Minecraft: Here’s How To Grow Nether Trees in the Overworld

Minecraft Heres How to Grow Nether Trees in the Overworld

Nether Trees are likely the most beautiful and unique wood blocks you can find in Minecraft (personal opinion) but they can be risky to obtain. Even without involving the risk, it’s hard having to go into the Nether every time, and risk getting killed by a mob while trying to get to these forests, so what if you could move the Nether Trees into the Overworld? Can you grow them there?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • You can easily grow Nether Trees in The Overworld, but you’ll need to acquire a few things first.
  • You’ll need Nylium, the equivalent of grass in The Nether, Warped or Crimson Fungus, the nether equivalent of Saplings, Netherrack, and bonemeal.
  • You’ll need to bonemeal the Netherrack while having at least one block of Nylium placed next to it, and then bonemeal the Warped Fungus.

How to grow Nether Trees: Step by step

Although Nether Trees Look Best in the Nether, fitting into the whole hell vibe The Nether has going on, it doesn’t mean they can’t look great in The Overworld. Of course, you’d have to make an incredibly large Warped Tree and Crimson Forest to make them not look out of place, but it would be worth the effort.

Warped Tree planks are my favorite type of wood, so I have built with them for months. Of course, the first question that popped into my mind was how I could make the trees grow in The Nether; the next question was whether I could grow them in the Overworld. The first question is answered with Warped Fungus and Crimson Fungus. They are to The Nether Trees what saplings are to The Overworld trees.

Now that this has been resolved, three things are involved in making a Crimson or Warped Tree. In the case of Warped Trees, it’s Warped Nylium Netherrack and Warped Fungus, whereas, in the case of Crimson Trees, it’s crimson Nylium, Netherrack, and Warped Fungus. Now, follow these steps to grow Nether Trees in The Overworld.

  1. Go into the Nether and locate a Crimson or Warped Forest. While you’re at it, make sure to mine out some Netherrack,
  2. Mine the Netherrack, taking as much as you need, and what will be the final size of your Forest.
  3. Once you’ve located a Warped or Crimson Forest, mine the Crimson Nylium or Warped Nylium. You can only mine these blocks using the Silk Touch enchantment.
  4. You only need one of each if you have a lot of bonemeal on hand. If not, it would be best to mine out more.
  5. Gather a few Warped or Crimson Fungus if you want results immediately. If not, bonemealing will generate both.
  6. Once you’re back in the Overworld, make a Netherrack platform, making sure to place either Crimson Nylium or Warped Nylium in between the Netherrack. The Netherrack should cover all sides of the Nylium.
  7. Then, take your bonemeal and start bonemealing the Nylium. This will make it spread like wildfire.
  8. Along the way, fungi will pop up along with other vegetation of a Crimson and Warped Forest. Once you see them, bonemeal them as well.
  9. It may take a few tries, but a tree should pop up.


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Which is better: Crimson Trees or Warped Trees?

There’s virtually no difference between Crimson and Warped Trees. The only real difference is their color. Crimson Trees have a crimson color, with their plank variation having a purple color, whereas Warped Trees feature a dark cyan color. Other than the fact that these trees look nothing like the different variations of trees featured in Minecraft, you also benefit from the fact that these trees are fire-resistant.

If lava would ever get in touch with them or perhaps thunder would hit them, they would not burn like regular trees. They are insurance that your base will stay the way it is for a long time. They also have a blast resistance but to nearly enough as they should.

Nether Tree farms: Automation

It is well known that you can automate a tree farm to produce tons of wood. Still, the problem is that these automatic farms only rely on the generation of samplings in The Overworld to work, so how would you approach making an automatic Nether Tree farm in the Overworld? There is a solution, but you will need a lot of materials to make it work.

The farm uses the fact that these trees are not blast-resistant well, and you’ll be spending a lot of TNT when using the farm. Crimulus made the farm, and you can check out the video for complete instructions on how to make it. Crimulus didn’t make a block-by-block tutorial, though, so if you want to check that tutorial out, Shulkercraft made a block-by-block tutorial using the farm design. Crimulus did leave a link to the world download and schematic.

How to acquire Warped Nylium and Crimson Nylium?

As I mentioned before, the easiest way to get Warped or Crimson Nylium is to mine them with a Silk Touch pickaxe. If you try and mine them with anything without the enchantment, they won’t drop as blocks. Since acquiring enchanted tools and weapons is not the top of the priority list for some, how can you still acquire these blocks?

The answer lies in Endermen. Endermen are likely the only mob you’ll run into in these forests. They’re considered one of the safest places in The Nether, and sure, you might run into a hogglin, but they are afraid of Warped and Crimson Fungus. Once you find an Enderman, it should hold the block in its hands. Then it’s just a matter of killing them.


To do it safely, making a platform three blocks above the ground is best. Then, you should look at the Enderman carrying the block and prepare to run. Get under the platform and start attacking it with a weapon. When the Enderman dies, it’ll drop the block as an item, and you’ve got yourself Nylium.


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How to acquire Warped and Crimson Fungus?

Occasionally you may find that Crimson Fungus generates on Warped Nylium and vice versa, but that’s not something you see every day. Besides, you could grow a Warped Tree in Crimson Nylium if you wanted to and vice versa. The best thing to do with these is to break them and save them for later.

Warped and Crimson Fungus can be generated by bonemealing Nylium. Think of them like flowers. If you can’t bonemeal a block anymore, it’s best to clear out the area of any other vegetation you might find in these forests and try again. Of course, you could go out into the forest and pick them up, but bonemeal is the fastest way.

There are numerous ways to acquire that much bonemeal, but the best way is to find a skeleton spawner in a cave and make a skeleton farm. Apart from bones, you’ll acquire to make bonemeal, you’ll also get a ton of arrows and XP, so it’s definitely worth your while, and they are very easy to make.

Dealing with Nether Warts

An unfortunate byproduct of growing Nether trees is the Nether Wart blocks that come with them. They’re the Nether equivalent of leaves but much worse. There are a lot of them, and they aren’t as easy to remove. The fastest way to remove them using tools is to use a Hoe, but even then, you’re going to spend more time removing them than you will be farming Warped and Crimson Stems.

Another important thing to say is that these trees can grow tall, and Nether Wart blocs grow with them, so if you’re in a survival world, you’ll likely need something like scaffolding to clear it all quickly.

Growing more than just Nether Trees

Another byproduct, but a less unfortunate one, of growing these trees is Shroomlights. Although their texture isn’t thrilling, they can be a cute source of light, especially if you leave them all when clearing out the Nether Wart blocks and the stems from the trees. It’ll create a lovely little scenery.

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