MCU Maintaining Course for the Launch of Two Avengers Films, It’s Uncertain Whether One Will Be ‘Kang Dynasty’

Marvel to release 2 movies

We’ve been missing a proper Avengers movie since ‘Endgame’ hit screens in 2019, and that’s when many fans believe the MCU lost its touch. Instead, it’s been a ride of Disney+ series and movies that mostly fell short, with only a few exceptions earning widespread acclaim.

Marvel Studios has two Avengers films scheduled for 2026 and 2027: ‘Kang Dynasty’ and ‘Secret Wars.’ However, recent controversies surrounding Jonathan Majors and the lackluster performance of recent releases might have Marvel reconsidering its game plan. There have been persistent rumors in the past weeks that ‘Kang Dynasty’ might not happen at all.

‘Quantumania’ was meant to introduce Kang the Conqueror or the Council of Kangs as the new Avengers villain. Unfortunately, the movie didn’t receive a warm welcome and turned out to be a box-office flop. Fan dissatisfaction, partly directed at Majors’ performance, grew even more when he was arrested a week after the movie premiered for an alleged physical attack on his romantic partner.

The situation escalated as both sides clashed, and despite initial claims of Majors’ innocence, some of his past colleagues warned the public about his alleged behavior. Marvel Studios found themselves in a tight spot— their new star, intended to be the face of the franchise, was entangled in a high-profile abuse case, and rumors of recasting Majors gained momentum.

Yet, no official announcement or action has been taken so far. Surprisingly, Majors continued to appear as He Who Remains/Victor Timely in the second season of ‘Loki,’ which remains the studio’s standout release this year.


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A few days back, we got wind of some major issues plaguing ‘Kang Dynasty’ due to Destin Daniel Cretton’s exit from the project. Strong rumors have been circulating, suggesting that the entire project might be on the verge of cancellation. However, Jeff Sneider stepped in to shed some light on the situation, asserting that two movies are still in the works. The uncertainty lies in whether they will retain the ‘Kang Dynasty’ title or if ‘Secret Wars’ might be split into two separate films.

Sneider also mentions that the studio is aiming for a single director to helm both movies, with a nod toward the possibility of Matt Shakman taking the reins after completing his upcoming ‘Fantastic Four’ reboot.

Yesterday, we delved into rumors suggesting that Dr. Doom is in the casting process, with Mads Mikkelsen reportedly in talks for the role. There’s a potential twist, though—Doom might make an appearance in ‘Secret Wars,’ but not as the primary antagonist. The first villain slot is still reserved for Kang the Conqueror, as Marvel Studios seems committed to keeping him as a central figure, especially with the recent release of projects tied to the Multiverse premise.

While the idea of Doom as a secondary villain seems a bit perplexing, some argue that it might be more straightforward to recast Jonathan Majors entirely. Regardless, it’s a certainty that ‘Kang Dynasty’ is in for some significant changes compared to its original concept. With a plethora of rumors swirling around, where there’s smoke, there’s likely fire.

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