One Piece: All Known Cipher Pol Agencies & Members Explained!

One Piece: All Known Cipher Pol Agencies & Members Explained!

The World Government of One Piece, as we know, has several organizations, and since it is a government, it also has to have an intelligence agency. The term Cipher Pol refers to this series of intelligence agencies that are part of the World Government, titled CPX, where the X represents the number of the organization. In this article, we will focus on the agencies as we will explain the structure of Cipher Pol to you.

The structure of Cipher Pol explained

There are a total of 10 individual Cipher Pol agencies that form part of Cipher Pol as the collective title of the organization. The Cipher Pols from CP1 to CP8 are located in eight bases in different parts of the world and aim to identify and recover any information useful to the World Government. They base their strength on weapons and, in some cases, on high-level fighters.

Although officially there are only eight Cipher Pols, there are two more, namely the CP9 and the CP0. They enjoy privileges not in the public domain, including the ability to kill anyone perceived as a threat to the World Government. They generally don’t deal with simple pirates or criminals but with bigger threats, such as the one posed by the Revolutionary Army. CP9 agents are trained in Guanhao since childhood so that, over time, they are able to overcome the limitations of the human body and are taught techniques called Rokushiki.


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It is also instilled in their minds that their duty is to become assassins under the orders of the World Government, stronger than justice itself. Before it was destroyed, their base was Enies Lobby. The CP0 is believed to be the strongest of all and is under the direct command of the world nobles.

Although it is known that there are ten of them, only CP0 and CP9 have been explored in more detail, while the others… well, we know only a member or two, and that’s about it.

Cipher Pol groups and members

In this section, we are going to go over each of the groups and their roles, as well as their known members.


CP1 is one of the eight “official” Cipher Pol groups, but as of the time of writing this article, nothing has been revealed about them, and we do not have any information about them. If something appears later on, we will update this article accordingly.


CP2 is one of the eight “official” Cipher Pol groups, but as of the time of writing this article, nothing has been revealed about them, and we do not have any information about them. If something appears later on, we will update this article accordingly.


CP3 is one of the eight “official” Cipher Pol groups, but as of the time of writing this article, nothing has been revealed about them, and we do not have any information about them. If something appears later on, we will update this article accordingly.


CP4 is one of the eight “official” Cipher Pol groups, but as of the time of writing this article, nothing has been revealed about them, and we do not have any information about them. If something appears later on, we will update this article accordingly.


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CP5 was led by Spandam, and while their specialty is now known, they have been shown to be capable of stealth, thievery, sailing, as well as operating special weapons. None of the other members, save for Spandam have been identified. They were tasked with recovering Pluto,n and they were later sent to Egghead to investigate Vegapunk.

Known members:

  • Spandam is a member of the World Government who served as the former head of CP5, with which he carried out some secret assignments in order to obtain the Pluton’s secret plans. After losing to the Mugiwara pirate gang in Enie’s lobby and deserting his unit, Spandam became a member of CP0 two years after the Battle of Marineford.


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CP6 is one of the groups within Cipher Pol, who were tasked with helping CP9 recover Nico Robin. Their specialty is unknown. Sanji defeated them, and their current status is unknown. Only their leader, Jerry, has been identified.

Known members:

  • Jerry is an agent of CP6 and the king of an island in the South Blue, famous for its karate practice. Jerry is assigned to transport the prisoners Nico Robin, Usopp, and Franky from Water 7 to Enies Lobby and is posted in the rearmost carriage of the sea train Puffing Tom when suddenly the pirate Sanji appears there. A short fight ensues between the two, which the Mugiwara pirate can win with a single attack.


CP7 is a group within Cipher Pol. Their specialty is likewise unknown, but they have also been sent to assist CP9 with recovering Nico Robin, like CP6. Although they were defeated, they were later sent to Egghead. Only one member has been identified, and he is Wanze, their “ace.”

Known members:

  • Wanze is a World Government agent and a member of CP7. He practices ramen kenpo, a cooking martial art. Wanze is assigned to guard prisoner Nico Robin and waits in the fourth carriage, the kitchen carriage.
  • He initially offers the three of them a freshly made ramen, but they refuse, and a fight ensues. Initially, The agent can dodge Sanji’s attacks but soon takes his first heavy hit when he attacks the Mugiwara gang’s cook with Menkiri Fireskate, and he kicks him in the face twelve times in return.


CP8 is a group within Cipher Pol, but their specialty is likewise unknown. They were first mentioned when they arrived on a mission to Egghead, but not much data has been revealed about them and their role in the series. No individual member of CP8 has been identified as of yet.


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CP9 was a special, “unofficial” group within Cipher Pol that specialized in assassinations. They were ultimately defeated by the Straw Hats in Ennies Lobby, after which their status remains unknown. All of the members of CP9 have been reassigned to CP0.

