Minecraft Enderman: Origin, Spawning, Taming, Defense, And More

Minecraft Enderman: Origin, Spawning, Taming, Defense, And More

Endermans are the neutral mobs in Minecraft that are passive towards everyone except Endermites. Endermans have unique powers that nobody else in Minecraft possesses. They can pick up a block unlike the rest of the creatures and move them to places.

Endermans can teleport and spawn in all three worlds within Minecraft. Although a passive mob, they strike when aggravated. Not only that they can also step on higher blocks without jumping. They can spawn on any solid surface with light level 7 and less and with three blocks of free space.

Enderman Origin

Enderman originates in all three worlds within Minecraft that have a light level of 7 and less.

They don’t need a lot of places to spawn. If there is room for three blocks and solid ground, it can easily spawn in that place.

They are also found in the Overworld in two-member groups. Enderman is common in all of the places and is one of the most fascinating mobs in Minecraft.

They will originate commonly in warp forests, but will also originate rarely in places like Nether waste and souls and valleys.

In the End Dimension, they’ll originate in groups of 4.

If you’re traveling in these places in Minecraft then you can easily spawn these unique mobs.

How Does Enderman Originate?

Minecraft Enderman: Origin, Spawning, Taming, Defense, And More

In the distant past (or not so distant past, since time is not as fixed in the End as we may think) there was a planet orbiting just barely outside of our own universe. Even Legend does not know the name of this world, but we now call it The End. 

Master builders known as the Endermen lived among these beings. It is believed that these beings held a society entirely based on building. The things you built determine the quality of your life, from the tallest statues to the best sculptures. Enderman did not seek to wage war with each other but settled their differences by constructing incredible structures.

There was no Enderman who did not have the spirit of an artist and a mind that could build. They built structures that reached the stars, doubling and doubling until they covered the entire planet with structures. Due to the lack of space to build, the Endermen began to fight amongst themselves.

Eventually, the End’s population fell to nearly half of its original size. Young and headstrong Enderman, upon seeing the horrors of this war, took matters into his own hands and began destroying the magnificent structures across the planet. 

One of their own had destroyed these great monuments, and so the other Endermen retaliate with violence. When they were at the top of the tallest tower, so many angry Endermen piled into the structure that it fell. In the aftermath of the crash, the impact awoke a being from the planet’s core.

Consequently, the End was shattered by the release of its energy. Its inhabitants, left to face the monster, had been scattered in all directions, some went into far space and some had been destroyed. 

The largest chunk remained in place, but its inhabitants were destroyed completely.

Enderman was enslaved on the biggest fragment of the planet by the Ender Dragon, which destroyed the End and destroyed the End altogether. 

Unless they were willing to resist, no Enderman was able to resist the Dragon. The ship flies above the remains of the End, commanding its slaves to conquer in its name in other dimensions. 

Despite trying to leave the dimension it resides in, the Ender Dragon seems unable to do so and must rely on Endermen to conquer other worlds. Since its motivation and purpose are unclear, it is unclear why it wants to conquer.

Modern-day Endermen are slaves of the Ender Dragon and have lost their free will and sanity. The builder’s instincts sometimes show through as they stack blocks, but it is believed that they are too far gone to be saved. Their minds and bodies have been warped by the Dragon, which has enhanced their height and revoked their ability to use intelligent speech.

Only killing is their expertise, but they cannot combat what they cannot see. Only their eyes see in an off-kilter spectrum that reveals the properties of their surroundings. Looking into another being’s eyes makes them appear to the Endermen, perhaps Souls are visible in the spectrum, or maybe all creatures except for the eyes are like dirt to the Endermen.

A few Endermen who were on the smaller pieces of the End at the time of its implosion avoided the Dragon’s control and so retained their original states. They can quickly learn new languages, build complex constructs, teleport short distances, and remove material from the ground without tools.

Additionally, they possess better dexterity and are much shorter than their Slave counterparts. It is rare that they occur in any dimension and none of them are hostile toward those who aren’t hostile to them.

How to spawn Enderman in Minecraft?

Minecraft Enderman: Origin, Spawning, Taming, Defense, And More

Enderman spawns in Minecraft by themselves. There is no other way to get them and players can’t control the spawning of these creatures in Minecraft.

What is more important is that the Enderman, although spawn in all of the three worlds, are not common in all places within that world.

They are most common in warped forests and places with solid blocks and dim light levels of 7 or below.

They spawn in groups of 2 in every other world except Overworld. in Overworld, they are found in hauntings (groups) of 4.

If you’re looking to find them, it’s probably smart enough to find them in places with dark light.

Enderman is easy to find all over Minecraft as they spawn in all of the worlds. However, They are quite a dangerous mob as they have the tricks and tips to deceive the player and therefore it can cause damage that’s difficult to recuperate.

