Meliodas vs. Escanor: Who Would Win & Why?

Meliodas vs Escanor: Who Would Win?

In retrospect, The Seven Deadly sins were an intriguing anime series with way too much fanservice, in all honesty. The plot was somewhat thrilling and the characters were interesting, but we’re not sure that it’ll go down in history as one of the best anime ever. Be that as it may, the fights in The Seven Deadly Sins were really great and in this article, we have decided to analyze two characters from the franchise – its protagonist, Meliodas, and Escanor, one of Meliodas’ most trusted friends and allies. You’re going to find out who’d win in a fight.

Escanor managed to defeat Meliodas when the two of them fought in the series, but that wasn’t really Meliodas at his full power, and it had the plot function of saving Meliodas from becoming a villain, so it only made sense for Escanor to have won. Objectively, Meliodas would be able to defeat Escanor, but not without having to give it his all.

The rest of this article will further elaborate on the above-given answer, as we are going to compare Meliodas and Escanor in more detail. We are going to tell you a bit about the two characters, as well as their skills, feats, and abilities. In the end, we are going to give you a final verdict on why we think that Meliodas would ultimately be able to defeat Escanor.

General overview

Meliodas has great aptitudes for physical combat, as he has managed to defeat several Holy Knights using only his hands. Meliodas is an immensely powerful individual, he has shown his physical strength through his ability to crush steel using his bare hands or affect the surrounding terrain just by flailing his foot against the ground to create large accidents.

His great agility has allowed him to evade attacks from Holy Knights with relative ease, and likewise quickly counterattack his opponents with great fluidity in his movements. One of his greatest traits in combat is his ability to withstand any kind of damage he takes, be it physical or magical. In several of his encounters, he has managed to withstand cuts, high-caliber physical impacts, and special attacks from opponents such as the Holy Knights, who are known to be the strongest in the kingdom of Britannia.

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During the day, Escanor’s strength increases exponentially, surpassing even his own captain, which is shown by his increased muscle mass and definition, being able to easily lift his Divine Ax Rhitta with one arm, even when someone from an incredible force like Meliodas could only drag along the ground, tiring himself as he does so.

The strength and speed of his attacks is such that he was able to defeat Estarossa’s Full Counter, one of the most powerful members of the Ten Commandments. During the night hours, Escanor’s strength plummets, becoming skinny, very weak, and frail. He even loses confidence, displaying a definite humility as opposed to arrogance.

During the night, Escanor’s strength depletes, but his speed is still impressive, he is able to run extraordinarily fast away from powerful opponents to prevent himself from getting hurt, even when he is not at his full potential, his increased speed allows him to be a fast and difficult opponent to defeat.

In this aspect, Escanor’s powers vary. During the day, he would beat Meliodas to a pulp without any problems; during the night, he could run away from him for a while. Because of this discrepancy, we have decided to split the points in this category.

Points: Meliodas 1, Escanor 1


Meliodas’ primary ability allows him to reflect only received attacks that use magic and multiply their power, but it has the serious problem that it requires a direct attack to work, so techniques that deal damage with secondary effects such as bomb explosions are effective against the. As explained by Gowther, Meliodas can retain all the powers or attacks he receives to finally release all the damage acquired but with double the power.

When using this technique against Hendrickson, according to Gowther, the probability that Hendrickson would survive was less than 0.2%. According to what appears in the movie, in the battle against the Supreme Deity, Meliodas knows an attack that envelops his sword with dark rays, capable of damaging the very goddess of goddesses.

Escanor is capable of emitting a dangerous amount of light to slowly burn and banish his enemy, along with anything around him immediately. At his command, Escanor is capable of emitting an extremely large amount of said light to eradicate his enemies as demonstrated in his fight against Izraf, who, due to Escanor’s incredible power, came to think that it was the Purgatory Fire of the Clan of the Demons.

Along with Izraf’s eradication, the castle and the entire Kingdom of Edinburgh was warped and twisted into an unrecognizable state. Merlin even declared that this was the source of all life. Escanor concentrates his energy creating a sun-like sphere, which radiates heat so powerful that he is capable of melting even the toughest of armor. Escanor blasts Cruel Sun into a shockwave of fire incinerating everything around him, like he did Lake Penace and Estarossa.

This is a category where we, once again, had trouble defining the winner. Namely, Meliodas’ powers are amazing and he is, nominally, more powerful than Escanor in this aspect, but Escanor has proven himself to be a tough nut to crack, which is why we decided to split the points here as well.

Points: Meliodas 2, Escanor 2


Meliodas used this sword while he was the leader of the Ten Commandments and during the Holy War three thousand years ago. The sword was at least twice the size of Meliodas. It was destroyed during Meliodas and Goddess Elizabeth’s losing battle against the Demon King and the Supreme Deity.

