One Piece: All 6 Vegapunk’s Satellites (Bodies) Ranked!

One Piece: All X Vegapunk's Satellites (Bodies) Ranked

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One of the most brilliant minds in One Piece, Vegapunk has been a controversial figure due to his ties with the World Government and his experiments. After a lot of time, he has finally become the focus of the story and we are now finally exploring who he is and what his exact role in the story is. But, aside from his own story, Vegapunk is also famous for having managed to split his brain into seven different bodies – his main one, and the six Satellites. In this article, we are going to tell you about these Satellites as we rank them based on their numbers.

What are Vegapunk’s Satellites?

We all know that Vegapunk is a brilliant scientist and that he is one of the smartest characters in the whole series. Now, at one point in the past, he was so preoccupied with his inventions that he needed to concentrate on them completely, which meant that he did not have time for the other aspects that were occupying his mind. In order to achieve his goal, he decided to split his mind into six additional bodies that share his mind via the Punk Records “library” on Egghead. These bodies became known as the Satellites and here is an overview of them:

NameShaka LilithEdisonPythagoras AtlasYork
First Personwatashi (私)washi (わし)wai (わい)boku (ボク)ore (おれ)atai (あたい)

In the original, they were written as 猫 (literary meaning “cat”) and 分身 (literary meaning “offshoot”), but are called Satellites. Each of them was Vegapunk and would introduce themselves as Vegapunk, but they also had standalone personalities based on the aspects they embodied, as well as individual names and numerical designations. Each of them also used a different pronoun. Now that we have explained this, we are ready to rank them.


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Vegapunk’s Satellites ranked by number

In this section, we are going to list all the Satellites of Dr. Vegapunk and rank them based on the number assigned.

Punk-01: Shaka

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Aspect: Good

Shaka represented good and was very proud to be a scientist. He seemed to be very analytical and had expressed an interest in the Straw Hat Pirates, even though he didn’t trust pirates in general. He actually became one of their biggest allies on Egghead, helping them in many situations and also being there to protect the original body of Dr. Vegapunk. He was very loyal to him. Despite often clashing with Lilith, they had a good relationship. He was eventually betrayed and killed by York, Punk-06, while he was protecting Vegapunk’s original body on Egghead. He is one of the two Satellites who have died as of the time of writing.

Punk-02: Lilith

image 2024 02 06 172523532

Aspect: Evil

Lilith represents evil and is willing to plunder ships to find the necessary funds for research, but her greed clouds her pride as a scientist and her judgment. She also defined herself as mediocre when an invention did not meet her expectations, demonstrating a certain humility. She demonstrated great impulsiveness when she was intent on fighting the invaders without a proper plan. She also tended to clash with Shaka often, but she mourned his and Pythagoras’ deaths. Having never left Egghead, she showed enthusiasm at the idea of sailing away, forgetting that the island was under siege.

Punk-03: Edison

image 2024 02 06 172543246

Aspect: Thinking

Edison represents thinking and worries when someone is damaging his inventions. He runs to make a draft as soon as he has an idea, leaving the work to the other bodies. He is a very energetic creation and is always keeping himself busy, but he is also nice, so he became a companion and a close ally of the Straw Hats during their shared adventures on Egghead, helping them whenever and however he could during these events.


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Punk-04: Pythagoras

image 2024 02 06 172608910

Aspect: Wisdom

Pythagoras represented wisdom and was always analytical, as he demonstrated when he collected data during the fight between the Straw Hat Pirates and S-Shark, analyzing the latter’s functioning. Furthermore, he preferred not to interrupt his research to go to the bathroom. His tendency to calculate every situation could prove harmful, as he demonstrated when he did not immediately warn his allies of the Seraphim’s hostility because he was too focused on the errors of judgment he had made. He was ultimately killed by S-Snake.

Punk-05: Atlas

image 2024 02 06 172628088

Aspect: Violence

Atlas represents violence and tends to throw punches whenever she gets irritated. Due to her violent nature, she also doesn’t seem to be reasonable, as he attacked CP0 despite having no chance of winning. Furthermore, she believes that everyone should decide what makes something real, having done so themselves. Her appearance can be quite misleading, as she looks like a little girl, but she has proven herself capable of throwing a punch and is a very skilled fighter despite this appearance. She later became an ally of Luffy and his crew.

Punk-06: York

image 2024 02 06 172646322

Aspect: Greed

York represents greed, and she takes care of the bodily functions of all six bodies, appearing very lazy and greedy. She also pretends to be distracted enough to ask if the situation is funny, ignoring the presence of CP0 on the island, and she feigns affection towards the Seraphim. In reality, she wishes to become a World Noble and to achieve this, she has had no problem planning the elimination of the other Satellites, believing that she is enough and more. She also has no qualms as she is willing to recreate a weapon of mass destruction like the Mother Flame. However, when she finds herself in danger, she shows herself to be a coward by crying and screaming for help.

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