The danger of losing health points against Enderman is high as it is quite aggressive if aggravated.

One must be careful to understand the process of taming them so as not to get these powerful mobs in the wrong feeling about themselves.

Where To Find The Enderman In Minecraft?

To find Enderman, move to the places they are regularly found in or create one such place yourself to attract them.

Search for them in places with 64 block visibility in every direction, and in flat grounds, you can do it far away.

If you want to build a platform to look out for Enderman, it should be 11 X 11 blocks, and 20 blocks in height.

Make sure the place is safe for lookout (Drink Potion of Slow Fall).

The Enderman Building is three blocks high, so as long as you’re in a safe area, you can’t be reached. Basically, you go to a pool with a roof two blocks high. In addition, you’ll place some extra blocks so that they don’t fall off when you attack them

Water, fire, lava, splash bottles, and rain can all harm Endermen. In a cauldron filled with water, they are not damaged. In response to damage from natural sources, Endermen teleport away until they find a dry area. location. Teleportation is also possible for those suffering from suffocation, poison, or wither.

The motive of finding any animal/mob in Minecraft is to tame them. Without taming these amazing creatures, you cannot take advantage of their powers and that’ll be a huge miss in your adventure in Minecraft.

The purpose of creating such amazing mobs in Minecraft is to help the player make his journey more exciting and fun. Minecraft allows all of the mobs to be useful in some way for players who are smart enough to take advantage of them.

With Enderman the taming is fun but dangerous. If you are not clever enough to keep these mobs fixed on yourself, you’ll suffer the injury they can cause you by attacking you in the process.

Enderman is passive but they love to stay alone and not get disturbed by anybody. If they feel they’re under threat of any kind of danger that may lead to a frictional situation between them and the player.

And their attack is destructive as mentioned earlier.

So, let’s understand how to tame an Enderman in Minecraft.

Can You Tame An Enderman?

Minecraft Enderman: Origin, Spawning, Taming, Defense, And More

Taming an Enderman is no easy task. You need to be careful when to go near it and when to stay away.

Enderman is not an easy mob to tame and it can harm you in the process of capturing it.

However, the best thing about these creatures is that they spawn in all the worlds in Minecraft, which means finding them is not so hard. But the taming process can be arduous and tiresome.

Although a difficult mob to tame, there is a trick to domesticate them.

Approach Enderman from the front and stare at them. When you keep your gaze on them, they won’t be able to attack you and will remain fixed. Though this may annoy them, and annoying means an invitation to attack.

But until your gaze is fixed on them and you can smartly put your tag on them. you’re safe to proceed. After you have tamed them successfully, they’ll follow you anywhere and that’ll be easy for you.

Agility is the most important process in capturing the attention of Enderman. You need to be fast and quick and should be able to perform quick moves in order to fluff his attacks.

This is part of the process for taming the Enderman and one that you’ve to be skilled at.

Because it has teleportation ability, taming the Enderman is quite fun. Minecraft allows the taming of many creatures that are impossible to even imagine in real-world like Dragon and other sorts and that is quite a fun part of this game.

They can teleport to places if they feel threatened while a player goes near them. They’ll usually teleport to a block behind the player if there’s a space behind.

They can also try to attack this way, capable of hurting the player a lot.

Is The Enderman Dangerous?

Enderman is quite a dangerous mob in Minecraft as they have the ability to teleport that they can use to close the distance with the player while attacking. They are also immune to projectile attacks. Minecraft is hard-coded not to hit them through projectile attacks.

But that’s not all.

They also spawn in groups of 4-5 which means they can attack in groups and can cause more damage than the player can handle before succumbing to death.

When fighting these creatures, hit them in the legs to prevent them from teleportation.

It’ll be quite useful for players to fight with them if they can’t use their teleportation power as they can beat the player by changing the gap between them while attacking.

A player who engages an Enderman with a weapon in his hand will turn the mob hostile. Normally, Enderman appears at night, rarely during the day, teleports short distances, fears rain, and can transport blocks to another location.


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It attacks from behind the player always, opening its mouth, trembling, and making howling sounds. In addition to teleporting before an arrow strikes him, Enderman can not be killed by a bow.

A player can look at the Enderman and not be afraid of an attack if he wears a pumpkin on his head. In battles with Enderman, this can be used to prevent him from entering a room if it is lower than three blocks in height. Death leaves Enderman’s pearls behind.

Enderman is quite hostile if enraged and that can lead to difficult circumstances for the player.

Once the Enderman gets in the back of the player, it can take away much of what a player can use to save him. With his trembling voice and a super loud roar, it attacks ferociously and is super difficult to control.