Meliodas always carried with him a broken sword with a dragon-shaped handle, few details are known of how he obtained this sword or its real powers, it is only known that after the destruction of the Kingdom of Danafor, he found it near him and decided to protect her even if it costs her life, knowing that she is part of the Coffin of Eternal Darkness.

When wielded by Meliodas, it has enough destructive power to cause Ban such a serious wound that not even his regeneration power could save him completely (this is due to the use of black flames on it). This weapon has shown the ability to create a huge ethereal creature that resembles the shape of a translucent dragon, which can only be seen by whoever receives its attack.

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Escanor possessed a spear which was briefly shown ten years ago before the Seven Deadly Sins were blamed for the murder of the Great Holy Knight Zaratras. It didn’t seem to be very heavy compared to his Sacred Treasure. He can later be seen with an ax.

In terms of regular weapons, Meliodas definitely wins this one. Escanor’s spear was powerful, but not powerful enough to counter Meliodas’ weapons in any way, which is why Meliodas wins this one.

Points: Meliodas 3, Escanor 2

Power Level

We are going to do this section a bit differently than usual, since we have some precise numbers to work with:


We have compared the official numbers for Meliodas and Escanor in their most powerful forms. As expected, Meliodas is way more powerful than Escanor, and that is why he wins the points here.

Points: Meliodas 4, Escanor 2

Meliodas vs. Escanor: Who would win?

We could, actually, give you a proper analysis of the things we have written above but that wouldn’t really do the trick when compared with what we have decided to go with. Namely, as Meliodas and Escanor have, indeed, fought in the manga and the anime, we thought that it would be better for us to just tell you about the clash and then explain what we need to later.

When Meliodas emerges from the Antan no Mayu, Escanor summons his sacred treasure, Rhitta, and asks Merlin to lock them in a perfect cube. Escanor hits Meliodas with Rhitta, which blocks Meliodas with Lostvayne. Escanor then punches him several times, only for Meliodas to jump up and knee him in the face.

Meliodas tries to slit his throat, but Escanor pushes him away with his gun. Meliodas then pressures Lostvayne by constantly spinning, pushing Escanor back against the cube wall. Escanor then charges at Meliodas, but Meliodas stabs him in the stomach. Escanor then grabs Melioda’s head, only to be greeted by Hellblaze wielding Melioda’s sword.

After falling unconscious for a while, Escanor gets up and begins to grow in size under the effect of Sunshine, healing the damage he took from it before. Hawk calculated his power at 114,000. Meliodas, surprised by Escanor’s sudden transformation, is hit with Super Slash by the latter. However, this does not affect Meliodas, who hits Escanor squarely in the chest with a single punch, knocking him to his knees.

Meliodas puts his foot on Escanor’s head and taunts him for being too weak. Suddenly, Escanor leaps up and attacks Meliodas several times with his ax, which Meliodas knocks everyone back. When Meliodas finally stops the ax with his hand, Escanor uses Cruel Sun, but Meliodas mirrors it with Full Counter. Escanor manages to dodge the reflected attack, which then explodes into the Perfect Cube.

As Escanor searches for Meliodas amid dust and fire, Lostvayne flies straight at him. Escanor blocks it with Rhitta while Meliodas hits Escanor’s hand with his kneecap, knocking Escanor’s ax down. Meliodas takes the opportunity to open Escanor’s stomach but is stopped when the blade digs into Escanor’s flesh. Escanor picks up Lostvayne and flips him casually, then punches Meliodas in the face.

Meliodas returns the punch to Escanor’s face, bouncing him around the Perfect Cube and knocking him out again. Meliodas praises Escanor and names him an awesome human being. As Meliodas retrieves his sword, noon finally arrives, allowing Escanor to reach the peak of his power and transform into “The One.”

Meliodas surrounds himself with darkness and hits Escanor several times with Kami Chigiri, but Escanor is unharmed. Undeterred, Meliodas turns and attacks Escanor again. Escanor uses Seiken Escanor and, using only his bare hand, inflicts a large gash on Meliodas’ chest, nearly splitting him in two. Badly damaged, Meliodas gets up and insults Escanor but quickly falls unconscious. Escanor is triumphant and leaves for Camelot with the Sins.

And while Escanor did win against Meliodas, as we have described, we still think – and the points agree with us, that Meliodas is stronger. When the two of them fought, Meliodas was not at full capacity and Escanor was. Since Escanor is the only character who dared stand up to Meliodas, it made sense that he defeated Meliodas at this point.

Also, there is another aspect – it was a plot evolution and the plot demanded Meliodas be defeated at the time. It was a tough time for Meliodas at that very moment and in all honesty, what would have happened had Escanor lost? Meliodas would degenerate completely and we would have no plot. This is why Escanor actually had to defeat Meliodas, although that fight doesn’t reflect the objective balance of power between these two personas. Meliodas is the stronger one and he would defeat Escanor in a real fight.

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