gunner and Davidson started harassing Bunny to force Mike Mclusky’s hand to get Gunner released. Davidson had the guards beat Bunny and his cousin Raphael and put them in solitary confinement.

When Mike heard that the guards had put Bunny in the “Kill Box,” he confronted Davidson. The altercation between Mike and Davidson left the latter angry as he realized that The Mayor was a Crips sympathizer.

Davidson later worked with Allison to try and catch Mike off-guard and run him over with his car as he left Allison’s house, where he had spent the night, but Mike managed to shoot and kill him.

The ABs attacked Mike again while he was headed to a meeting with Milo, but Mike outsmarted the members and escaped unharmed.

Having had enough of the Brotherhood, Mike ordered Carney to help Raphael and the other Crips kill Gunner(the AB leader in prison) in his prison cell.

With Gunner dead in the second season’s finale, the ABs are without a leader in the Mayor of Kingstown but still planning an all-out war against Mike Mclusky and the Crips.

Who is the leader of AB in Mayor of Kingstown?

The Aryan Brotherhood in Mayor of Kingstown

Gunner is the last known leader of the AB since Mayor of Kingstown didn’t introduce the gang’s new leader after he died in the Season Two finale.

However, unlike the Crips and the other gangs with a well-defined leadership structure, the ABs are more fluid because some gang members operate outside the gang’s leadership.

Davidson wasn’t the gang’s leader, but he used his influence at the Anchor Bay Prison to frustrate the Crips and even supplied AB members with blades and weapons to attack members of other gangs against Mike’s wishes.


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Davidson also created the plan to kill Mike McLusky on his own, which means the ABs don’t respect authority as much as the other gangs do.

Duke also had a lot of control over the gang’s activities both inside and outside the prison before Mike shot him in the head, which is why Mike approached him and warned him against ordering the killing of a prison guard.

Gunner and Davidson’s deaths left a power vacuum in the gang that might lead to a better-defined leadership structure in future seasons of Mayor of Kingstown.

Who are the members of AB in Mayor of Kingstown?

While it is not the biggest gang in Kingstown by Membership, The Brotherhood has been the source of the most dangerous villains in Mayor of Kingstown, starting with Duke, who was both a drug dealer and a human trafficker.

Duke was the leader of the gang in prison when Mike McLusky was still in Jail. He was especially cruel in his operations. He had several members of the gang sexually assault Iris until she went insane with trauma before selling her off to “The Hood.”

AB vs Crips gang leaders in Mayor of Kingstown 1

Davidson, the prison guard, was the second prominent gang member that proved to be just as dangerous as Duke because of how he treated black inmates at Anchor Bay Prison.

Davidson had Bunny beaten and put in solitary confinement. He also gave blades to gang members and allowed them to openly kill members of rival gangs in the yard.

He literally turned the Anchor Bay prison into an AB prison. He also used Allison to spy on Mike and tried to kill him, making him the first gang member to openly come after “The Mayor” in the show.

Gunner was the last leader of The gang who agreed with Mike’s plan to go to prison and reestablish gang leadership in a bid to restore calm to the streets of Kingstown.

Gunner’s Impatience with Mike saw him rely on Davidson and the other AB sympathizers in the prison system to distribute drugs and kill members of rival gangs, essentially getting an unfair advantage over the Crips in prison.

Although Gunner wasn’t very fond of Mike, he still respected him, unlike Davidson and Duke, who blatantly disrespected Mike and even tried to kill him.


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Gunner’s patience with Mike only diminished after he failed to secure his release from prison, as they had agreed before the gang leaders agreed to go to prison.

Allison, the lady that set up Mike when Davidson tried to kill him, could also be a member of the AB or a sympathizer who blamed the riots on the Crips.

Is Milo a member of AB?

Milo in Kill Box MOK 1

Milo Sunter is the leader of the Russian Mafia in Kingstown and, therefore, not a member of the Aryan Brotherhood, but his gang is no less dangerous than AB.

Unlike the AB and the Crips who deeply hate each other, the Russian Mafia is more of a neutral force that often enters into alliances of convenience with whichever party suits them.

Milo sold Iris to The Brotherhood when he considered her useless to him in a bid to establish a cordial relationship with the white supremacists.

When the prison riots started, he also worked with PDog and other Crips members to break out from jail.

The Russian Mafia doesn’t have big numbers in Kingstown, which means they can’t win a war in prison or in the streets, but Milo is still a smart and meticulous criminal who poses a bigger threat to Kingstown than all the other gangs.

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