One Piece: What Is Egghead & Where Is It Located?

One Piece: What is Egghead & Where Is It Located?

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The locations we’ve seen in Oda’s One Piece are truly amazing, and the author has demonstrated a very intriguing skill in crafting his locations. And while some of them are, so to say, similar to some others, Oda was nevertheless able to consistently provide each of them with at least a small touch of originality. In light of that, this article will be dedicated to the island of Egghead, the setting of the current manga arc, as we will explain everything you need to know about it.

Egghead is a winter island located in the New World, southeast of Wano Country and southwest of Elbaf. It is the primary setting of the Egghead Arc and the main operational base of Dr. Vegapunk. The island is also called Future Island because it is supposedly 500 years in the future, which actually makes sense knowing how and why Vegapunk is such a peculiar character. The island itself is relatively small, but it has numerous buildings, and the primary focus of all the island’s activities are Dr. Vegapunk’s experiments, which he has carried out for years.

The rest of this article will tell you a bit about the geography of One Piece, as we are going to talk about Egghead Island, a very important New World location, and the setting of the current One Piece narrative arc. Egghead is tied to Dr. Vegapunk, the mysterious scientist responsible for a lot of things in the world of One Piece, so you can understand how and why this is so important in that aspect. Based on what we’ve said, we are going to provide you with a thorough guide to Egghead Island. Of course, a lot of spoilers for non-manga readers will be present, so be careful how you approach the text.

Egghead island is an intriguing and highly important location in One Piece

Egghead is an island, a winter island to be more precise, located in the New World. It lies southeast of Wano Country and southwest of Elbaf, so it was the next destination for Luffy and his crew after what happened with Kaidou and Big Mom in Wano Country. The island is said to be five hundred years in the future, which is why it is also called Future Island. In fact, the city located on it features futuristic buildings and streets, as well as numerous holograms.

The lower part is called Fabiriophase, and this is where scientists and assistants live, as well as the place where the landfill is located, while the upper part, placed on artificial clouds inside the half eggshell that characterizes the island, is called Labophase, since Vegapunk’s laboratory is located there and is protected by a security system, called the “Frontier Dome,” which fires a laser as soon as the enemy approaches.


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Off the island, the climate is very hostile, with strong currents, cold winds, and snowfall causing the formation of icebergs, which makes sense seeing how Egghead is actually a winter island. In the waters surrounding it, eddies can form out of the sea due to a mass of hot water pushed upwards from its origin. But, even though it is actually a winter island, the climate on Egghead is actually tropical, as Vegapunk built an air conditioner. Fire is the main energy source on the island, which is also used to move the escalators that lead to the laboratory.

Vegapunk has built sea animals and equipped them with weapons to watch the waters surrounding the island and hit ships with rockets. Among these was a large metallic shark, which instead tried to devour the boats due to an error in the overwriting of instincts.

As for its history, the known history of Egghead Island started a long time ago. One hundred ninety-eight years before the beginning of the narrative, the scientists of the time brought here a robot built by the Old Kingdom that attacked Mary Geoise instead of destroying it, as ordered by the World Government, as they were fascinated by it. More than a century later, Vegapunk built his laboratory on the island.

Later, when she was still a child, Jewelry Bonney visited him with her father when he began to be studied by the scientist. Over the years, ships with CP5, CP7, and CP8 agents were sent to Egghead but were destroyed. On the other hand, at the beginning of the Egghead Arc, a Marine ship is seen taking S-Hawk and S-Snake back to Egghead.

Jinbe, Jewelry Bonney, Luffy, and Chopper land on Egghead after the former saves the others from drowning. Entering the laboratory, they meet Vegapunk Atlas. A Pacifista also attacks them for having eaten and changed clothes without paying; a portion of the island is destroyed with one of the lasers. The remaining members of the Straw Hat crew are instead taken to Labophase by Vegapunk Lilith, where a Seraphim first attack them and then encounter Shaka.

Luffy’s group instead randomly runs into the real Vegapunk. Shortly after, the CP0 lands, despite the lack of authorization of the scientist, leaving the sea monsters near the island to devour their ship.

Lucci seriously injures Atlas, causing panic among the island’s inhabitants. Soon after, he collides with Luffy and stabs Sentomaru to bring the Seraphim to the side of CP0. The pirates manage to reach Labophase, and the Frontier Dome is upgraded to repel any intruders. Scientists at Fabiriophase instead barricade themselves in factories as per orders.

Lucci, with Hattori, Kaku, and Stussy, exploits a flaw in the defense system to go up to Labophase, where the four Seraphim join them. The former orders them to destroy the lab, which they start doing. With a ruse, however, Stussy puts her colleagues to sleep while Edison stops the Seraphim.


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The latter, however, shortly after receiving the order from York to eliminate anyone except her, Stella, and government agents. Sentomaru orders the inhabitants to leave the island instead. With York is taken hostage, the four Seraphim are locked up in the dungeons.

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