Minecraft: Can Stone, Wood, and Leather Be Made Into Armor?

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Armor is and always will be an essential part of any Minecraft world. It holds true for all the game’s difficulties but especially hardcore, where every mob does much more damage to you. At the beginning of every world, it would seem that a full set of armor is just unreachable, but what if you could make armor out of easy-to-find and mine resources? Thus, can stone, wood, and leather be made into armor in Minecraft?

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  • Out of the three available, you can only turn leather into armor, whereas wood and stone can’t be turned into armor.
  • You can pick up leather from killing cows, mooshrooms, donkeys, horses, mules, llamas, and trader llamas. To craft a full armor set, you’ll need 24 pieces of leather.

What armor can you make in Minecraft?

Leather – Leather is the first and weakest armor you can craft in Minecraft, provided you get enough leather pieces. It’s useful the first few days of starting a new world, but once you mine your first raw iron, you should quickly transition to iron armor. Leather armor is the most customizable of the five armor types available because you can dye leather.

To dye your armor in Java Edition, you only need to place your armor of choice and dye it in the crafting grid, while in Bedrock, you’ll have to use a cauldron to dye it.

Gold – In terms of durability, gold armor is the second on the list. Still, because you’ll have to go caving to acquire both iron and gold to craft your full armor set, it’s better to stick with the iron since gold armor has around 30 more durability than leather armor across all armor items. Iron has an average of 170 more durability than leather armor. Gold armor will only be useful for entering the Nether and dealing with piglins since they won’t attack you if you’re wearing one piece of gold armor.


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Iron – Iron is likely the first armor worth your while in Minecraft. As previously stated, iron is more durable than leather and gold combined. As it’s easy to obtain with the newer updates and easy to make a farm for, iron is definitely the way to go.

Armor types

Diamond – Diamond armor has significantly increased durability across all pieces of armor you can craft with it compared to iron. For example, an iron helmet has 163 durability, while a diamond one has 363 durability. Your diamond helmet will last two times longer than your iron helmet.

Netherite – Netherite and Diamond armor don’t defer significantly in durability, but netherite armor has the advantage of not taking fire or lava damage. This doesn’t mean that you won’t take fire damage; it just means that your armor won’t lose durability if you ever find yourself in a lava pool.

Turtle helmet and chainmail armor – Turtle helmets can be crafted but don’t act as armor; their main use is for extended air when going underwater. Chainmail iron has the same stats as iron armor, but it wasn’t mentioned because you can’t craft it. You’ll have to get lucky and pick it up on trades or by zombies or skeletons dropping the item (which is extremely rare).

Why can’t you make armor out of stone and wood?

My best guess for why you can’t make armor out of wood and stone is that both wood and stone are resources you can find anywhere or at least almost anywhere. They’re both too bountiful of a source for you to be able to make it into armor. If we’re talking about the real world, stone armor is just incredibly ineffective because it’s bulky, hard to manipulate into shape, and isn’t all that resistant. In contrast, wood would need to be incredibly thick to fight off attacks made from metal weapons.

What is the rarest Minecraft armor?

Surprisingly so, Netherite armor isn’t the answer when it comes to answering this question; it’s chainmail. For reasons I’ve already stated above, chainmail armor can’t be crafted and can only be found as a treasured item or mob loot. It’s not incredibly effective either so if you make your way to a full set of chainmail armor in Minecraft, keep it on display somewhere.


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Wood and stone armor mods

Modding is incredible, and Minecraft is one of its greatest ”victims”. You can experience an entirely new game with mods, and if you’re hung up on not being able to have wood and stone armor in your game, it’s easy to fix with a mod. Here are some of the mods you can use to get the ability to craft these armors

  1. Wooden Armors by Exline – The creator of this mod says that these armors are not particularly strong but can be made very early in the game, which makes them useful. You can make the wood variant out of any wooden plank, while the stone version needs to be made from stone. You also can’t mix wooden planks to create the wooden variant, and the stone variant has a knockback resistance of 1.
  2. Wooden armor mod – What’s interesting about this mod is that every wood variant you make the armor from has a different texture than the previous one. This can make for some cool armor designs. It also allows you to have any stone armor. In this version, the stone armor is almost as strong as iron but slightly weaker.

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