Nightwing vs. Red Hood: Which Former Robin Would Win?

Nightwing vs. Red Hood

Nightwing and Red Hood are characters in the DC Universe and former Batman’s sidekicks. They have similar fighting styles and are both incredibly skilled in hand-to-hand combat. But, who would win in a fight between these two former Robins? This question was debated by many fans and we will try to answer it in this article. So, Nightwing vs. Red Hood, who would win?

Red Hood would win in a fight against Nightwing. Objectively, they are both incredibly skilled and have a lot of experience fighting crime. Their abilities are somewhat similar, but the thing that would give Red Hood a slight advantage would be the fact that he was immersed in Lazarus Pit which granted him some extra powers.

There are many similarities between Nightwing and Red Hood but ultimately Red Hood prevails. However, Nightwing wouldn’t be an easy opponent to defeat. In some cases, he could even win based on the experience and the fact that he was Robin before Red Hood was. Lazarus Pit may have granted Red Hood with some powers, but it also took some toll on him. We’ll analyze these two characters more closely to see the outcome of their potential clash as objectively as possible.

Combat skills

Nightwing’s combat skills are more than decent. He is an expert in various martial arts such as boxing, capoeira, Eskimo, taekwondo, and many more. He perfected his skills while training with Batman, Richard Dragon, and other super-skilled fighters. Many consider him to be as skilled as Batman when it comes to fighting.

He is also very skilled in using various weapons such as knives, swords, and guns. His swordsmanship is so perfected that he even defeated Ra’s Al Ghul in a sword duel.

Red Hood, on the other hand, possesses similar traits. His fighting skills are impressive, in fact, so impressive that Talia Al Gull was impressed with his fighting skills from the first time she saw him fighting and decided to track his activities since then because he could be an asset for the League Of Assasins. The problem was that he was always somewhat reckless when fighting, so even Nightwing tried to help him with it.

However, he became to be an impressive fighter and also learned an ancient skill called Dim Mak which enabled him to paralyze, damage or even kill his opponents by punching them in vital points.

He is skilled in using various weaponry, especially his dual handguns. He’s efficient with knives and is known for efficiently using various improvised weapons like baseball bats, crowbars, and chains. He upgraded his usage of crowbars and started to use dual crowbars that can emit electric shocks later on.

Batarangs are also his weapon of choice and he even has the ability to use All-Blades, a powerful weapon with magical traits, but they are only efficient against magical creatures and can only be summoned in the presence of great evil.

I vote for Red Hood in this one.

Nightwing 0, Red Hood 1.


Batman vs Nightwing: Who Would Win?

Strength and abilities

Nightwing was born in a circus family and was and has shown decent acrobatic skills since childhood. He is also in great physical shape as he can lift a man with one hand and push him through a concrete wall. Nightwing can run extremely fast considering he’s a human and is said to be faster than Batman. He was also able to match Metahuman’s speed in combat.

Due to his training with Batman, he is capable of moving around blindfolded and can dodge bullets fired at him. Besides being a great fighter, Grayson is also a very skilled computer hacker and highly intelligent. He also has the skill to intimidate his enemies, as he is able to frighten Scarecrow who is not easy to intimidate.

Red Hood is also at the highest form of physical strength a human can be. His reflexes are so fast that he can dodge attacks and bullets. He is also very strong and can easily defeat many opponents in one-one on fights. Besides being in great physical form, he also possesses great detective skills and can picture a crime scene just as it happened from a few pieces of evidence alone.

The thing that makes him somewhat superior to Nightwing is the fact he possesses some supernatural abilities. After being killed, Talia Al Ghul retrieved his body and immersed it in the Lazarus Pit. The Pit not only brought Red Hood back to life but also granted him with powers. However, he also developed rage issues.


Lazarus Pit empowered him in a way that he started to have an ability to summon the All-Blades, blades that would manifest from his own soul and he could summon dozens of such blades at once. However, this ability can’t help him in a fight against Nightwing as it only works against magical creatures and in the presence of great evil. He could also perform an ancient martial arts strike that could only be performed by a force of true good.

Nigtwing 0, Red Hood 2.

Who was the better Robin, Nightwing or Red Hood?

This is a difficult question to answer as both Nightwing and Red Hood were excellent Robins. They both have a lot of combat experience and are highly skilled fighters. However, if we had to choose one, we would say that Nightwing was the better Robin. He had less compulsive reactions and always gladly helped Batman whenever he was needed. Red Hood, on the other hand, often went against Batman’s orders and had a more aggressive approach to fighting crime. Batman himself once said that  Nightwing was the best person he picked to lead the JLA.

Nightwing vs. Red Hood: Which Former Robin Would Win?

In a fight between Nightwing and Red Hood, we believe that Red Hood would come out victorious. Nightwing is an excellent fighter but he does not have any enhanced powers. Red Hood, on the other hand, has been enhanced by the Lazarus Pit and has a variety of powers at his disposal. However, he could be somewhat reckless and fueled with rage so that could be his distraction. It definitely would be a close fight we would gladly see.

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