‘Monarch’: What Are Those Spider-Like Beings Coming Out From the Eggs?

muto and egg

It goes without saying that the storyline of ‘Monarch’ was going to explore monsters in this character-driven narrative that allows us to see numerous new Titans we have never seen before. Of course, in episode 1, tragedy was quick to strike when one of the more important characters died as a result of the events that transpired in an underground Kazakhstan cavern full of eggs that hatched into spider-like beings. So, what were these spider-like juveniles in ‘Monarch?’

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Bill Randa, one of the first people who researched monsters, coined the term “MUTO,” which means Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organisms.
  • The MUTO term covers all of the unidentified monsters in the world of the MonsterVerse, including the original MUTOs that Godzilla fought.
  • These spider-like monsters that hatched from the eggs are similar to the original MUTOs that Godzilla fought and might be their juvenile forms.

Every Titan used to be called MUTO

In the world of the MonsterVerse, one of the things that we know is that the gigantic monsters that roam the Earth and have existed for countless years are called Titans. However, it was only during the more modern times that these beings became public knowledge and were known as Titans. Decades before the current modern-day period of the MonsterVerse, these monsters were once unknown to many people.

However, people were already studying gigantic monsters during the 1950s. That was one of the things we saw in the events of ‘Monarch,’ as the organization that monitors these monsters was yet to become public knowledge. A scientist named Keiko Miura studied the existence of these monsters as early as the 1950s. She eventually met another scientist named Bill Randa, who was a cryptozoologist or someone who studies animals that don’t exist.


Keiko and Bill met one another in the jungles of Mindanao island in the Philippines in 1952 as there were a lot of different things that were happening there. Bill introduced to Keiko the concept of the MUTO, which is a term that he himself coined. MUTO basically stands for Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organisms. In other words, this term refers to titanic monsters that are yet to be identified by humans.

The existence of these monsters, of course, was unknown to a lot of people, and that’s why the term “Titan” was yet to be used. Back then, Randa and his colleagues called these monsters MUTOs. Of course, this term isn’t new to fans of the MonsterVerse.


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During the events of the ‘Godzilla’ movie that was released in 2014, we got to meet Big G’s enemies. Godzilla was hunting down gigantic spider-like monsters that were feeding off of radioactive energy. Because Godzilla was looking to become the alpha of the monsters, he hunted these other spider-like monsters down to make sure that someone was keeping them in check.

Dr. Ishiro Serizawa and the rest of Monarch called these giant tentacled spider-like parasitic monsters “MUTO.” Since then, the term MUTO has been used to refer to these types of Titans. In fact, there were other MUTOs existing on the planet, as seen during the events of ‘Godzilla: King of Monsters.’

original mutos

However, back in 1952, the knowledge of Keiko Miura (later Randa), Bill Randa, and their security escort, Lee Shaw, was very limited. As such, they referred to every gigantic monster unknown to humans as MUTOs. This explains why Keiko called the eggs they found in Kazakhstan ones that belong to MUTOs.

The spider-like monsters may be juvenile MUTOs

Of course, one of the things that we know is that MUTOs are known to lay eggs in bunches after feeding off radioactive energy. We saw this during the events of ‘Godzilla’ when the MUTOs went to different radioactive places all over the country to have enough energy to lay eggs for their young. These eggs came in the form of large orbs that glowed with an orange light.


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During the events of episode 1 of ‘Monarch,’ we saw Keiko, Bill, and Lee traveling to Kazakhstan to investigate a place that was seemingly high in terms of its radioactivity. They were able to measure the radioactive energy while they were on their way there. However, upon reaching their destination, they noticed that there was almost no radioactivity in the area, and this allowed Keiko to conclude that the abandoned energy facility could be home to a MUTO.

Upon reaching the underground area of the facility in Kazakhstan, Keiko and the company found countless orange eggs that were glowing. Of course, they wanted to take some samples of these eggs so that they could advance their studies regarding the monsters. But the eggs hatched as countless spider-like monsters attacked them. Based on what happened in the final scenes of episode 1, it seems that these monsters killed Keiko as she and Lee were trying to escape.

spider muto

These smaller spider-like monsters are likely the juvenile versions of the MUTOs that we saw during the first ‘Godzilla’ movie. They may look like large beetles as opposed to the spider-like appearance that the MUTOs in ‘Godzilla’ have. But it is possible that the juvenile versions of the standard MUTOs look beetle-like as opposed to having appearances that resemble the spider-like MUTOs of the first Godzilla film.

Of course, these monsters were similar in a lot of ways. The MUTOs in ‘Godzilla’ fed off of radioactive energy to lay eggs that had an orange glow. Meanwhile, the eggs that Keiko and her allies found in Kazakhstan also had an orange glow. The fact that Keiko couldn’t detect any radioactivity in the area also suggests that the mother of these monsters had already absorbed the radioactive energy there.

muto eggs 1

We are yet to see the monster that gave birth to these smaller beetle/spider-like monsters, but it is likely that they were juvenile versions of a standard MUTO. There’s even a possibility that the mother of these monsters is connected to the very same MUTOs that Godzilla killed in the events of the ‘Godzilla’ movie.

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