Minecraft: How To Get Off a Horse? (PC, Xbox, PS, Mobile, Switch & Wii)

minecraft horse

Minecraft flaunts a vast selection of amazing creatures, including both passive and aggressive mobs – plus a few that are somewhere in between. Horses are quite possibly the most essential mobs for many Minecraft players, but dismounting them can be quite tricky, leaving plenty of players wondering how to get off a horse in Minecraft on different platforms.

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  • Players can generally get off their horse in Minecraft by pressing the “sneak/ crouch” key, although this key may differ depending on your chosen gaming platform and Minecraft edition.
  • Typically, players can dismount their horses by pressing the “Left Shift Key” on desktops, “RS” on controllers or gamepads, and the “Middle Joystick” button on mobile.

Horses in Minecraft

Minecraft features 7 primary horse types for players to tame and mount. When it comes to how much land there is to cover, horses are the real MVPs since players can explore the overworld far more quickly and smoothly than when exploring on foot.

minecraft horses

While some horse types are far rarer compared to others, each horse in Minecraft will come in 1 of 5 different colored markings or patterns, which ultimately amounts to more than 30 potential horse coat designs. The main use for horses in Minecraft is that players can use horses to cover some really expansive distances in short timeframes.

They are passive and common Minecraft mobs, making them quite easy to find and befriend in the game. They can generally be found in Plain biomes surrounded by large empty fields and lush green grass, Savanna biomes adorned by tall Acacia trees, as well as stables that can be found throughout different Minecraft villages. Plus, they are really quick on their feet when compared to other Minecraft mobs as well.

Mounting & dismounting horses

Plenty of players love using horses to get around while exploring Minecraft’s various terrains and regions, but it isn’t so simple to mount them. Players would have to start off by taming the horse so that it trusts the player and sees them as a companion, after which players will be able to place a saddle on their horse and ride it.


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Taming a horse is pretty straightforward, but it can take some time and effort to get it right since they can continuously try to buck players off their backs throughout the process – after which you’ll need to chase them down and continue trying to tame them. But using a lead can really help the taming process, especially if you keep it ready in your Hotbar.

Saddles are not exactly essential for riding a horse in Minecraft since you can technically ride a horse without a saddle. But saddles do have some pretty nifty advantages to players using horses in Minecraft, such as the freedom of full control over your horse’s movement, direction, and speed during travel.

How to get off a Horse in Minecraft?

Mounting them can be pretty simple after the horse trusts the player (often indicated by hearts popping up), and riding them can be an absolute blast. But, it can get tricky once you’ve finished the adventures with your Minecraft steed and simply want to dismount. Below is everything you need to know to get off a horse in Minecraft on different platforms.

horse mount

Typically, all players would need to do to get off their horse in Minecraft is tap the “sneak” button as seen below, also known as the crouch button, depending on preference and situation, since this key also serves as a means to dismount in Minecraft.

horse dismount

However, the specific key that you’ll need to press might differ depending on your preferred platform. Below are the Minecraft “sneak” keys for different platforms:

Minecraft Edition/ Platform“Sneak/ Crouch” Key
Minecraft Java Edition PC/ MacLeft Shift Key
Minecraft Xbox 360/ Xbox OneController Right Stick (RS)
Minecraft PlayStationController Right Stick (RS)
Minecraft Pocket Edition MobileMiddle Joystick Button
Minecraft Nintendo SwitchController Right Stick (RS)
Minecraft Wii UGamepad Right Stick (RS)
Minecraft Windows 10 EditionLeft Shift Key
Minecraft Education EditionLeft Shift Key

All you’ll need to do to get off your steed is tap the relevant “sneak” key for your chosen platform. This same key will work for any type of dismounting in Minecraft, including mine carts, pigs, striders, and others in the game. Be sure to keep your horses in a safe and comfy place, enclosed by fences and gates to keep Minecraft villagers out of their pens – in addition to dangerous mobs that roam at night!

Issues when dismounting a horse

Although the process for getting off a horse in Minecraft is simple in theory, quite a few players can end up experiencing some really confusing and random problems. Such issues include players falling through the horse instead of jumping off beside it after dismounting.


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In some cases, the player’s horse may seem to simply vanish out of existence – which would be the most unfortunate scenario. Players who have experienced this issue have stated that their horse usually reappears after reloading the world, or they end up being sent to a different area – unscathed but definitely inconvenient to recover.

That being said, in most situations, minor issues could be due to finicky bugs and errors in Minecraft, the most common of which has been detailed below:

minecraft horse bug

Thankfully, it seems that the bug was primarily seen only in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, and the bug described above has been reportedly resolved by Mojang. Although, some players might still experience similar bugs when dismounting, and reporting these bugs to the developers is always encouraged.

Although getting stuck on your horse in Minecraft can feel incredibly perplexing and frustrating, all it takes is knowing the right keys and being aware of potential bugs – in the event that you do experience them. Hopefully, with this quick and simple guide, you’ll be back to exploring Minecraft’s overworld, collecting resources, and taking down multiple Minecraft mobs on foot.

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