In What Episode Does Luffy Fight Doflamingo & How Did the Fight Play Out?

In What Episode Does Luffy Fight Doflamingo & How Did the Fight Play Out?

Monkey D. Luffy, the protagonist of Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece manga, is known for his many epic fights. He has fought numerous opponents over the years, but some of these fights managed to stand out among the others and one such fight is going to be the topic of this article. The fight we are talking about is Luffy’s fight against Donquixote Doflamingo, one of his most devious opponents in the whole series. In this article, we are going to tell you the episodes in which Luffy fought against Doflamingo.

Luffy fought Donquioxote Doflamingo in episodes 721 to 728, which aired between December 6, 2015, and January 31, 2016. This was their first fight. Their second fight happened in episodes 732 to 734, which aired between March 6, 2016, to March 27, 2016. After two attempts, Luffy finally managed to defeat Doflamingo and put an end to his rule.

The remainder of this article will give you a detailed overview of the fight between Luffy and Donquixote Doflamingo. You now know when it happened, so we are just going to bring you the details so you know the whole context. Beware, though, because there are going to be a lot of spoilers, so if you haven’t seen the fight, be careful how you approach the article.

In what episodes does Luffy fight against Donquixote Doflamingo?

Luffy fought Doflamingo a total of two times. Luffy initially fought Donquioxote Doflamingo in episodes 721 to 728, which aired between December 6, 2015, and January 31, 2016; this was their first fight and Luffy did not manage to win. Their second fight happened in episodes 732 to 734, which aired between March 6, 2016, to March 27, 2016, and this is where Luffy finally defeated one of his most dangerous opponents.

How does the fight between Luffy and Doflamingo play out?

After withstanding the full force of Law’s attack, Doflamingo gets back on his feet, surprising everyone present. Standing up, he states that thanks to Law’s chatter, he got enough time to give himself first aid, explaining that right now, his threads are closing the internal wounds received during Law’s attack, noting the versatility of his ability.

But despite the fact that he cannot call this operation healing or regeneration, he nevertheless congratulated Law for having killed himself and now he will personally take his life from him, after which he tries to break his skull with his own foot, but is stopped by Straw Hat Luffy, who puts his foot above Law’s head, preventing him from killing him.

After that, while continuing to keep his foot over Law, Doflamingo asked the Straw Hat why he stopped him because he only wanted to crush Law’s head, after which he again tries to kill him by charging his leg with Armament Haki, but Straw Hat stops him again, also using Armament Haki. This caused the two Haki to clash, which resulted in Law being thrown away from the scene of the battle.


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At the same time, after ending the confrontation, Luffy charged his legs with Armament Haki and attacked him twice, however, Doflamingo, charging his arm with Armament Haki, blocked his blows, after which Luffy attacked him in the torso and delivered several blows to the face, after which he was attacked by “Gomu Gomu no Eagle Bazooka.”

However, after dodging his attack, Doflamingo charges Luffy with Armament Haki and attacks Luffy with “Athlete Thread”, after which, despite blocking with Armament Haki, Doflamingo inflicts slashing damage on him, forcing him to fly out of the palace. However, before he can take off, Trebol traps him in his own body, rendering him unable to move, and then tells “Doffy” that he will borrow the Straw Hat while he kills Law.

After regaining his composure and noticing that Straw Hat Luffy saved Trafalgar Law and threw him outside the palace where he was caught by Nico Robin, he orders her to mind her own business and attacks her with “Tamaito”, but at the same moment Luffy attacks him with “Gomu Gomu no Hawk Whip”. Cavendish protects Robin using “Precious Metal Axe”.

However, not taking much damage, Doflamingo again turns to the Straw Hat, stating that he is wrong about Law, since as long as Law is alive, he will suffer and it would be much more humane to ease his torment, however, the Straw Hat only stated that if Doflamingo wanted to do it so badly, he would have to do it over his dead body, which Doflamingo basically agrees with.

At the same time, Straw Hat also stated that Doflamingo himself is not in the best shape, especially after Law’s attack, after which he attacks him with “Gomu Gomu no Eagle Bazooka”, which throws Doflamingo out of the palace. However, after being able to cover part of his body with Haki before his strike, Doflamingo was able to defend himself without taking any damage, after which, continuing to fly, he noted that he was quite fast, but his punching power was ridiculous, suggesting that he wanted to “tickle him to death”.

At the same time, Doflamingo, using “Overheat”, attacks Luffy, cutting part of the palace and inflicting heavy damage on him, after which he approaches him and states that this whole fight brings back so many memories of how he defeated Crocodile and fell from the sky at Marineford, noting that he was impressed that he was able to survive, but was now in his way.

