Minecraft: How Long Does It Take for Sugar Cane To Grow? (& How To Grow It Faster?)

how fast does sugarcane grows in minecraft

Sugar cane is among the most valuable plants in Minecraft. It can be used to craft rockets and a variety of paper-based items such as bookshelves, books, and maps. In order to farm this naturally occurring plant most efficiently, we need to know how long does it take until our farm becomes profitable. Let’s see how long it takes for sugar cane to grow in Minecraft. 

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Sugar cane takes, on average, 18 minutes to grow per block.
  • That means if you’ve started on a single block of sugarcane, on average, 36 minutes will pass until it has reached its maximum height (3 blocks). 

How to grow sugar cane in Minecraft? 

Sugar cane is a naturally occurring plant that can be found near water. Most often, it can be found in swamp and desert biomes. When it is generated naturally, sugar cane can be any number of blocks tall, but it grows to be only 3 blocks high. In order for sugar cane to grow, several conditions need to be met. 

  1. Sugar cane can only be planted on the following blocks: dirt, moss, grass, podzol, mycelium, sand, red sand, and mud
  2. Your sugar cane plant needs to be planted on the block adjacent to the water, waterlogged block, or frosted ice. 
Naturally occuring sugar cane
Naturally occurring sugar cane

Sugar cane is different from most plants when it comes to light since it doesn’t require light to grow. It can grow overnight and in complete darkness as long as the player is around. One thing that sugar cane absolutely needs is water; you cannot plant sugar cane on a block that is not directly adjacent to water. Once your sugar cane is left without its source of water (you remove the water block) it will uproot during the next block update (Java edition) or immediately (Bedrock edition).


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fully grown sugar cane
Sugar cane can only grow as high as three blocks

Can you make sugar cane grow faster in Minecraft?

There are several ways to make your sugar cane grow faster, but unfortunately, they only work on the Minecraft Bedrock edition. 

  1. You can make your sugar cane grow faster by utilizing so-called “zero-ticking” which means that you need to remove the adjacent water block and replace it in the same game tick. Zero-ticking is unviable in Minecraft Java edition since version 1.16 and only works in Bedrock edition 
  2. You can speed up the growth of sugar cane by using bonemeal. This is however only possible in Bedrock edition as well, if you use bone meal on a sugar cane it can grow to three blocks instantly. 
sugar cane farm
Small sugar cane farm

Remember, while sugar doesn’t need light to grow, like, for example, wheat or trees, water is absolutely essential. Lack of adjacent water block will not only slow down the growth of your sugar cane it will uproot the plant completely. If you’re playing Minecraft bedrock edition, utilize zero-ticking and bonemeal to maximize the yields of your sugar cane farm. 

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