The Young Avengers Project Is Reportedly Still in the Works, Despite ‘The Marvels’ Not Meeting Expectations


‘The Marvels’ seems to be Marvel Studios’ latest box-office disappointment. The film set an unflattering record with a global opening of $110 million, marking the lowest debut in the MCU to date. Several factors contributed to its underwhelming performance. The reception was largely mixed, with critics having polarizing views on whether the movie was good or not. Many fans attribute this to superhero fatigue and a perceived decline in the writing quality compared to the MCU’s golden days.

Despite its struggles, the 33rd MCU movie played a significant role in shaping the future of the franchise. Monica Rambeau’s storyline hints at Earth-838, the Universe Scarlet Witch also visited and caused chaos. The introduction of Beast opens the door for the integration of X-Men into the MCU, along with the potential for Maria Rambeau’s Binary.

Furthermore, Kamala Khan is shown recruiting young individuals with superpowers, signaling the formation of a new team—the Young Avengers. Despite ‘The Marvels’ facing challenges, it appears to have laid the groundwork for exciting developments in the MCU.


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After the movie dropped, there’s been buzz suggesting that the Young Avengers might not be a Disney+ series as initially thought, but instead, they could be hitting the big screen. As of now, we’ve got the official word on three Young Avengers—Kamala Khan, Cassie Lang, and Kate Bishop—with a few more potential team members yet to be revealed.

Regardless, Alex Perez chimed in on X, indicating that the project is probably still moving forward, even in the wake of the less-than-stellar performance of ‘The Marvels.’

Fans didn’t hesitate to point out that Marvel Studios appears to be sticking to their guns in certain areas, zeroing in on characters that aren’t particularly captivating or were poorly integrated into the MCU. Recently, there’s been a resurgence of a rumor suggesting the development of ‘Eternals 2’ with Madden reprising the role of Ikaris. This follows another film with less-than-impressive results, yet despite the overall lukewarm reception, it looks like the sequel is still in the works.

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