After that, he violently kicks Luffy, causing part of the palace to collapse. However, after managing to hold on, the Straw Hat continues to fight Doflamingo, once again causing the two Haoshoku Haki to clash. Thus, later on, Luffy attacks him with “Gomu Gomu no Grizzly Magnum”, however, due to his speed, Doflamingo evades his blow and delivers a strong blow to his face, noting that it is open on all sides, after which he slams him into a stone floor, reminding him of his promise.


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While still in the air, Doflamingo repeats his words again, saying that the Straw Hat has only one hour left before “Tori Kago” shrinks into a thin thread, after which he is puzzled by the question of who will die first: those who cannot move by themselves, the sick and the old, chained to their beds, or small children who have not yet come off their mother’s breast.

Then he assumed that: in 30 minutes, it will be known when people in the country will begin to die; in 40 minutes, the air will be filled with screams and moans; in 50 minutes, the whole country will be painted red and crushed like a ripe tomato; in an hour, there will be nothing left of the country. Having finished with this, Doflamingo also expressed his doubts that the Straw Hat cares about the fate of this country, however, he assured him that while dying, the inhabitants of this country would curse his crew, because if they had not come to this country, peace and tranquility would have continued to reign in it.

However, upon hearing his words, Luffy stated that everything he said was nonsense and the world he talked about is just a fake, which made Doflamingo laugh. After listening to him, Doflamingo stated that wherever he goes, there are losers everywhere and if everyone is helped, it will never end, while not understanding Luffy’s desire to make a “hero” out of himself, stating that everything he does is only getting in his way.

However, at that moment, Straw Hat declares that he is actually the one standing in his way and that’s why he won’t let anyone die, after which he uses “Gear Fourth“, which confuses Doflamingo to a certain degree. As a result, after seeing a demonstration of Luffy’s transition in “Gear Fourth”, Doflamingo remarked on how Luffy had grown, becoming almost the same height as him.

Later, after hearing that he had become a “Rubber Man”, Doflamingo thought it was a joke, as he really thought that he had an “Ace in the Hole”, and instead, he decided to add elasticity to himself, not realizing how it can help him. However, at the same time, Luffy attacks him with “Gomu Gomu no Kong Gun”, which surprised Doflamingo as his arm retracted inside him, after which he charged his hands with Armament Haki and tried to block his attack.

But despite the block, Luffy delivers a strong blow to Doflamingo, causing him to head toward the center of the country, destroying the city’s buildings along the way. Recovering and standing on his feet, he notices the inhabitants of the country, puzzled by his appearance, after which he told them that he cannot understand how he ended up here, which causes them great fear.


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Later, after realizing his location, he notices Straw Hat Luffy flying through the air and heading toward him, which causes him some surprise. However, with little time left to reach him, Straw Hat Luffy suddenly disappears and appears at Doflamingo’s side, attacking him with “Gomu Gomu no Rhino Schneider” in the jaw, causing him to fly off towards the Former Royal Plateau.

But despite such a blow, Doflamingo rises again and soars into the air, realizing that by increasing his elasticity he was able to increase his strength several times, but despite this, he still remains a “pitiful piece of rubber”. While above the Straw Hat’s ground, Luffy tries to attack him with “Gomu Gomu no Culverin”, but Doflamingo manages to dodge the blow and then attacks him with “Athlete”.

However, despite the fact that the attack reached its target, it failed to deal damage to him, as the Straw Hat’s body remained rubbery despite Armament Haki. Then, straightening up, Luffy throws Doflamingo away from him, after which, bending his own arm, he again attacks him with “Gomu Gomu no Culverin”, after which he strikes him with a strong blow to the jaw, which causes misunderstanding in Doflamingo from which the Straw Hat’s hand did not shrink.

After being able to withstand the full force of the Straw Hat’s punch, Doflamingo realized that he could now freely control the amount of compression and expansion of his body with Haki, suggesting that it was now some kind of “fusion” between Armament Haki and Rubber. However, not wanting to know the details of this, Doflamingo gets back on his feet, noting that Luffy has an excellent command of his power, however, he still asked him how long he could use it, being sure that it would be associated with some risks.

Not wanting to answer his question, Luffy attacks him with “Gomu Gomu no Double Culverin”, but before his attacks can reach his body, Doflamingo defends himself with “Offwhite”, shocking the Straw Hat. Noticing his surprise, Doflamingo explained to him that in addition to this “childish” level of power, there is a higher dimension of power called “awakening”, which allows Devil Fruit users to influence not only himself, but also the world around them, after which they turn those around them buildings in threads and sends them at the Straw Hat.

