‘Ms. Marvel’ Episode 2 Ending, Explained: Who Owned Kamala’s Bangle Before Her?

Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel is on a roll, the show has been very well received by audiences and its star Iman Vellani seems to be ready to do great things in the future. The first episode managed to establish a tone that feel both playful and magical at the same time. Without never stopping from recreating the time and space where Kamala lives, which is very much part of a very specific culture with a determined set of values and customs.

Episode 2 continues to expand that set of values in a very interesting way as we learn more and more about Kamala’s family and the community where she lives. It also gives us some revelations on Kamala’s family mysteries and even introduces a bit of romance to ignite the teenage story vibes some more. The result is an episode that lacks action, but compensates with great world-building. If Ms. Marvel continues with this pace, it could become something special.

The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Ms. Marvel episode 2, so read at your own risk.

What Happens In Ms. Marvel Episode 2?

The episode begins with Kamala coming to school the next morning from the night she got her powers. The event that occurred during the AvengersCon is the talk-about topic of the day. And while Kamala and Bruno are aware that keeping Kamala’s identity a secret is a must, Kamala’s new sense of confidence seems to be enough to make her day worth the bother of getting up and going to school. It is here in this situation that the show takes not from other teen shows and introduces a love triangle.

In the hallway, Kamala crosses paths with a new student. A hot new boy called Kamran. Kamran is new but seems to be really popular with the rest of the students right from the get-go. Kamala is, of course, attracted to him, but instead of running away in shyness, Kamala talks to him, and that it is how their relationship begins. Bruno sees this from a distance, and he is angry and disappointed that Kamala doesn’t see him that way.

Ms. Marvel

The episode takes a full stop to develop the character of Bruno. Bruno is definitely in love with Kamala, he is the stereotype of the best friend who is in love with the girl but doesn’t know how to declare his love. Bruno is absolutely suffering from a lack of confidence and that is not also making him suffer in his love life, but also in his academic life. Bruno gets a full immersion semester, all paid for at Cal Tech, a place where his tech genius could flourish like nowhere else, but sadly he is unsure to go to California, as it would mean being far from Kamala.

Nakia, Kamala’s close friend, also has the space in the episode to have her own storyline. Nakia is young, but she takes her religious values, very seriously, more than her parents actually, which is something that has been explored in other shows like Rami. Nakia, is an activist, she speaks what she thinks, and she is disappointed that the Mosque Board is just being managed by male voices. This is the 21st century, and Nakia believes women should be on the board. She believes it so much that she gains the confidence to begin a campaign to get herself on the board.


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Nakia also ends up giving Kamala great life advice about how to overcome obstacles and be true to yourself even when the odds are against you. Why Kamala doesn’t confide her powers to Nakia in the same way she does to Bruno, is still a mystery.

Outside these substories, the episode focus on Kamala going out with Kamran, and apparently starting a relationship with him. They do look like a nice couple, but of course, this would not be a TV show if it hadn’t a good dose of drama.

Who Owned Kamala’s Bangle Before Her?

Kamala starts investigating the origins of her new powers, and of course, the only clue she has is her bangle. Kamala starts asking about Aisha, her great-grandmother, but her mother refuses to answer any questions about her. At a party, people who got to meet Aisha when they were kids start telling Kamala that Aisha brought great dishonor to her family. They start saying that she had an affair, that she killed a man, and many other things. Aisha was a curse to her family.

Ms. Marvel

Kamala also starts asking about Aisha with her grandmother, but she receives very few answers. While saving a kid from falling to his death, Kamala has another strange vision, just like the one she had when she put on the bangle the first time. This time, the vision presents a mysterious woman who is trying to communicate with Kamala.

After this event, Damage Control appears, and they try to capture Kamala as they think she is a villain for some reason. It is here that Kamran comes to her rescue, and he introduces her mother, who is the woman that she saw in her vision. The mysterious woman says she has been waiting a long time to meet her. Who is this woman? Is this Aisha? That is probably the answer to the mystery, but we have to wait and see what happens next week.

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