Metagross Pokémon: Best Nature Guide

metagross best natures

There are so many amazing Pokémon that players and fans can choose from, and Metagross is definitely a classic favorite for many. But, choosing the best setup can be tricky, and many players wonder which Natures are best for this Pokémon as a result.

Metagross is generally best suited with the Jolly Nature, but it can do really well with the Adamant Nature as well, depending on the role you need this Pokémon to fill. Metagross’s earlier evolution phases, Beldum and Metang, would be best paired with the Adamant Nature since this Pokémon is primarily used as a Physical Sweeper in all phases.

Although getting a solid Nature setup for Metgross can feel perplexing at first, the entire process can be far simpler with the right approaches. Stick around to find out about Metagross, which Natures are best for this Pokémon, as well as about the Natures that are most suitable for earlier evolution phases.

Metagross Pokémon

The Metagross Pokémon falls under the Iron Leg category, with the Clear Body and Light Metal abilities. This Pokémon is pretty tough, well-known for its ability to knock opponents off their feet with raw strength and attack power, and it is considered to be within the RU Tier.

Metagross can be described as follows, according to Pokemon:

“Because the magnetic powers of these Pokémon get stronger in freezing temperatures, Metagross living on snowy mountains are full of energy.”

Metagross is quite a solid and tanky Pokémon, with some reasonably high attack and defense stats, as seen below:

metagross stats

Although Metagross can lack in terms of speed, this shortcoming can definitely be aided by which Nature you choose later down the line. This Pokémon is classified under the Steel/ Psychic Type. Its weaknesses include:

  • Fire
  • Ghost
  • Dark
  • Ground

What Type of Attacker Is Metagross?

Metagross is considered to be a Physical attacker, topped off with some natural bulk that makes it a great Weakness Policy Sweeper and Physical Sweeper in almost all instances. This Pokémon is a really powerful physical sweeper, primarily why most players choose to place it in this role, and it is possibly the best bet when going up against Fairy types thanks to some strong STAB moves and hefty attack stats.

Metagross Evolution: Best Natures

Metagross goes through a range of evolution stages before finally becoming Metagross. This Pokémon starts off as Beldum, after which it transforms into Metang and finally evolves into Metagross.

metagross evolution

A Pokémon’s Nature will allow you to dictate which of your Pokémon’s stats grow faster than others. As a result, it should ideally focus on the stats that work well with the specific Pokémon, but it should also consider how you intend to use the Pokémon in gameplay.

The best Nature for you will all depend on what stats you are investing your EV’s into, although there are a few options that generally would not work well for Metagross at any stage. These would include Natures such as Modest, Timid, or Calm – and, quite possibly Relaxed as well, depending on whether you’re playing offense or defense.


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Choosing the right Natures for this Pokémon in each of its evolution stages can be tricky, but there are some great options until you can finally set up the Natures for Metagross. Below are the best Natures you can give to this Pokémon before and after it reaches the final Metagross evolution phase.

What Is The Best Nature for Beldum?

Adamant is considered the most solid Nature choice for Beldum, especially if you are using the Oran Berry and Life Orb items as well. But, this all depends on how you are playing this Pokémon. Although it is rare, other Natures can still be useful in some scenarios.

What Is a Good Nature for Metang?

Adamant is considered the most solid Nature choice for Metang, prepping this Pokémon for evolution to Metagross. But, again, this all depends on how you are playing this Pokémon. Other Natures can still be useful in some scenarios, such as:


If your team needs Metang to take special attacks, an EV spread of 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpD with a Careful nature can be used. This setup will allow Metang to take hits from tough Pokémon more effectively. Although, this is rare, and would require a certain setup and move set to be effective.


The Impish Nature can be useful in cases where your Metang needs to be more of a tank than it already is. This Nature will increase Defense while lowering SpA, allowing it to hold a more physically defensive role. Although, this would likely demand a specific move set and the use of Eviolite as well.

Is The Jolly Nature Good for Metagross?

Jolly is an amazing Nature option for Metagross, as 176 Speed EVs with a Jolly nature will allow Metagross to outspeed almost everything – up to a maximum base of 100 Speed Pokemon. But, the Adamant Nature can also prove to be quite useful as well, depending on numerous circumstances.

Jolly Nature+ SPD
Adamant Nature+ ATK

Jolly is ideal and is definitely the most common choice for many players using Metagross since it increases this Pokémon’s speed, and Metagross’s attack power is already significantly higher than most. Adamant can be a pretty solid option as well if you want to increase attack power even further.


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Choosing to run the Adamant Nature setup is generally the best choice until you can hit the ideal Jolly nature setup with Metagross – since this Pokémon is generally used primarily as a Physical Sweeper. Players could then continue using the same Nature setup or switch to other Natures, such as Hasty, for varied use once they obtain Mega Metagross.

Since Metagross is a physical attacker that lands solid blows in all evolution phases, Adamant is generally the best option all around until you can switch to Jolly once you reach Metagross. But, choosing the best Nature for you will always come down to which stats you invest in and how you use Metagross on your team.

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