Moon Knight: Why Other People Don’t See Monsters (Jackals)?

Episode 2 of Moon Knight showed more action as the plot began to thicken. Of course, the action we are referring to is the battle between Moon Knight and Arthur Harrow and his men. But one thing you might notice is that no one seems to notice the creatures that Harrow summons except for Steven/Marc. So, in that regard, why don’t other people see Harrow’s monsters or the jackals that he summons?

There isn’t a clear explanation for this, but it might be connected to the possibility that only the avatars of the Egyptian gods and those blessed with their powers could see these creatures. After all, only the avatars could see their own gods, and that could also hold true to Harrow’s summoned monsters.

Unlike a lot of the different MCU movies and series, Moon Knight doesn’t seem to answer the questions that are lingering in the heads of the people. This could lead to larger reveals later in the series. Nevertheless, let’s look at what we know about why the other people in Moon Knight can’t see Arthur Harrow’s monsters.

What Are The Monsters That Harrow Summons?

The newest episode of Moon Knight came out and allowed us to see more action than we did in the first episode. Of course, a lot of the action in this episode involved the aforementioned titular character himself, as we saw Steven/Marc wearing the Moon Knight suit more in this episode. Of course, we also got to see more of what Arthur Harrow could do.

It was already shown in the first episode that Harrow, through the staff he was using, could summon demonic dog-like creatures that he used for his benefit. In episode 1, we saw how he summoned this creature in the museum to retrieve the golden scarab that was in possession of Steven Grant, who was just as confused as we are about what is happening in the series. Nevertheless, Steven/Marc was able to use the power of the Moon Knight in the final moments of episode 1 to beat down the monster that Harrow summoned.

Harrow once again uses his summoning powers in episode 2 when he uses his staff to summon another demonic dog-like creature. So, in that regard, what are the monsters that Arthur Harrow summons?

Steven already gave us an idea of what these monsters were when he said their name. He called them jackals, which are canine-like animals that can be found in Egypt and in other parts of the world. However, the jackals in Moon Knight are obviously not the same kind of canines that real-life jackals are. And we have to go back to Egyptian mythology to get to know more about what Harrow’s monsters are.

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In Ancient Egypt, the jackal was a symbol of death because these animals were mostly drawn to carrion and were seemingly considered grave scavengers because of their tendency to dig up graves to eat the flesh of the dead. And because the jackals in Egypt have golden fur, the Ancient Egyptians associated these canine creatures with the gods.

This explains why a lot of the different deities in Egypt are portrayed with jackal heads (Anubis, in particular). And the tendency of the jackal to scavenge graves also explains why they are mostly associated with death in Egypt.

It isn’t a secret that the Ancient Egyptians were so obsessed with the concept of death and the possibility of an afterlife. This can be seen in the fact that the tombs of the pharaohs were adorned with different treasures that they believed they could take to the afterlife. And there are many different Egyptian gods associated with death, such as Anubis, Osiris, Toth, and Ammit.

In that regard, the jackals that Arthur Harrow summons are probably creatures of death that are associated with Ammit, the very same Egyptian goddess that he worships. Ammit is associated with judgment in death because she is one of the figures that have a hand in what happens to a person after death.

Considering that Harrow’s powers are associated with death, it is only fitting that he could summon jackal-like monsters that are associated with death as well. And these creatures could very well be harbingers of death in the MCU version of Moon Knight.

Why Can’t Other People See The Jackals?

Now that you already know what these jackals are, another question you might be thinking about is the fact that other people can’t see these monsters in Moon Knight. This was shown numerous times in episode 2.

When Steven went back to the museum to explain his side using the security footage of what happened during the night he was attacked by Harrow, he tried to convince everyone that there was a monster that attacked him, even though the security footage didn’t quite capture this monster.

Later in the episode, Harrow took Steven to one of their bases of operation in London but eventually summoned another jackal when Layla intervened. Steven saw the jackal and tried to warn Layla about it, but, like the museum’s security cameras, she couldn’t see it.

With that said, it is quite obvious that no other person could see the jackals that both Steven/Marc, and Harrow could see. In that regard, why is it that other people cannot see the jackals?

There is no clear explanation given by the series regarding why other people aren’t capable of seeing the jackals that Harrow summons. However, it could be somewhat related to Steven/Marc and Harrow being avatars of Egyptian gods.

In the series, it was hinted that only the avatars of the Egyptian gods could see their own gods following them around and telling them what to do. We know for a fact that Steven/Marc is the avatar of Khonshu and that Harrow is the avatar of the unseen Ammit, who he reveals was sealed away by the other gods long ago.

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Considering that only the avatars could see the Egyptian gods, it could also mean that they are the only ones that could see the creatures that are summoned through the powers of the Egyptian gods as well. 

Of course, the series shows that these jackals are very much real because they are seen to be capable of damaging real structures wherever they go. As such, they are not a figment of imagination, considering that they could cause real damage. It is only that no one else could see them, but it is quite possible that people could feel or touch them.

Whatever the case may be, it is quite possible that we will get to know more about them and how they are related to Harrow’s status as the avatar of Ammit in the next few episodes. After all, this series seems to set up more questions every single episode but isn’t shy about answering a few of those questions as well. And it could be possible that we will get to understand more about why other people can’t see the jackals that only Harrow and Steven/Marc could somehow see.

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