Minecraft: Here’s How Long It Takes for a Pumpkin To Grow

how fast do pumpkins grow

Pumpkins in Minecraft have a variety of uses. They can be used to craft helmets and create golems, but the thing is, they are relatively hard to come by compared to other crops in the game, and they require different conditions to grow successfully. Let’s start this guide with some general information and see how long does it take for a pumpkin to grow in Minecraft?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Pumpkin takes between 10 and 30 minutes to grow, depending on your luck.
  • You can use bonemeal to speed up the growth of pumpkins for stem only; it will not work for the pumpkin itself. 

How to grow pumpkins in Minecraft? 

In some aspects, growing pumpkins in Minecraft is easier than growing other crops, and some aspects make it tougher. To grow pumpkins successfully, you should follow these steps: 

  1. Prepare your land accordingly; make sure you plant your pumpkin seeds on tilled farmland and leave the adjacent block empty for a pumpkin to grow when the stem reaches maturity. 
  2. Pumpkins don’t require hydration like most other crops, but it might speed up their growth. 
  3. You can use bone meal to advance the growth stages of your pumpkin stems, but it will sadly not work on the pumpkin itself. Once your stems have developed fully, all you can do is wait. 
pumpkins growth stages
Various growth stages of pumpkins

If you don’t have pumpkin seeds at hand, you can always create some at the crafting table. One pumpkin will yield 4 pumpkin seeds. Harvesting pumpkins without destroying the stem will yield more pumpkins in the future. 


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Are pumpkins in Minecraft rarer than diamonds?

Yes, pumpkins are technically rarer than diamonds in Minecraft. Pumpkins can be found growing naturally in almost every biome, all they really need to grow are grass blocks and those are terribly common but, they need to be clear for pumpkins to grow. Some biomes also generate relatively few empty grass blocks, such as stony or sandy biomes or grassy biomes. In such conditions, there is only a 1⁄32 chance that the pumpkin patch will generate, and that’s why pumpkins are rarer than diamonds. 

What can you do with a pumpkin in Minecraft?

You can wear a carved pumpkin as a helmet. They can be used to create iron and snow golems as well. When Halloween comes around, carved pumpkins can be combined with a single torch to create a jack-o-lantern. Last but not least, pumpkins can be used to create a pumpkin pie. 

To get a carved pumpkin, use the shears on it while it’s on the ground, and then simply harvest the pumpkin as usual. 

crafting with pumpkins
Crafting with pumpkins

When it comes to trading, apprentice-level villagers will trade one emerald for six pumpkins.

And that’s about it when it comes to farming pumpkins, remember while water is not necessary to grow pumpkins, it can speed up the growing process. You can’t use bonemeal to speed up the last few growth stages of a pumpkin, but you can use it to speed up the growth of the stem itself.

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