Morena Baccarin Confirms Her Return as Vanessa in ‘Deadpool 3′

bacaring confirms her return as vanessa

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‘Deadpool 3’ stands out among upcoming MCU movies, generating the most anticipation for good reason. The series has consistently delivered with a flawless lead, a stellar cast, and a perfect blend of action and humor. Marvel Studios is reportedly considering a 2024 release exclusively for ‘Deadpool 3,’ banking on its potential to reignite excitement and confidence in the MCU.

Leaked information and rumors surrounding the movie flood in daily, prompting Ryan Reynolds to playfully urge fans to dial back the speculation. Among the noteworthy leaks was Morena Baccarin’s rumored return as Vanessa. As of yesterday, this was officially confirmed by the actress herself in an interview with Josh Wilding, adding to the mounting excitement for the upcoming installment. Watch the full interview in the video below.

Vanessa held a significant place in Wade Wilson’s heart before his transformation into Deadpool. His altered appearance and ensuing shame kept them apart for much of the first movie, with Ajax even resorting to kidnapping her to thwart Deadpool’s quest for vengeance.

In the sequel, Deadpool and Vanessa finally find bliss, only for tragedy to strike during an ill-fated assignment, resulting in Vanessa’s fatal shooting just as they became engaged. Despite her absence for a significant portion of the film, Vanessa becomes a driving force in Deadpool’s mission, pushing him to contemplate self-destruction for a chance at reunion.


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Fans speculate that the resurrection or prevention of Vanessa’s death could be a pivotal reason behind Deadpool’s ventures into the Multiverse. Struggling with her loss and grappling with mental instability, Deadpool might risk multiple timelines to bring her back.

This theory holds weight, and the return of Vanessa, Deadpool’s prominent love interest, adds an intriguing layer to the narrative.

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