Neo Vs. John Wick: Who Would Win and Why?

neo vs john wick

Keanu Reeves is probably the kindest, most loving person in the world, but he played some really badass characters throughout his illustrious acting career. However, none were as badass and as iconic as Neo and John Wick. Seeing that both John Wick and The Matrix franchises are getting sequels very soon, fans can’t help but wonder – who would win in a fight, Neo or John?

If the fight happens inside the Matrix, then John Wick wouldn’t stand a chance against Neo. He is the One, a god-like being in the Matrix. However, if John can figure out how to get Neo out of the Matrix to fight in the real world, Neo wouldn’t stand a chance.

Therefore, it would all depend on where the fight is taking place. However, if you ask Keanu Reeves, the fight would never take place. John and Neo share the same values, so they probably wouldn’t even fight. Let’s see what their powers are to determine who would eventually be the winner and why.

How Could Neo Defeat John Wick?

As I mentioned in the introduction, John Wick and Neo are both badasses, almost unbeatable in their domain. It would all depend on where the fight occurs, and Neo would most likely have a bigger advantage in the Matrix than John Wick would in the real world. Before you get all angry at me because Wick is an unbeatable assassin, hear me out.

First, let’s state the obvious. If the fight happens inside the Matrix, there’s nothing John Wick could do. Neo is god-like there – he can dodge bullets, stop them in mid-air, move faster than the fastest program, and bend the rules of reality as he sees fit. Within the Matrix, he demolishes five John Wicks simultaneously.

However, if the fight somehow gets outside of the Matrix and in the real world, that’s where Thomas Anderson (Neo) might be in trouble. He’s not physically fit, and he’s malnourished, with really no combat skills. But, there’s a catch.

You see, Neo’s body remains in the real world while his mind is in the Matrix. When he’s unplugged, he still remembers everything that happened in the Matrix – everything he saw, heard, touched is still there in his mind. Because of that, it’s logical that his fighting skills would remain after he had learned them inside the Matrix.

Therefore, although Thomas Andreson has no formal martial arts training, he can simply plug into the Matrix and download the knowledge of every martial art, combat strategy, or mercenary skill in existence – including everything John Wick knows. The knowledge would remain in his mind even after he’s unplugged and back in the real world.

Of course, Neo wouldn’t have the same experience as John or the superpowers that he has inside the Matrix, but he could become John Wick’s equal skill-wise in seconds – if not superior. Still, Wick’s experience and physical condition would put him at a clear advantage over Neo in the real world, but it would be a much closer battle than it would be in the Matrix.

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How Could John Wick Defeat Neo?

Now that we’ve established Neo’s advantages in a potential battle, let’s see what John Wick has in his repertoire to answer the One.

Again, if the fight is in the Matrix, there would really be no fight – Neo trumps John with ease. That is – if there’s ever a fight. If Neo gets unplugged from the Matrix somehow, then Wick has a fair shot against him. So, what if John also knows that they are in the Matrix and that it’s not real?

The Matrix would be just like the real world for John Wick, and we’ve seen how versatile and good he is with using his surroundings and the environment for deadly purposes. I mean, he killed a 7’3’’ (221 cm) giant with a book. So, if anybody could find a way to get Neo out of the Matrix and into the real world, then it’s Wick.

When they are out there, John Wick would have the upper hand more often than not. He is just too good, too versatile, and too experienced. I’m not even talking about fighting in a normal world, in Wick’s playing field – Neo doesn’t stand a chance with all the resources and weaponry John could use.

So, let’s say they fight in the real world, but Neo’s real world, where the machines have destroyed all but one human city, and the entire Earth is in ruins. Even there, John would adapt and eventually win with his battle experience.

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Neo Vs. John Wick: Who Would Win and Why?

So, if the fight between Neo and John Wick happens in the Matrix, Neo wins comfortably. If it’s outside in the real world, then John Wick wins. Not as comfortable, but still wins. However, what if I told you those aren’t the only answers? Not if you ask the actor himself, Keanu Reeves.

In a funny, great interview for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Keanu insisted that nobody would win – because they would never fight. Even if Neo accidentally ran over John’s dog, Keanu says he would get the dog back to life through the Matrix where anything is possible, so the two would just end up becoming friends.

He also said that John would probably try to help Thomas Anderson in the real world any way he can, but they would never fight each other, as they have too much in common.

There’s another, earlier interview with Reeves – when the first John Wick movie hit the theaters – where they ask him the same question – and he gave the same answer. The duo, as Reeves believes, would probably go out and get noodles instead of fighting. The two share the same values and principles but in different worlds.

So there you have it. Who’s more credible to answer who would win between John Wick and Neo than the guy who IS John Wick and Neo. If Keanu says those two would never fight, then for crying out loud, Neo and John wick would never fight.

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