‘Ms. Marvel’ Episode 4 Ending, Explained: What Happens If The Clandestines Return To Their World?

'Ms. Marvel' Episode 4 Ending, Explained: What Happens If The Clandestines Return To Their World?

Episode 4 of Ms. Marvel comes with a lot of cool stuff to show and talk about. The episode brings an element of history into the story that is very welcome. The element of the creation of Pakistan, and the Partition of India after the end of the British Raj, is a powerful, and very important element in this episode. One that will push the story forward until the end of the season. The show also changes locations and makes the visual tone a lot more interesting.

The episode also brings a ton of stuff that is not so cool. Some shreds of evidence of weak writing and a director that doesn’t really know how to translate action from the paper into the screen. This leaves the episode at a middle point between awesome and dreadful. However, the ending opens the possibility for a fantastic ending that can change Kamala’s life forever, sadly, we will have to wait for next week to see those possibilities realized.

The next paragraphs contain spoilers for episode 4 of Ms. Marvel. So read at your own risk.

Who Are The Red Daggers?

Episode 4 starts with the ending of episode 3 being fully realized. Kamala, alongside her mother, is going to Pakistan to visit her grandmother. At the end of episode three, the revelation that grandma is also able to watch the visions coming from the bangle came as a surprise, and of course, Kamala just needed to see grandma and get some answers from her. Kamala’s relationship with her mother seems to remain strained, but the episode reveals that Kamala’s mother also suffers from the same problem with her mother.

Kamala arrives in Karachi, the biggest city in Pakistan, and she is received by some annoying cousins. She does get the time to talk to Grandma, who reveals that she knows she is a djinn. Grandma is very casual about the whole issue, and comforts Kamala in her doubt about what it means to be that and have those powers. Grandma says that the bangle wants to show Kamala something and that she needed to come to find out.

Ms. Marvel

In her search, Kamala escapes the clenches of her annoying cousins and manages to go to the train station to find any clues about the train that she sees in her visions. It is an old train, one that grandma describes as similar to the ones used during the Partition. At the train station, Kamala meets Kareen, a young warrior who is very capable of knives. They fight and when Kareen sees she is not part of the Clandestines, he invites her over to his secret hideout. There, Kamala meets Waleed, who reveals they are the Red Daggers.

Waleed explains that the Red Daggers are an old secret organization focused on preventing the Noor dimension to take over our realm. He explains that the Clandestines come from another realm, a realm built with Noor energy. The same energy that files Kamala’s powers. If the Clandestines manage to use the bangle to open a door back to the Noor dimension, then that realm would take over the Earth realm, destroying everything that we know.

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Kamala befriends Kareen, and the show is really setting the young warrior as another potential love interest now that Kamran status as such as been compromised. Waleed and Kareen help Kamala train with her powers and have a bigger grasp on how to use them in battle.

Who Dies In Episode 4 of Ms. Marvel?

The Clandestines were captured by Damage Control in episode 3 and in this episode we see how they are being translated inside the prison facility. However, the Damage Control prison and its guard, prove to be quite useless and the group of evil djinns manages to escape without any sort of difficulty. Namja leaves Kamran behind during the escape, as she feels betrayed by her son, who has chosen to be on Kamala’s side during this conflict.

The Clandestines manage to quickly travel and intercept Kamala. They attack her while she is training with Kareen and Waleed in their secret hideout. It seems the hideout is not so secret after all, as the Clandestines find them quite easily. The group attacks and a battle ensues. Here we see Kamala being more comfortable with her powers, and she makes a great team fighting with Kareen. However, during a moment of decision-making, Namja manages to kill Waleed.

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Kamala and Waleed escape, but they do manage to kill a couple of the Clandestines to balance the tables. In the final battle of the sequence, it is Kamala, against Namja who used her weapon to strike Kamala’s bangle. The hit makes energy pour from the bracelet and causes a big explosion. The explosion has an unexpected effect on Kamala, as she is seamlessly transported back in time to the night of the Partition. There she sees people boarding the old train and families saying goodbye forever.

Kamala stands dumbfounded as she sees the mass of people before her. Will Kamala finally meet Aisha during this night? What revelation will this meeting bring upon her? Only two more episodes of Ms. Marvel remain, and things are getting more and more interesting.

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