‘Miraculous: Ladybug & Cat Noir, The Movie’ Ending Explained: Who Is Hawk Moth?

Ladybug Cat Noir The Movie Ending Explained 3

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Welcome to the Ending Explained for Miraculous: Ladybug & Cat Noir, The Movie, a new 3D animated movie released on Netflix this weekend. Jeremy Nag directs the film, while Anouck Hautbois and Benjamin Bollen take on the main voice acting roles. The film is based on the animated TV series of the same name, created by Thomas Astruc. Zag not only serves as a director for the film but also as a composer, which tells you just how talented he is. The series has been running since 2016, and the fifth season is being aired right now.

Miraculous: Ladybug & Cat Noir, The Movie takes the characters and concept of the original animated series and goes back in time to explore the beginnings of this pair of superheroes. The result is a movie that feels quite simple in its execution but still manages to achieve its main goal, which is to be an entertainment product.

The movie uses many clichés and other conventions from the superhero genre to build its story, but the focus on the romance side of things, as well as in the musical elements, make the movie stand out as something different. It might not be the best 3D animated film on Netflix, but it is worth the watch, especially for kids.


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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Miraculous: Ladybug & Cat Noir, The Movie. Read at your own risk.

How did Adrien and Marinette become superheroes?

Miraculous: Ladybug & Cat Noir, The Movie will be very special for show fans because the movie explores the origins of Ladybug and Cat Noir, the most amazing superhero duo in Paris. The movie spends most of its running time setting up the characters and the relationship that they will share from now on, which, of course, it is totally vital for the story as it is presented in the animated series. And so, the first thing the movie does is present us with the background of the world and where their powers come from.

We learn that in ancient times, a magical jewel known as the Butterfly Miraculous. This magical jewel had the power to transform humans into Akumas, beings of intense rage that were really powerful but also dangerous. However, two other jewels were created to keep such power in check: the ladybug and the Cat Noir.

These two jewels will find two masters, much in the vein of the rings from Green Lantern. These two masters will join forces to become heroes and protect the land. Wang Fu, the guardian of the jewels, releases them, but they escape.

Ladybug Cat Noir The Movie Ending Explained 2

We then get to know our two main characters, Adrien and Marinette. Adrien is a teen model, and he is quite popular at school. However, even when he seems to have it all, Adrien is quite sad. The main reason is that he lost his mother not too long ago and still misses her, which is perfectly normal.

He has also found it hard to connect with his father, Gabriel, who is also grieving his wife’s death. Adrien has become distant and finds it difficult to connect with other students at school. Even when all the girls want to date him, he stays away from them.

On the other hand, we have Marinette, a young teen who is also having problems at school. Her anxiety regarding social situations is not normal, and she finds it hard to create friendships at school. Her parents don’t seem to understand what she is going through. However, as we get introduced to Marinette, she makes a new friend a school, a girl called Ayla.


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Thanks to Ayla, Marinette starts breaking out of his shell, and it becomes more open. Marinette ends up saving Wang Fu from being killed by a bus on the street. It is there when the ladybug finds her in the form of two earrings, while Adrien finds the Cat Noir.

Who is Hawk Moth?

At first, the relationship between our two heroes is a bit mismatched. They meet, and they quickly start competing against each other. There is nothing bad with this, except that their powers work together the best when they work as a team. Meanwhile, in their normal lives, Adrien and Marinette also meet. Marinette developed a crush on Adrien, and Adrien does the same but towards Ladybug, not knowing that Ladybug and Marinette are the same person. Marinette tries to get closer to him, even when she gets bullied about it by other girls.

This misunderstanding between our heroes is an important conflict but not the most dangerous one. The real conflict comes from a villain named Hawk Moth, who is trying to use the Butterfly Miraculous to obtain enough power to fulfill his dreams. And what is that dream, you might ask?

Well. The movie reveals very early on that our main villain is none other than Gabriel, Adrien’s father. He is trying to use the magic from the jewel to obtain enough power to bring his wife back. However, this power search has corrupted him without him noticing it.

Time passes, and Ladybug and Cat Noir become the heroes of Paris. They defeat villain after villain, and the city feels safe with our heroes overseeing it. On the other hand, the relationship between Marinette and Adrien has also developed into a friendship, but Marinette wants to confess her feelings to Adrien.

Adrien wants to do the same with Ladybug. Both confessions fail, as they don’t know their identities and are loyal to the other identity they have. At that moment, things worsen when Hawk Moth loses control over the Butterfly and becomes an Akuma.

Ladybug Cat Noir The Movie Ending

Being out of control, Hawk Moth starts destroying the city of Paris, which is quite a mess. Our heroes try to fight it together, but the Akuma is just too much for them. Cat Noir’s suit gets destroyed during the battle, and his father sees his true identity.

This stops his rampage, and they have sweet moments where they explain each other’s feelings and how they have been pushing each other away. They reconcile. Meanwhile, Ladybug uses her powers to rebuild Paris and return the jewel to Wang Fu.


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The movie ends with Adrien and Marinette meeting at the Winter’s Ball. There, they fully reveal each other’s identities and finally kiss. Meanwhile, we see Gabriel’s assistant, Nathalie, opening a secret door. Behind the door is Emilie, Adrien’s mother, wearing another magical jewel. Will she become a villain, just like Gabriel did? It seems like the movie wants to start an entire franchise of movies leading up to the show, and they are welcome if they keep improving the quality of the animation and the storytelling.

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