Minecraft: Where To Find Cobblestone? (& How To Get It Without the Pickaxe)

mining cobblestone

No matter the building project you are undertaking in Minecraft, the fact is, you’re going to need a lot of cobblestones. Sometimes, when you have the least inventory space, cobblestones will drop like crazy; sometimes, it’s nowhere to be found. Whether you are a Minecraft newbie or a seasoned veteran, brushing up on the basics is always nice. In today’s article, we’re going to cover spots in which you can find Cobblestone and whether it is possible to mine it without a pickaxe. Let us see where to find cobblestone in Minecraft and how to get it without a pickaxe. 

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Cobblestone can be found naturally occurring in dungeons, jungle temples, pillager outposts, underwater ruins, and several other spots.
  • Cobblestone also drops while breaking apart stone blocks without Silk Touch Enchantment.
  • The only way to mine for cobblestone without using the pickaxe is with TNT. 

Cobblestone: basic Minecraft building block 

Cobblestone is one of the basic building blocks in Minecraft. It has great properties, meaning that it is relatively blast-resistant, non-flammable, and can’t catch fire from the lava. It’s also incredibly easy to find and mine with appropriate tools. That makes it the perfect starting block for building things. Cobblestone is also a renewable resource in the game, without using glitches.

Cobblestone – as seen in Minecraft

Where to find cobblestone in Minecraft?

Cobblestone is a naturally occurring block but can be generated as well. When it comes to natural generation, you can find cobblestone in most naturally occurring landmarks such as dungeons, jungle temples, underwater ruins, strongholds, pillager outposts, plains villages, taiga villages, snowy tundra villages as well as woodland mansions. 

Cobblestone villagers
Naturally occurring cobblestone in villages

Cobblestone can be mined during stone mining as well. Mining stone without the silk touch enchantment produces cobblestone. 

Cobblestone is also created while mixing flowing lava and water. Prerequisites for this process to be successful are that the water flows on lava from above and that lava flows. Non-flowing lava will create obsidian. And lava flowing above water will create the stone. 


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How to mine cobblestone? 

We’ve already mentioned that cobblestone drops when you mine stone, cobblestone can be mined as well, but you will need a pickaxe first. Not only is punching cobblestone with your bare hands an incredibly slow process, but it’s also inefficient as well since it will yield nothing. The block will disappear without dropping anything. 

Cobblestone has a hardness level of 2, which means it’s not that hard compared to some other blocks like, for example, obsidian. Cobblestone can be mined with a simple wooden pickaxe but it will take the most amount of time. Golden Pickaxe takes the least amount to mine cobblestone, 0.25 seconds to break apart a single block. With netherite pickaxe being a close second, taking only 0.35 seconds to break apart a single block.

Can you get cobblestone without a pickaxe? 

You can get cobblestone without a pickaxe using TNT. You can’t mine cobblestone by breaking it apart without a pickaxe, we’ve already covered that part it takes a long time and yields nothing. But blowing up both stone and cobblestone with TNT yields cobblestone. In fact, this tactic is used for creating several types of cobblestone generators in-game.

Why can’t I collect cobblestone in Minecraft?

There could be several issues at hand here. First, if you physically have trouble collecting cobblestones, it is most likely your inventory is full or your game simply glitched. 

Second, if cobblestone does not drop for you at all, it means that you’re mining it using the wrong approach. You’re most likely trying to mine cobblestone using your bare hands, and it’s not going to work. 

Second, if silk touch enchantment is on your tool, mining stone will not yield cobblestone; it will yield stone. 

How to create a simple cobblestone generator?

We’ve already covered that you can get cobblestone naturally while mixing flowing lava and water. It’s a great way to create a cobblestone farm in a way. We’re going to cover the process of creating a simple cobblestone generator that yields a single block of cobblestone. It’s not much, but it’s reliable. Make sure you have a source of lava and water nearby so you can gather all the supplies. When you have a bucket of water and lava on you, we can begin.

  1. Dig two holes right next to each other. One hole should be one block deep, and the other hole should be two blocks deep in order to simulate the flow that we need for our cobblestone generator to work. Fill the resulting hole with water.
  2. Dig a separate hole, leaving one block of space between this new hole and the hole filled with water. Fill the hole with lava.
  3. Break the block separating the water hole and lava hole, and in a short time, you should hear a familiar hissing sound of vaporizing water. The cobblestone block should now be between your water and hole and lava hole. 
  4. Break the cobblestone and watch another cobblestone block take its place. 
Cobblestone generator


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Creating a cobblestone generator with TNT

The process of creating a cobblestone generator using TNT is a bit more complicated and requires a lot more materials than a simple lava and water version. Since the process would be too complicated to understand by simply reading it, we recommend you watch a video instead. 

And there you have it, everything there is to know about mining cobblestone. We hope that you will use our tips to speed up the process, and in the meantime, make sure to check out our guide on breeding fish in Minecraft!

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