One Piece: Check Out ‘One Second From 1000 Episodes’ Video

Today, November 21, is the date that will be remembered to One Piece fans because their favorite anime achieved something that not many anime or tv shows did – released the 1000th episode! Based on the original manga written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda that first appeared in 1997, the anime adaptation debuted two years later after the initial release of the manga. Both manga and anime have continued to come out to this day, all the way to 100 Volumes of the manga and 1000 episodes of the anime.

To celebrate this huge achievement, a new One Piece video emerged on the Crunchyroll Collection YouTube channel. The video contains one second from each of those 1000 episodes of One Piece. This could be a perfect way for long-term fans to feel nostalgia and everything they experienced with this legendary anime for the last 22 years.

Releasing the 1000th episode also caused the reveal of the first poster and trailer for the upcoming movie One Piece: Red, which is set to be released in August next year in Japan. Unfortunately, there are no plans for international release so far.

We doubt that someone who never heard of One Piece would be here, but in case you don’t know: One Piece follows the main character called Luffy, also known as Straw Hat, who unintentionally ate Devil’s Fruit and that caused his body to gain properties of rubber. He’s a founder and captain of Straw Hat Pirates, and he’s devoted to finding a legendary treasure known as One Piece. That’s like basic of the basic. Can you imagine how much there is to find out if you’ve never watched this 22-year old anime?


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