One Piece: Are Law and Luffy Related? Explaining Their Relationship!

One Piece: Are Law and Luffy Related? Explaining Their Relationship!

There are numerous stories about various types of relationships in One Piece, and this article will be one of those stories, as we will talk about two popular characters from the series and explain the very nature of their relationship. The characters in question will be Monkey D. Luffy, the protagonist of the series, and Trafalgar D. Water Law, a rival pirate of his and the captain of the Heart Pirates. The two are quite similar in many ways, which is why some fans wonder whether they could be related. In this article, we will reveal the true nature of their relationship.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Monkey D. Luffy and Trafalgar D. Water Law are both well-respected captains of the Worst Generation. Luffy is the captain of the Straw Hats, while Law is the captain of the Heart Pirates.
  • And while they share a mutual respect for each other, they are also rivals, as both of them want to reach Laugh Tale and find the One Piece treasure, which leads to an interesting dynamic between them.
  • Luffy and Law are not related, and while they definitely are rivals, they could also be described as friends, as they have collaborated on more than one occasion in the series.

The relationship between Luffy and Law is not a familial one

As fans of the series will know, Monkey D. Luffy and Trafalgar D. Water Law are two exceptionally important and very popular One Piece characters. While Luffy needs no proper introduction, as he is the series’s protagonist, Law is a secondary character rival of Luffy’s. He is the Heart Pirates captain and a very powerful and influential captain whose goal is to obtain the One Piece treasure, like Luffy. In that aspect, the two are on opposite sides, but as we will see soon, their relationship is quite layered and not one filled with animosity.

Trafalgar Law and his crew saved Luffy in spite of Whitebeard’s war and the Marine Admirals’ onslaught, suggesting that Luffy and them had a strong connection. But since Law and the other Supernova are rivals, it’s plausible that Law’s actions were motivated by something else. However, Law most likely chose to save Luffy because it was evident that he respected him for his attack on the World Nobles. Unaware of Law’s plans, Luffy was glad to see him again when they first met on Punk Hazard.

Despite their rivalry, since they are both looking for One Piece, he grinned broadly and said that he was appreciative and owed him for his assistance two years prior. When Robin revealed that Law had joined the Shichibukai during the time skip, Luffy looked visibly shocked. Law offered Luffy an alliance to assist him in taking down one of the Yonko after he helped save Nami.

After realizing that they would be facing off against Kaido, Luffy unexpectedly accepted the offer and declared his intention to defeat them all, indicating his agreement with Law. It seems that he believes Law will approve the plan of action. Luffy was quite worried about Law when Doflamingo shot him.


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Luffy declared that he wanted to save the North Blue pirate after the Shichibukai had taken him, hostage. Luffy views Law as a friend and appreciates him for saving his life. Since they had formed a partnership, Luffy developed a clever ruse that enabled him to make all the decisions in the name of the group without even consulting Law, much to the latter’s chagrin. After they agreed to catch him, he sent Caesar Clown flying on Punk Hazard. He also defeated Donquixote Doflamingo after Kaido changed the plan, and most recently, he teamed up with the Kozuki Clan and the Mink Tribe to overthrow Kaido.

They even get into a humorous debate in Dressrosa, where Law ends the partnership after realizing their original objective was compromised. Law responds that’s exactly what he always does to Luffy’s claim that he can’t make decisions for the two of them because he is his friend. When Luffy realized that Doflamingo had slain Law, he was stunned and indignant. Law was seen to have great regard for Luffy and his crew during the intense struggle between him and Doflamingo, claiming they could do miracles.

Law later stated that if Doflamingo defeated Luffy, he would die since they allied. Law also said that the fight between Luffy and Doflamingo was his fault, but Robin corrected him, saying that Luffy would not enter a fight without personal reasons. Luffy is also shown to be unable to pronounce his name (Trafalgar) correctly and instead calls him “Traffy” (トラ男 Tora-o?).

And that is, more or less, that. As you can see, Luffy and Law are not related directly. People probably thought they were because of the initial D. and some similarities between them, but the Will of D. doesn’t mean a familial relationship. The exact meaning of this initial has not been explained yet, but it is a special trait in special individuals who might or might not be related. The two may share a distant relative, but that has not been confirmed.


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They are rivals, but they are also friends, and they respect each other significantly, which is why we have provided you with the information from this article, which will, hopefully, clear everything up for you.

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