Noticing that he was dodging them, Doflamingo decides to end their fight, after which, stating that it’s time to die, he casts “Billow White”. However, Luffy, managing to dodge, squeezes his own head inward, after which he pierces Doflamingo’s “Offwhite” and attacks him with his final attack “Gomu Gomu no Leo Bazooka”, causing massive damage to his body and causing him to be imprinted to the 2nd level of the New Royal Plateau.

Back then, after being slammed into the mountain, Doflamingo showed no signs of life or resistance, yet remained conscious. However, not knowing this, the townspeople, along with Straw Hat Luffy, mistakenly thought he was defeated, until they saw “Torikago” remained where it was. Noticing this, Luffy decided to hit Doflamingo again, but after failing to get close enough to him, Luffy’s Gear Fourth time expired, after which he rebounded from the New Plateau and fell down, unable to move.

And at the same moment when all the inhabitants of the country were at a loss for what happened, Doflamingo gets out of the New Royal Plateau, destroying most of the 2nd level in the process, sending all the inhabitants of the country into panic. Then, standing in the air and watching what was happening below, he realized that now the Straw Hat was unable to continue the battle, after which he pressed something into his body and began to slowly descend.


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Descending to the ground, Doflamingo’s path is blocked by many gladiators of the Corrida Colosseum, who attack him at the same time. Not wanting to waste his time and energy on them, Doflamingo quickly makes short work of them with his “awakened” abilities, piercing their bodies with threads. Looking at them, Doflamingo declared that he was not going to spend time with “scum” like them, and then ordered the Straw Hat to go to battle so that he would make him regret that he was even born.

Seeing their actions, Doflamingo noted how stupid they were, after which he stated that he was still in a “polite” form demanding that the Straw Hat be handed over to him, after which he dealt with them in an instant.

Later, when Rebecca attacks Violetta, Straw Hat Luffy unexpectedly appears in her place and, thanks to Armament Haki, breaks Rebecca’s sword, which causes some surprise and joy to Doflamingo. Then, while looking at him, Doflamingo noted how loud the Straw Hat’s return was, saying that it looks like he was already able to recover some of his Haki, but it looks like all he can do now is stay on his feet, after which using his ” awakened” ability pierces Luffy’s body.

However, Doflamingo directs his threads at Rebecca, wanting to kill her. But when the threads reach her, she suddenly disappears. Realizing that this is the work of Law, Doflamingo orders him to watch carefully, after which, using “Ever White”, he turns the entire area of ​​the city into threads and grabs Luffy, making it impossible for him to escape, after which he creates “Thousand Arrows” and attacks him with “Flap thread”.

Seeing this, Luffy tries to defend himself using Armament Haki, however, the threads pierce through his body, driving Luffy into a stone wall. Then, dealing massive piercing damage to him, Doflamingo uses “Parasite” to force Luffy to walk toward him. Watching him, Doflamingo remarked that Luffy was a “Stubborn Bastard” after all, and then stated that if all these “stubborn ones” had remained his obedient “puppets” in this “cage”, then all this bloodshed could have been avoided.

Then, angered by his words, Luffy uses “Gear Fourth”, thereby breaking Doflamingo’s control, much to his surprise. Then, noticing that the Straw Hat wants to continue the fight with him while in the air, Doflamingo rushes into the sky, noting that he has no courage and stating that now he will show him how to kill with one blow.

However, after gaining enough height, Luffy states that due to Doflamingo trying to control everyone and everything on this island with his threads, he is already starting to choke, noting that he is sick of his actions. After listening to him, Doflamingo declares that he can only blame his heritage for this because by birth they are all below him, and compared to him they are simply nonentities.


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But not wanting to listen to him, Luffy declares that he will beat the hell out of him and get out of there. Laughing at his words, Doflamingo orders him to try it, after which, preparing for his attack, he creates “Kumo no Sugaki”, after which he creates “16 Sacred Bullets Of The Assassins” and attacks him with “God Thread”.

However, Luffy decides to use his ultimate attack and attacks him with “Gomu Gomu no King Kong Gun”, punching “Kumo no Sugaki” and hitting Doflamingo’s face, breaking his sunglasses. Then, taking all the power of the blow upon himself, Doflamingo falls from sky to earth, breaking through the stone floor and falling deep into the underground port, where he, having lost consciousness and control over “Tori Kago”, frees Dressrosa from his presence.

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