‘Monarch: Legacy of Monsters’: What Were Those Lights in Alaska?

alaska hole

The world of the MonsterVerse is extremely mysterious due to the fact that a lot of pseudoscience is involved in this storyline. Of course, in ‘Monarch: Legacy of Monsters,’ a lot of mysteries are explored as episode 4 of the series was able to show another mysterious object that could provide more insight into the events that are related to Godzilla and the other Titans. This was a hole that emitted light in Alaska. So, what are those lights in Alaska in episode 4 of ‘Monarch?’

  • Article Breakdown:
  • The lights that could be seen in Alaska were said to have the same gamma-ray flare readings as G-Day, which is the day that the MUTOs appeared in the 2014 ‘Godzilla’ movie.
  • As seen near the end of the episode, the lights are coming from a large hole that could lead to Hollow Earth.

The gamma ray flare is similar to Godzilla’s emergence

The events of episode 4 of ‘Monarch: Legacy of Monsters’ focus more on the main trio’s goal of surviving the Frost Vark that attacked them while they were in Alaska. However, while that was happening, there were other things that were happening involving Monarch. Back in Utah, Dr. Barnes of Outpost 47 of Monarch was able to get a huge gamma ray reading coming from Alaska. As such, she decided to bring this issue to the higher-ups of Monarch.

Meanwhile, as Cate, Kentaro, May, and Lee were traversing the snow of Alaska to find a way to escape the Frost Vark, Cate realized that there were lights that could be seen from a faraway location. 

cate light

She and the others concluded that this could be a settlement in Alaska and that it would be best for them to go to the location of those lights to get some help. On the other hand, Kentaro decided to follow his own path as he believed that he saw a building that could have something that could help them.

While that was happening, Barnes told one of the higher-ups of Monarch that the radiation readings from Alaska were strong enough that they resembled the ones that pulsars often read whenever there are black holes in different parts of space. However, instead of space, these readings were coming from Earth.


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As Barnes noted, the last time that this happened was back in 2014 when the male MUTO emerged from the city of Janjira and when the female MUTO was awakened in the Yucca Flats during the event called G-Day. This is the same day as the attack on San Francisco when Godzilla destroyed the MUTOs in the 2014 ‘Godzilla’ movie.

This was interesting to the higher-ups of Monarch because the readings were threatening yet interesting enough for them to try to take a look at what was happening in Alaska. Tim, the same Monarch employee who chased Cate and the others in Japan, told the rest of the Monarch higher-ups that the notes of Bill and Hiroshi Randa could be related to the events that were happening in Alaska.

tim monarch 1

This eventually prompted the involvement of Monarch in the lives of the main characters, who found themselves getting rescued from the Frost Vark by Monarch.

It could lead to Hollow Earth

As mentioned, the last time that similar readings were recorded was during the emergence of the MUTOs in Janjira and the Yucca Flats during G-Day. The radiation during G-Day was off the roof due to the massive radiation required by the MUTOs, who fed off of the radiation from the Janjira power plant. However, the difference here is that the readings are coming from Earth, which is very interesting.


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One of the things that we found out in ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ is the fact that the Titans actually emerged from a place called Hollow Earth, which is the opposite side of the surface version of Earth. Hollow Earth can be found right inside the planet and relies on the core of the planet for energy. The fact that Hollow Earth was closer to the core was the reason why the Titans lived there, as they got all of their sustenance from the radiation coming from the core.

In the same ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ movie, it was shown that a hole in Antarctica leads to Hollow Earth. The people over at Apex Cybernetics created an entire base around that hole to eventually find a way to Hollow Earth to harvest a powerful energy source they needed for Mechagodzilla. Godzilla, who attacked Hong Kong due to the energy he sensed from Apex, created a hole that led directly to Hollow Earth using his atomic breath.

kong antarctica

As such, it is possible that the hole that opened up in Alaska in ‘Monarch’ is similar to the hole that Apex found in Antarctica and the hole that Godzilla created in Hong Kong. It is likely that the same hole, which emitted the lights that Cate and the others saw, could have high radiation readings due to the fact that it leads directly to the radiation-rich Hollow Earth.


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Of course, we aren’t entirely sure where this hole leads and what came from it. But it is likely that the Frost Vark Titan that is running rampant in Alaska could have come from Hollow Earth through this hole. So, if something like this was able to emerge from that hole, it is possible that something more dangerous could eventually come from that hole as well. And that could be something that ‘Monarch’ will explore as the series progresses.

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