Minecraft: Here’s How To Get a Skeleton Dog

skeleton dog

Minecraft has a variety of creatures roaming its worlds. Some creatures are friendly, some not so much. Some creatures can even serve as your followers. One such creature is a wolf, which can be tamed to take on the role of a dog. Fans are constantly looking for ways to get interesting animal companions, and one such animal companion is DanTDM’s pet, Grim. Grim is a skeleton dog and of course, a lot of players are looking for ways to get their hands on their own skeleton dogs as well. So, let’s see how to get a Skeleton Dog in Minecraft. 

  • Article Breakdown:
  • You can get Skeleton Dogs in Minecraft by downloading and installing resource packs.
  • Skeleton dogs are not available as a part of the vanilla unmodded game, hence why we need to install the resource pack.
  • The resource pack will not change anything in-game except to give a new visual skeletal appearance to the already existing wolf.

Is there a skeleton dog in Minecraft?

No, skeleton dogs are not part of Minecraft. Mostly when we’re discussing skeleton dogs we’re referencing DanTDM’s pet, Grim. Grim is not part of a vanilla game, he is a product of a resource pack that puts skeletal dog texture over an existing wolf. The process of installing the resource pack is not difficult at all, and you don’t need anything extra except for the resource pack itself.  


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The only “skeleton” version of an animal that can be “tamed” in Minecraft is the skeleton horse. You can tame a skeleton horse by killing the skeleton that is riding it. When you have eliminated the skeleton, you can ride the skeleton freely, and it’s considered “tamed.” Please keep in mind that you need a saddle to ride the skeleton horse, just like for a regular horse. Skeleton horses are cool since, due to not being alive, withers will not attack them. 

How to install a skeleton dog resource pack in Minecraft?

We’re going to give you both shortened and in-depth versions of the installation process. The short version is as follows

  1. Download the resource pack called Grim Skeleton Dog, it can be found on this link.
  2. Extract it to your resource packs Minecraft folder 
  3. Launch the game and activate the resource pack 
  4. Test your new resource pack in-game
Skeleton dog installing


The long version, if you have never installed resource packs, goes like this:

  1. First, you’re going to need the resource pack itself. There are numerous cosmetic packs out there, but we’ve found one that works on newer versions of Minecraft as well. You can download it from this link.
  2. Once you’ve downloaded the resource pack you’re going to notice its actually an archive so make sure you have some kind of program to extract it with (like 7zip for example).
  3. Extract the file to your resource packs folder in Minecraft. It should be fairly easy to find if you click on your Minecraft shortcut and go to the “open file location” option. For me, the install path looks like this “C:\Users\PCNAME\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\resourcepacks” 
  4. Once you’ve extracted the contents of the zip file in the resource packs folder, launch the game and navigate to the “options” screen. 
  5. Once you’re in options, go to resource packs and select the “Grim Skeleton Dog” resource pack. 
  6. To test our new skeleton dog go into the creative mod and spawn a wolf. 
  7. Once you’ve spawned the wolf don’t worry if it looks just like a normal wolf we haven’t tamed it yet. Feed the wolf with a bone just like you would do while taming the regular dog.
  8. Once you’ve fed bone to a wolf it should transform into a skeletal version of the dog. You can recognize it by the red collar

And of course, if you like visual guides as well check out this video that provided me with the best resource pack for skeleton dogs. 

How do you tame a skeleton wolf/skeleton dog in Minecraft?

You tame a skeleton wolf in the same way you would tame a normal wolf. Approach the wolf by giving it a bone. If it is your first time taming a wolf a notification with the achievement should appear and your “dog” now has a red collar. The same goes for the skeleton version as well, red collar should appear that marks that specific skeleton wolf as yours. 


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And that’s pretty much it. You can use resource packs to modify almost anything in Minecraft and the same goes for animals as well. We hope you have fun with your new skeleton dog as he accompanies you on your adventures!

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