MHA: Do Natsuo and Fuyumi Todoroki Have Quirks?

natsuo and fuyumi

The Todoroki family is one of the focus points of the entire My Hero Academia storyline because of how it involves the current number 1 hero, Endeavor, and his relationship with two important characters in Shoto Todoroki and Dabi. While we know that Shoto and Dabi are Endeavor’s sons, we also know that he has other children in Natsuo and Fuyumi who never became heroes. So, do Natsuo and Fuyumi have Quirks?

Both Natsuo and Fuyumi have Quirks. However, due to the nature of their Quirks, they were not fit to become Endeavor’s successor as they weren’t raised to be heroes. Based on their hair and on the fact that Endeavor didn’t try to raise them to be heroes, we can assume that they have ice Quirks.

Neither Natsuo nor Fuyumi has a Quirk named in the My Hero Academia storyline, despite the fact that we know they have Quirks of their own. That means that the series never bothered to show us their Quirks because they chose life paths that didn’t require the use of their Quirks. So, with that said, let’s get to know more about Natsuo and Fuyumi’s Quirks.

Do Natsuo And Fuyumi Have Quirks?

When the Shoto Todoroki and Endeavor were introduced in My Hero Academia, we already had an idea that they would be incredibly important to the storyline and the events. That’s because Endeavor aimed to be the top hero in the world. Meanwhile, Shoto was introduced as one of the three most important members of Class 1A, along with Izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugo.

When Midoriya and Bakugo started working for Endeavor’s hero agency, that was when they were able to meet the other Todoroki siblings as well, as that was when we got to see both Fuyumi, the eldest sister, and Natsuo, who is Shoto’s older brother. And during the Paranormal Liberation War arc, we learned that Dabi, who was believed to have died in the past, was actually Toya Todoroki, the eldest of the Todoroki siblings.

todoroki family

After the Paranormal Liberation War arc, we saw the entire Todoroki family (except Dabi, for good reasons) in Endeavor’s hospital room to talk to the pro hero about what he needed to do to make up for what Dabi had been doing. We also met Rei, the mother of the Todoroki siblings. And that was when we learned more about the past of the entire Todoroki family.

Endeavor married Rei due to her ice Quirk, which he thought could help him produce a worthy heir that could eventually surpass All Might. That was when Toya was born with a flame Quirk that was hotter than Endeavor’s own Quirk. Meanwhile, Fuyumi was conceived to foster sibling rivalry and make Toya stronger.


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But when Endeavor learned that Toya had Rei’s body and was more resistant to ice than he was to heat, he deemed his eldest son a failure. That was when he and Rei started having more children. The first that came after Fuyumi was Natsuo. Meanwhile, Shoto, the youngest sibling, was conceived with the perfect Quirk that mixed the Quirks of both of his parents.

So, while we do know that Dabi has a Blue Flame Quirk and Shoto has Half-Hot, and Half-Cold, we haven’t seen Natsuo and Fuyumi in action. So, do Natsuo and Fuyumi have Quirks of their own as well?

Even though we haven’t seen Natsuo and Fuyumi in action, they actually have Quirks of their own. Then again, there’s a good reason why they haven’t shown their Quirks in My Hero Academia, unlike Shoto and Dabi.

Despite being the biggest of the Todoroki siblings, Natsuo chose a different path in life and was a college student when he was first introduced. On the other hand, Fuyumi, who was conceived to foster sibling rivalry with Toya, ended up becoming a school teacher. As such, neither Natsuo nor Fuyumi chose a life that required the use of their Quirks, and that’s why they haven’t been using their Quirks.

What Are The Quirks Of Natsuo And Fuyumi?

As mentioned, we haven’t seen either Natsuo or Fuyumi using their Quirks to full effect in My Hero Academia. That’s because they didn’t choose to be heroes or villains in Toya’s case. So, what are the Quirks of Natsuo and Fuyumi?

Due to the fact that they don’t have lives that require them to use their Quirks, the Quirks of both Natsuo and Fuyumi are yet to be named. But there is a good indication that either or both of them have ice-based Quirks that they inherited from their mother.


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The first trait that gives that away is the fact that they both have hair that’s predominantly white. Rei’s white hair symbolizes the Himura family’s affinity with ice and cold. Of course, while Fuyumi has red spots on her hair, her hair is predominantly white. Meanwhile, Natsuo has his father’s build and appearance but also white hair.

Todoroki siblings playing in Shoto27s flashback

It is important to note that this white hair made Endeavor realize that there was something wrong with Toya’s body. Although he inherited his father’s Quirk, Toya inherited his mother’s body. As such, while Toya started his life with red hair, his hair eventually turned white when it became apparent that he was more resistant to cold than heat. Meanwhile, half of Shoto’s hair is white, while the other half is red, which symbolizes his affinity with heat and cold.

So, the fact that both Natsuo and Fuyumi have hairs that have been white since birth suggests that they have Quirks that are ice-based. Of course, the fact that Endeavor never actually tried to look at them as worthy of being his successor suggests that they inherited their mother’s Quirk instead of his. That is why, as far as his quest to produce a worthy heir is concerned, Endeavor thought of Natsuo and Fuyumi as failures.

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