Minecraft: Here’s How To Keep Villagers Out of Your House

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Villagers can be super helpful to many Minecraft players, especially when you’re using villagers for trading, but having them enter your survival base out of nowhere can be pretty annoying. Villagers are infamous for wandering in when they aren’t exactly welcome, and many players still wonder how to keep villagers out of their houses in Minecraft.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Minecraft players can keep villagers out of their homes by using fence gates, trap doors, and iron/ higher-quality doors, topped with buttons, levers, or Redstone contraptions for added security.
  • Villagers can open wooden doors (and iron doors in rare cases) and can interact with wooden or stone pressure plates.

What entrances can villagers use?

Villagers are not the brightest mobs in Minecraft, and they have fairly simple AIs that allow them to use only specific entrances or exits in the game. This is quite important when creating places for villagers to stay, as well as for creating a comfortable Minecraft home that will naturally keep them out.

There are very few entrances that villagers can use in Minecraft, and these would not be the best choices for your Minecraft home as a result. Below are the entrances that villagers can use in Minecraft:

  • Doors: Wooden Doors only (this includes all wood types from different biomes), but they can open Iron Doors in some cases, particularly when using Minecraft mods.
  • Pressure Plates: Villagers can interact with certain pressure plates (along with numerous other mobs), specifically wooden and stone pressure plates.

However, villagers and other mobs cannot use any type of gate or more complex mechanisms in the game, such as buttons or levers. They also cannot interact with any contraptions and mechanisms that have been made using Redstone.

How to keep villagers out of your house

Villagers are nifty mobs in Minecraft, being passive as well as eager to start taking on jobs that will aid players through trading. They are generally quite happy in their villages, provided that they have enough space, a solid bed, and everything else that they need to stay happy.

But they can wander off in some cases. According to the Minecraft Wiki, a villager taken more than 32 blocks away from its village boundary forgets the village within about 6 seconds. They can end up entering your Minecraft base in search of a comfortable place to spend the night – understandable since tons of aggressive mobs come out when the sun goes down.

However, villagers are infamous for getting way too comfortable far too quickly. Villagers may not cause too much trouble once they get inside – apart from potentially claiming your bed! If they’re not actively trying to get in your way, their odd murmuring noises can be unsettling – and they may even be able to lock you out of your house in some cases. Plus, it’s really hard to get them out once they are settled.


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With all that being said, keeping nosy and curious villagers out of your Minecraft home can still be surprisingly simple with the right methods. All it takes is using some specific materials for the entrances around your base, placing them strategically, and topping them off with buttons, levers, or Redstone mechanisms. Below are the best methods for keeping villagers out of your Minecraft home:

Use iron doors (or higher quality material)

Iron doors cannot typically be opened by villagers in Minecraft unless the player is using a mod that can change this or if the door is modified with wooden or stone pressure plates that villagers can trigger. However, for added measure, players could also opt for a door material that is higher than iron – just in case.

Buttons & levers

Villagers cannot interact with buttons even if they are made out of lower-quality materials like wood or stone, and they cannot use levers in the game either. Placing these around doors to activate them can be a great extra level of security, as long as the door is not made out of wood – since villagers will be able to enter without using the button or lever.

Redstone Piston Doors

Redstone Piston Doors are definitely more challenging and will take more time, but they are really cool and can add an interesting spin to a classic Minecraft home entrance. In this case, the rest of your structure and design will need to be considered, and these doors will need to be controlled by buttons or levers with some Redstone contraptions, but they are a solid option for keeping villagers and other mobs out.

Trap doors instead of doors

If you’ve opted for a Minecraft base that has tons of underground space, then using trap doors might be the perfect solution. Trap doors can be used as entrances going down, and will definitely help you out since villagers cannot interact with trap doors.

Fence gates instead of doors

Gates may be slightly awkward to maneuver when compared to doors, but using fence gates is the most reliable way to keep villagers out of your home – not to mention protecting your valuables from aggressive mobs! They do not take many resources to craft and can be made with lower-quality materials without losing functionality, making them the most practical and convenient method for keeping villagers out.

Inverted doors

If you do not have access to higher-tiered resources and materials just yet and don’t like the idea of using gates or trap doors, there may be another way you could keep villagers out of your space (temporarily). According to some Minecraft fans, placing your doors in an inverted way can be enough to deter them – not technically, but it ends up confusing them enough to discourage them.

The door should be open when you place it down, indicating it’s been placed down in an inverted way. Still, unless you really want to have doors and cannot craft iron or higher quality doors just yet, using wooden fence gates instead of doors and trap doors would still be the more reliable option.


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Villagers, as loveable and valuable as they are in Minecraft, can become an annoyance once they get inside your Minecraft home. Thankfully, with these simple methods, you can make sure your Minecraft home is only accessible by yourself and other players in the game.

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