One Piece: Here Is Why Uta Tried to Kill Luffy!

One Piece: Here Is Why Uta Tried to Kill Luffy!

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Uta and Luffy had a very interesting relationship. As the anime and One Piece Film: Red revealed, the two of them met as kids not long after Shanks, who had adopted Uta as his daughter, visited Luffy’s village. But, when the two of them met later, they were enemies, as Uta’s and Luffy’s ideals clashed, and in this article, you are going to find out why the two of them actually became enemies in the movie and how that whole story played out.

Uta wanted to kill Luffy because he would not give up being a pirate. Namely, Uta felt betrayed by Shanks, her adoptive father, and hated him because she thought he was a vile pirate; this is how her hatred towards all pirates developed. So, when she finds out that Luffy is not only a pirate but that he also wants to become the Pirate King, she tries to convince him to stop being a pirate, but when that fails, she becomes his enemy and wants to kill him because she felt betrayed and angry.

The rest of this article will actually be a chronicle of the relationship between Luffy and Uta, as it evolved from when they first met and culminated in their clash in the One Piece Film: Red. We will elaborate further on the answer we have given you above and explain all the circumstances related to the clash between Luffy and Uta, as it happened in the movie. All the details you need to know will be presented here, as we are going to explain absolutely everything to you. Of course, if you haven’t already seen One Piece Film: Red, we have to warn you that this article is going to contain many spoilers related to the topic.

Uta wanted to kill Luffy because she believed a lie about Shanks’ role in her past

Ten years before the narrative begins, Shanks gives Uta some jewelry but refuses to do the same with the Gomu Gomu no Mi, which she wants. Shortly after, their ship arrived in the Kingdom of Goa, where Uta met Luffy, who tried to send them away. Uta sang at Party’s Bar, and Luffy tried to do the same but failed miserably at it.

The two became friends despite Luffy constantly challenging the young Uta, who was, interestingly enough, able to do everything like him. The two then argued about Shanks’ merits and demerits near an abandoned mill; once inside, Luffy showed Uta that it was possible to see the sea from a window, and she commented that she had seen more beautiful things while sailing.

At Party’s Bar, Uta complained to Shanks about Luffy’s insistence and told Makino that she spent time with him to avoid bothering her father. At that moment, the boy entered the bar and insisted that Shanks let him join the Red Hair Pirates, so Uta took him away, challenging him to a race to the beach.

It continued into the sea on barrels, where the two children encountered the Lord of the Coast and were forced to find shelter on a cliff. Where Uta revealed her dream of creating a new era with her songs, while Luffy reiterated his desire to travel the world.


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Later, the two were harassed by bandits. Luffy tried to hide in the Red Force, Shanks’ shit, but Uta found out, revealed it to Shanks, and he then advised the child to become stronger; then she sailed away with her father’s crew, who later left her on the island of Elegia, after a tragedy that she caused, but Shanks took the blame for.

She later made a hit with a song, becoming famous all around the. Since then, her songs and dances have been popular all over the world, and when she organizes a live concert, Luffy’s crew arrives to meet her, but that was all a part of her plan to create her own perfect world.

The performance is about to start, and as soon as she enters the stage and starts to sing, she instantly immerses every audience member in her Uta World. His goal is to consume a fungus that keeps her awake so that she can spend eternity in Uta World with her followers.

Meanwhile, her concert goes off without a hitch, Uta meets up with Luffy, and they reminisce about their earlier days as friends. She makes an effort to learn where Shanks is from him but is unsuccessful. Her perspective on Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates alters as Luffy reveals his desire to become the Pirate King. After failing to convince Luffy to give up being a pirate, she loses her cool and sends soldiers after the Straw Hats.

She was able to get all the Straw Hats with her powers and manipulated her followers into aiding her capture of Luffy, who managed to escape. The rest of the crew then break free with the assistance of Law, Koby, Bartolomeo, and Blueno. Meanwhile, in the actual world, the Marines are on their way to kill Uta, but so is Shanks’ crew, who want to save her from the Marines.

In Uta’s universe, she avenges Charlos for his effort to have her murdered by easily defeating and capturing him. This worries her supporters, who start to question her plan and some of whom declare that they would rather live in the actual world than continue to exist in Uta’s universe.

Uta is perplexed by this but is soon sidetracked by demands for their release from the regrouped Straw Hat Pirates and their numerous allies. Uta performs Tot Musica’s song and frees the strong demon who had earlier destroyed the island after being captured by Bartolomeo using his abilities and the Marines injuring her admirers in the real world.

This, of course, prompts a fierce fight, as Luffy, using Gear 5, and Shanks try to and succeed in stopping the Demon. They soon save Uta, who is then told the truth about what happened long ago. Realizing that Shanks had not betrayed her, she reconciled with him and then also with Luffy, as she did not hate pirates anymore. And that is the story of Uta’s clash with Luffy.


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As you can see, in Uta’s case, it was nothing personal. She had nothing against Luffy – on the contrary, she was his friend and cared for him, so she did not want him to be a pirate.

Of course, her own hatred for pirates, which was caused by the fact that she hated Shanks because she wrongly thought that he had abandoned her, stood in the way of that, and that is why she actually clashed with the Straw Hat. She wanted to kill him because he wanted to stop her, but as soon as she realized the error of her ways – as she was really not herself at the time – she reconciled with Luffy, and the two became friends once more.

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