Once you’re near him with a weapon in hand or stare at him and remove your gaze, it is going to check you out with an attack.

If a player looks them in the eye or attacks them first, Minecraft Enderman is neutral. As they roam the world, they teleport randomly and often carry blocks. Purple particles trail behind them as they teleport.

A hostile Enderman opens its mouth and begins wailing and screaming while running and teleporting toward the player. A person can only escape an Enderman by running very fast, entering a body of water, or going out into the sun.

It is important to learn how to defend against these dangerous mobs.

How To Defend Against Enderman?

Minecraft Enderman: Origin, Spawning, Taming, Defense, And More

There are many ways to defend against Enderman if they attack. Enderman dies if they come in contact with water. So if an Enderman attacks you, you can keep it away by going into a water body nearby.

This will prevent them from chasing you. Enderman can teleport so you cannot run faster than them as they’ll easily catch anybody because of their teleportation powers.

However, despite being so strong and loaded with so many amazing capabilities, they have some small limitations in the game that can be used against them. These fantastic strategies will help you defend against the odd enemies and will aid you in case you get to the wrong side of any Enderman’s patience.

One of these amazing strategies is to get inside a block that has space less than 3 blocks high.

Enderman can’t spawn in places less than three blocks high and that prevents them from going into spaces that are of this small construct. This is quite an effective way to keep them away as they can’t teleport to places that small preventing them from entering such places and hence attacking you.


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But the question is how can you find such a small place in Minecraft?

And the answer to that is by digging a two-block deep hole in the ground. A tunnel that’s only 2 blocks deep meaning less than 3 blocks high will be easy to keep these mobs away.

Another way to keep the Enderman away from you is getting them somehow stuck in a cobweb. Once caught in Cobweb, they won’t be able to come out of it hence the player can run away from them.

Wearing a carved pumpkin is another way to prevent Enderman from getting triggered. Carved pumpkins when worn on the head keep them calm and prevent them from aggressive behaviors.

Are Endermen Good Or Bad?

This can be a tricky question because if the intention is to fight with them then that’s quite a foolishness. Once it catches you staring, it gets angry and that can be harmful to you if there are no water bodies around or you haven’t got the chance to dig a 2 block tunnel.

But they’re passive if not disturbed or gazed with bad intentions. 

You can only try to stay away from them. If necessary just close both the sockets when passing around them. Better late than sorry. From my perspective, they can be both good and bad, but that totally depends on your way of behavior. However, it’s better to stay away so as to prevent any encounter that can cause harm.

How Long Does Enderman Stay Mad?

Enderman can stay mad until either the player or the Enderman die. They are quite an aggressive mob that tends to forget what peace is about. They stay mad at people even if there is a chance of them getting killed in the game.

But some of the players reported that they get peaceful after 90-120 seconds of no fight.

Suppose if Enderman attacks you and you get in a water body for 120 seconds then it’ll become peaceful and stop attacking. Places less than 3 blocks high can also do this trick and that can prevent any Enderman to attain peace again.

Why Does Endermen Hate Being Looked At?

There is not an exact answer to this, but there are many theories about it. 

Enderman hates being looked at because they have low self-esteem and anybody staring at them makes them feel insecure. They came from the End world and these creatures are vile and ugly that makes them suspicious if someone stares at them constantly. 

Many gamers believe that wearing pumpkins makes the player look funny and thus Enderman doesn’t attack players that look less attractive than them. Enderman is also believed to be a shy creature. 

They only come to places to get things and then move away. If they think someone is looking at them and can be harmful they get furious and start chasing and attacking them. So, it’s better to keep your head down while around these mobs and move without letting them know that you’ve seen them.

What Are Endermen Scared Of?

Water is dangerous for them as they can’t survive in water. When water touches Endermen, it becomes passive again but will still take damage. If you’re being chased by an Enderman, this is a great method to deal with it. Along with water, they are also scared of cobwebs, as they struggle to get out of them once they get stuck.

Why do Endermen hate water in Minecraft?

They’re believed to have been formed in the Nether when water seeped down from the “World Above” into the lava and formed a living obsidian shell with lava inside. Now they have wandered into the world, and the water cools their lava insides, killing them.

How Do You Befriend An Enderman?

An Enderman cannot befriend you since it cannot be tamed, but it can be named and put in a minecart that you can store inside your base. But you MUST be very careful because if you look at it, it will become angry and try to kill you.

Why Does The Enderman Scream?

Enderman screams when they get in attack mode. They are quite an aggressive mob and screaming terrifies their enemies. It’s a great way to terrify the opponents before attacking them. 

This will increase the chance of players getting confused when under attack and Enderman can gain sufficient advantage over their enemy. 

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