Meliodas vs. Naruto: Who Would Win & Why?

Melodias vs Naruto: Who Would Win?

Meliodas from The Seven Deadly Sins anime and Naruto Uzumaki from the Naruto franchise. These two blonde protagonists are both extremely formidable, skillful, and likable. The chances are that they would never fight against each other if they met, but if that ever happened for whatever reason imaginable let’s see who wins in an all-out Meliodas vs. Naruto.

Meliodas would win in a fight against Naruto, but only barely. Both of them are great fighters and they would be a match for each other in terms of physical strength and stamina, but Meliodas possesses enough supernatural abilities to outpace Naruto’s shinobi skills, which is why he would ultimately defeat Naruto in a fight.

Now that you know the answer, let us see what we have in store in the three sections we have written. The first two sections are going to bring you an overview of the two characters respectively, where we are also going to compare their powers. Finally, we’re going to bring you a detailed analysis of the two characters so we can explain our answer.

Meliodas and his powers

The head of the Seven Deadly Sins, Meliodas represents the sin of Wrath. He has the physical appearance of a little boy, but in reality, he is a demon of thousands of years, son of the King of the Demon Clan and once head of the Ten Commandments. He was cursed with immortality for betraying his father, which is why his main motivation is to find a way to break his curse and live alongside his beloved Elizabeth.


Powers and weapons

He has superhuman strength and at first he never wielded real weapons to avoid killing someone. In the first part of the manga, his weapon is a broken blade whose hilt is actually one of the keys to breaking the seal of the prison of demons that three thousand years earlier were sealed by the goddesses and the other four clans.

Magical abilities

His main magic attack is called “Full Couner” with which, by receiving a large amount of magic attack, he is able to reflect it and redirect it to his opponents in battle. The more powerful the attack or if Meliodas absorbs the impact and contains it long enough, his attack can increase hundreds of times than the original.

To be able to carry it out, Meliodas can use any type of inanimate object for his task, such as a wooden stick, a spoon or even a hilt of a broken sword.


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Naruto and his powers

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Initially, Naruto is portrayed as a very deficient student in the ninja arts, who spends his time inventing useless erotic techniques such as the Erotic Technique and later that of the Harem.


He is especially suited to close combat, also due to his predisposition for the Wind-type chakra, but he also possesses long-range techniques. In battle, he mainly uses ninjutsu and taijutsu and has also shown considerable skill in the use of ninja tools, especially in tandem with Sasuke.

After Jiraiya’s death, he decides to follow the teachings of the hermit toad Fukasaku and thus learns to use the Hermitic Mode, a skill that not even the legendary ninja and the Fourth Hokage were able to perfectly control.

Shinobi skills

After studying the parchment of the First Hokage, in which the forbidden techniques of the village are noted, however, Naruto learns the superior technique of the multiplication of the body, which becomes a sort of his trademark given the versatility with which he will be able to use it.

From this moment Naruto manages to improve enormously thanks to his unlimited desire to learn and train under the tutelage of Kakashi and above all of Jiraiya, who teaches him various skills (such as exploiting the Fox chakra up to the third tail while maintaining his personality. and to improve the concentration of energy) and two techniques that will prove to be fundamental for him.

Special techniques

The first is the Recall Technique, with which he becomes able to evoke toads that support him in fights and in the use of some techniques, Naruto is also a skilled Rasengan user, of which he will create numerous variants.

Naruto can boast an impressive chakra reserve, at least four times that of Kakashi (considering also the Fox chakra it would be over a hundred times that of the copying ninja), and an equally remarkable physical resistance, also increased by the Fox.


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Meliodas vs Naruto Uzumaki: Who would win?

This brief analysis has shown us two things. One, in terms of pure physical powers, Naruto and Meliodas are roughly on the same level and if the two were to engage in a purely physical form of combat, Naruto might even be able to best Meliodas. Their skills and abilities in this category are mostly identical, with Naruto certainly having more experience in the field.

On the other hand, where Meliodas’ supernatural and demonic powers kick in, Naruto doesn’t really have anything to counter with. Sure, he has some amazing shinobi techniques up his sleeve and controls Nine-Tails, but Meliodas is the son of the Demon King; he has also been consistently portrayed as ridiculously overpowered, which certainly doesn’t help Naruto’s case.

This was a very close call, but we honestly think that Meliodas would, ultimately, be able to defeat Naruto. Namely, while Naruto could match Meliodas in a physical fight – he could even match his incredible speed – Meliodas’ supernatural powers would make the difference here, especially since they make Meliodas seem overpowered at times.

Sure, Naruto is a great shinobi and he is extremely powerful, but in comparison to Meliodas ‘demonic skills and abilities, there is very little he could do to win the fight.

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