Known members:

  • Spandam, who was originally the ledaer of CP5 before being transferred to CP9.
  • Rob Lucci is a former World Government agent deployed under Spandam in CP9. to obtain the Pluton. After the events in Enies Lobby, he deserted with his entire unit, but two years later, he is again in the service of the world government in the unit of CP0 – as Spandam’s superior.
  • Kaku is a former World Government agent and was a member of CP9 with Rob Lucci, who is his close friend. After the events in Enies Lobby, he deserted with his entire unit, led by Lucci, but was later recruited for CP0.
  • Jabra is also a former CP9 agent who is now with CP0. In Enies Lobby, Sanji defeated him, after which he deserted along with Lucci and their whole unit.
  • Blueno is one of the CP9 agents in charge of recovering Pluton’s blueprints. He always maintains an impassive expression. Thanks to his Devil Fruit, he can open doors on people, objects, or in the air. He worked for several years as a bartender at Water Seven.
  • Kumadori physically resembles kabuki theater actors and is a very melodramatic type who often expresses himself through poems and haiku. He usually blames himself for the mistakes made by others, and sometimes he mortifies himself for trifles, threatening to do harakiri even for stupid things. He always carries some sort of bō stick with him, which he uses in combat.
  • Fukuro has the distinction of having a large zipper instead of a mouth, but despite this, he can’t keep a fact to himself and has a tendency to tell everyone the secrets of CP9. He is defeated by Franky at Enies Lobby. He is superior in strength only to Kalifa but, unlike the others, he has a particular ability that allows him to measure the physical strength of people after being hit.
  • Kalifa is the only female agent of CP9 and one of the undercover agents at Water Seven. She appears as a serious and pragmatic woman with a hot temper, and she enjoys ridiculing her boss, Spandam, by accusing him of sexual harassment. She initially uses a whip with sharp points as a weapon but also has a Devil Fruit.
  • Nero was a new member of CP9 when he debuted in the series. Nicknamed “Sea Weasel,” he fights with two pistols. He is placed to guard the third car of the Puffing Tom, where he faces Franky and is defeated. Sickened by his weakness and poor self-control, Rob Lucci hits him with Shigans in the back and throws him into the sea.
  • Spandine was the head of CP9 twenty years before the current events and the father of Spandam. Just like his son, he has no skills, unlike his subordinates, and comes across as cowardly and full of himself. Spandine led Ohara’s investigation and was the one who shot Professor Clover before he could reveal the name of the Old Kingdom to the World Government.
  • Laskey was a CP9 agent during Spandine’s leadership and was part of the group who investigated the Ohara Incident. He is also Kalifa’s father. His fate after the Ohara Incident remains a mystery.
  • Who’s-Who was a former agent of the CP9 who was charged with protecting the Gomu Gomu no Mi. After he failed to do so, he was dismissed and imprisoned as a traitor. He later escaped and became a target of the World Government.
  • Two pets, a white dove named Hattori and an elephant named Funkfreed, who is actually a sword, were also part of the group.


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image 2023 08 24 175114819

CP0 is the final and most enigmatic group within Cipher Pol. They don’t seem to have a specialization, but they are considered to be the strongest group that has to deal with the toughest situations. Unlike the other groups, they are not under the World Government’s control but under the World Nobles’ direct control. It is said that if they are present somewhere, an event that could change the world is about to happen.


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Known members:

  • Guernica is a CP0 agent who was in Wano Country. He seems to be a very high-ranked member within CP0 and one of its most trusted agents. He is extremely powerful and was able to easily defeat Izou, but Kaido ultimately mauls him because he interrupted his fight. It is currently unknown whether he is alive or not.
  • Maha is a masked CP0 agent who wears a tribal mask. He was in Wano Country during the downfall of Big Mom and Kaidou, alongside Guernica, and was eventually defeated by Izou when they clashed. Not much is known about him, except that he was undoubtedly a powerful character and played a relatively important role in Wano Country, as the World Nobles entrusted him with a dangerous and important task. His fate is unknown, but he is presumed to be dead.
  • Stussy is an undercover CP0 agent. She is known in the underworld as “The Queen of the Red Light District.” She is very polite and composed and does not tolerate insults. However, she has been shown to be very sadistic and not afraid to kill those she deems necessary.
  • Gismonda is a masked agent of CP0. He has a tall figure and looks generally intimidating, but not much is known about him, even though he is a great professional.
  • Joseph is another CP0 agent who is also a member of the Longarm Tribe. His mask looks like that of a clown. As with Gismonda, not much is known about him.
  • Three unnamed members were seen in a short scene.
  • Former CP9 agents Rob Lucci, Spandam, Kaku, Jabra, Blueno, Kumadori, Fukuro, Kalifa, Funkfreed, and Hattori, the dove.
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