20 Best Moon Knight Memes to Laugh Out Loud

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Moon Knight has become a victim of its own success because the internet meme community was too quick to pounce on the different scenes the series has to offer. As such, there are plenty of different Moon Knight memes that have surfaced ever since the release of the series. In that regard, let’s look at some of the funniest Moon Knight memes that would make you laugh out loud.

20. Probably the most detestable character in the MCU

Does anyone here hate her? Well, we do. She’s probably the most detestable character in the entire MCU for treating best boi Steven the way she did.


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19. Things escalated rather quickly

That jackal in episode 1 didn’t mind chasing Steven around the museum like a rabid beast. But then again, once he saw Marc taking over, things changed all of a sudden for the monster because he was now acting more like a scared puppy. 

18. Marc, in a nutshell

A good part of the first two episodes was dedicated to Marc talking to Steven through mirrors and telling him to allow him to take over. Yes, that’s basically Marc Spector’s entire plotline during the first two episodes if you take away the action scenes involving him.

17. No, Arthur, you’re the chaotic one

We saw Arthur Harrow putting glass in his shoes in the very first scene of Moon Knight. Who does that? Arthur, if there’s anyone who has chaos in them, it’s you.

16. Khonshu’s kind of a d*ck to Stephen

One of the most interesting things we saw in the first two episodes of Moon Knight is Khonshu’s treatment of the two people sharing one body. We found out in episode 1 that he was kind of an asshole to Stephen. However, in episode 2, he treated Mar a lot more cordially. That’s probably because he respected Marc’s fighting.

15. They’re complete

Phase Four of the MCU hasn’t been shy about giving us different animals in the different movies and shows that belong to that phase. Of course, with the introduction of Steven’s goldfish, we now have the four horsemen of MCU’s Phase Four complete. Let’s just hope we see more of these guys in the future.

14. Khonshu creeping the heck out of Steven

Episode 1 of Moon Knight looked more like a horror movie than a Marvel movie because Khonshu was basically following him around wherever he went. And let’s be honest when we say that the elevator scene probably creeped all of us out.


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13. Moon Knight’s multiple personalities

The MCU version of Moon Knight allows us to see only two identities sharing one single body. However, the comic book version of Moon Knight actually has more than two personalities in the same body. And that’s because Moon Knight’s number of personalities was based on the number of phases that the moon has.

12. Steven is all of us

Steven, with his lack of basic fighting skills, basically threw whatever he could find in that cupcake van in episode 1. That could have been all of us here because, let’s face it, there aren’t a lot of us who could fight and find a way out of that situation. So, why not throw cupcakes at the bad guys?

11. “Steven, join me in the dark side”


A good part of the first two episodes of Moon Knight was dedicated to Marc convincing Steven to allow him to take control of their body. And Marc was doing it in a manner that is similar to a Sith Lord tempting a Jedi to join him in the dark side. Of course, Marc is a bit darker than Steven because of his penchant for brutality.

10. Brooklyn Nine-Nine reference!

Fans of comedy love Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which was one of the funniest shows during its entire run. We saw something similar to it in episode 1 of Moon Knight when Steven was able to recognize that he had a different goldfish in the tank (probably replaced by Marc when the first one died). This is basically similar to what happened in B99 in one of the Halloween heist episodes.

9. Kinda makes sense

It does kind of make sense that Steven was basically just running throughout the first episode of the series. Somehow, it’s also a reflection of his personality and what he had to go through when he ran away from his mental health problems and when he literally ran away from every fight that he saw. Then again, he still is a national treasure.

8. This was all of us

Steven falling asleep and waking up in some random Hungarian town was a good moment in the series’ first episode because he didn’t know how he even got there. Yes, that’s all of us when we were kids because we magically wake up on our beds when we end up falling asleep on the couch.

7. Steven stroking his own there

This was one of the funniest moments of episode 2 when Steven told Marc (basically himself) that he was handsome. We never saw Steven as someone who was confident in his own appearance or self-worth. That’s why it was really refreshing for him to call himself handsome while he was referring to Marc. Then again, he might have been referring to Marc the entire time.

6. Yes, we are all fans

There are a lot of Moon Knight fans out there who only became fans of the character after seeing episode 1. Then again, we can’t blame them because Moon Knight was only accessible to people via comic books before the series began. And there really aren’t that many comic book readers out there when compared to those who would rather watch their Marvel content than read them.


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5. Eddie and Steven would probably be best friends

Even though the Venom movies weren’t entirely that successful in terms of their critical reception, we still loved the fact that Venom was kind of like an asshole to Eddie the entire time. Of course, we saw the same relationship between Steven and Khonshu. But we do wonder why Khonshu is a tad nicer when talking to Marc, and that’s because he probably respects his fighting abilities.

4. Two in one

This perfectly sums up what Moon Knight is all about as of this moment. We can’t get enough of the dynamic between Steven and Marc talking to one another in mirrors. Of course, this could go on for the rest of the season or even during the entire MCU run of Moon Knight. But hey, we’re not complaining.

3. Steven is a national treasure

Steven may not have the fighting chops of Marc, but we all know how precious, innocent, and sweet he is. We should protect Steven at all costs. And we could only hope that Marvel does its part in protecting him because we all know people are going to rebel if something happens to Marvel’s best boi.

2. Marc creeping the heck out of Steven


This is one of the most creative uses of this classic meme. Of course, it does have a connection to how Marc was literally chasing Steven around through mirrors in episodes 1 and 2. And that’s where we see the dynamic between the two personalities living in one single body.

1. Steven literally didn’t know what was happening to him

We’ve seen this before in Endgame when Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang had no clue what happened to the world when he got out of the quantum realm. And Steven Grant kind of had the same thing happening to him every scene back in episode 1 of Moon Knight when Marc Spector took over and took their body to different places.

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