Is Stain Dead in My Hero Academia? What Happened to Him?

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During the early part of My Hero Academia, we met a character that was crucial to the development of the storyline and the way the villains functioned in the world monitored closely by the heroes. We are talking about Stain, who was incredibly important to the development of Deku and the other main characters in the series as he allowed people to see the world differently. So, is Stain dead in My Hero Academia, and what happened to him?

Stain is alive in My Hero Academia after he escaped Tartarus together with the other villains that were imprisoned there. He was responsible for providing All Might information regarding the escapees of Tartarus. After that, he disappeared and quite possibly continued his life as a Hero Killer/Vigilante.

The story of Hero Killer: Stain is one of the most interesting narratives in My Hero Academia as this is a character with a complex history and a personality that can be somewhat different from the usual black-and-white way of seeing things. Of course, because he never liked heroes and villains alike, he remained neutral after escaping his prison in Tartarus.

Is Stain Dead?

One of the most popular villains in the storyline of My Hero Academia is Stain. That’s because he is more of an anti-hero than a villain. And this is due in large part to the different way that he sees the world and how he has ideals that aren’t necessarily black or white.

In My Hero Academia, a lot of villains are villains because they see the world in a different way and want to change it to suit the way they see it. Most of those villains are simply evil enough to want to control the world and establish a new world order without the idealistic heroes that work hard to save people from danger. Nevertheless, Stain was always different.


During his youth, Stain worked hard to become a pro hero after he was inspired by All Might. However, in school, he quickly saw just how different the world of pro heroes was because a lot of his classmates wanted to be heroes for selfish purposes and goals. He became disillusioned by the world of heroes, and that was when he decided to drop out to work as a vigilante that wanted to send a message to the world.


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Eventually, his message did not reach the ears that he wanted to reach, as heroes came after him due to his vigilante actions. That was when he became the notorious villain called Hero Killer: Stain, who was responsible for killing 17 pro heroes and severely injuring others beyond the point of recovery of 23 other heroes. He became the most legendary villain during the time of All Might but never saw him as a villain due to the fact that he never worked together with the other villains as he saw his actions as a way to expose how messed up hero society was.

After Stain stumbled across the students of Class 1-A, he displayed his prowess as a villain but managed to lose to the combined powers of the top students of Class 1-A, Izuku Midoriya and Shoto Todoroki included. 

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However, Stain wasn’t killed. Instead, he was imprisoned in Tartarus, together with all of the other powerful villains that needed to be monitored closely. In that regard, even after he was defeated, he was still alive in Tartarus. But his message had already reached a lot of villains, who were inspired to work hard to bring down hero society due to the hypocrisy of a lot of the pro heroes.

What Happened To Stain In My Hero Academia?

During the entire time that followed after Stain was defeated by the combined powers of Class 1-A, he stayed in Tartarus as a prisoner. However, after the Paranormal Liberation War arc, All For One ordered his Near High-End Nomus to break him out of his Tartarus prison. Of course, the Nomus succeeded in breaking him out, as all of the other prisoners of Tartarus used the commotion to escape. Stain was one of them.

While he was making his way out of Tartarus, Stain saw a prison guard holding on to a box so tightly that he wasn’t willing to let go of it. The guard told Stain that he wasn’t willing to let go of it because of how important it was for him to bring the box to an important person that could remedy the situation. Stain took it from the guard and saw that it contained a disk with information regarding the security records of Tartarus.


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The guard demanded Stain to give it back but the Hero Killer assured him that he will be the one to deliver it to the person that needs to see it—All Might. As the prison was crumbling, the guard asked if Stain was still a beast or a man. To that end, Stain said that he was still a beast but is an ally to what the world should be because he had no love for All For One and the type of world that the villain wanted to create.

As such, instead of rallying around All For One, Stain escaped on his own and never joined forces with the other villains that escaped Tartarus. After he escaped, he realized what had happed to the world after he was incarcerated, as he realized that this was not the world that he envisioned.

A month later, he met All Might and berated him for being a shell of his former self. Of course, All Might responded in agreement to the Hero Killer as he said that he is no longer able to do anything while the world is now in shambles. However, Stain brought All Might to a statue of the Symbol of Peace.

There was a girl cleaning the statue, which had been vandalized by villains and people who no longer believe in heroes. Stain told All Might that this girl had been cleaning the statue every day because she still believed in All Might and that she was the last person that he saved. That was when Stain told him that the things he did as a hero were never because he was strong but because he had the heart and conviction to help people and act as the true hero that inspired Stain and a lot of other people that wanted to become heroes.

Stain gave All Might the disc that contained information regarding the escapees of Tartarus. He left the premises but not before telling All Might to come after him someday when he is ready to him to finally fix society. As such, Stain is still alive in the storyline but is yet to reappear even in the manga. There is a good chance that he returned to his old ways as a Hero Killer or a vigilante as he is still waiting for All Might or a new symbol of peace to bring him down in the future.

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