Is Uta the Real Villain in One Piece Film: Red? Her Identity & Intentions Revealed

is uta villain

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The One Piece franchise has gifted anime fans with a plethora of interesting characters over the years, many of which have been shrouded by mystery and ambiguity. Uta’s grand reveal in One Piece Film: Red brought a ton of new questions for One Piece fans worldwide, and many now wonder if Uta is the real villain in One Piece Film: Red.

Uta is technically the main antagonist in One Piece Film: Red, but she is classified as a “Tragic Anti-Villain” – not a true villain. Her sole intention was to create a new age of peace, happiness, and freedom for everyday people in the One Piece universe, but her will to achieve “absolute justice” at any cost began to warp her mind and identity, ultimately transforming her into a villain.

Although Uta takes the role of the primary antagonist in One Piece Film: Red, her identity and intentions point to a sad case of selfless heroism gone wrong – rather than her being a true villain. Stick around to find out everything there is to know about Uta in One Piece so far, as well as if she is really the villain she was made out the be in One Piece Film: Red.

Who is Uta in One Piece?

There are quite a few characters throughout the One Piece storyline that flaunt mysterious origins and backstories, many of which still have questionable motives to this day. Uta is still shrouded by debate and speculation, as fans don’t know too much about this glamorous character just yet, but we may know enough to piece her true intentions together.

uta villain

She is considered to be the world’s most famous diva in One Piece (going by “World’s Greatest Diva Princess”) and is iconic for her singing voice. However, her voice is seen as otherworldly, and One Piece Film: Red pre-release leaks teased that her voice would somehow change the world.

Uta’s Identity & Origins

One Piece Film: Red spoilers revealed that Uta is in fact the daughter of Shanks – who is seen as one of One Piece’s most powerful pirates according to many One Piece fans. Uta is also a longtime friend of the infamous Luffy, playing the role of a supporting character in the One Piece anime series’ Uta’s Past Arc.

uta young

The official release of One Piece Film: Red confirmed this to be true, although it was unveiled that Uta is not actually Shanks’s biological daughter – instead, Uta is Shanks’s adopted daughter. Additional details about Shanks’s past were also revealed in One Piece Film: Red, such as the fact that he was found by his caregiver in a similar way to how he found Uta.

Shanks' Daughter Uta in One Piece: Who Is She?

However, this happy father-daughter relationship was fairly short-lived since Shanks’s decided to leave Uta behind. Some fans have used this act as an additional reason to believe that Shanks is actually evil in One Piece, although others believe this decision was solely to keep Uta safe throughout all of Shanks’s escapades.

uta young sing

She was believed to be a happy, bubbly, and friendly type of person from when she was very young, and she always loved helping others. Uta began singing at a very young age, and things started taking a darker turn as she began to see everything that was wrong in the world.

Devil Fruit Powers (Uta Uta No Mi)

Uta is a Devil Fruit user, making use of the Uta Uta no Mi, the Sing Sing Devil Fruit. This is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit in One Piece, which allows Uta to transport the consciousness of others into a virtual space known as “Uta’s World”. As such, the possibilities are endless – and so are her powers in this virtual space.

sing sing fruit

She has a handful of special abilities, other than a Euphonious Voice that she can use to potentially control the entire world in real life, and she can even use the unconscious bodies of those she has transported. Her mythical abilities are most feared, as she has the power to de-age and even reduce the size of others, and she can grant lives and personalities to inanimate objects.


Shanks’ Daughter Uta in One Piece: Who Is She?

Uta can also take flight at will, as well as summon spear drills and even armed minions that multiply out of nowhere – plus, she is protected by a layer of Gold Protection that acts as a shield against her opponents. Once she takes the form she uses for combat, she wields a drill that acts as both a spear and a sword, and she is incredibly powerful and fast with her attacks.

Is Uta a Real Villain in One Piece?

Uta, going by “Princess Uta” in villain form, is an incredibly tough opponent to take on. In fact, it took the Straw Hat Pirates, Big Mom Pirates, the Red Hair Pirates, and many other powerful One Piece marines working together in tandem to break free from her control.

princess uta

The only way to escape her virtual realm after being transported is to wait for Uta to fall asleep – if she is killed, those inside the realm would be trapped forever. The government suspected that approximately 70% of the people in the One Piece universe had been under her control after listening to her music.

Uta’s True Intentions

Uta is set on fighting on behalf of everyday people, including those that do not have any type of Devil Fruit power or superhuman ability in One Piece. Other than her stance and role as the main antagonist in One Piece Film: Red, her character and placement in the One Piece universe also sheds light on how non-Devil Fruit or non-Haki users can feel throughout the storyline.

uta cry

She is exposed to all of the violence, suffering, and brutality in the world, and sees how everyday people and innocent civilians are killed by pirates, Marines acting according to the law, and World Nobles who can choose to claim innocents as slaves as they please. What makes her very unique is that she uses music to spur on her cause, rather than fighting like many main characters in One Piece.

Her main mission is to free people from suffering, although things became convoluted when her intentions started clouding her judgment. She is determined to give ordinary people happiness and freedom, and she has no concern about the morality of her methods.

Is Uta Evil or Misunderstood?

Uta has her own idea of how to heal the world and create a new space where everyone can be free and happy – safe from all of the harm caused by many with supernatural powers or abilities based on law. But, she does not care about her own well-being or the consent of others in doing so.


That being said, Uta never displayed horrific or violent behavior solely for the sake of her cause. Still, she needed to be stopped since she was spiraling out of control, descending into an endless state of madness.


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Her mental state finally reached a breaking point upon the arrival of the Red Hair Pirates, as her compassion and kindness were replaced by rage and hate. This gave rise to the Demon Tot Musica, which was defeated, and Uta then realized how much harm she had done in her attempt to bring happiness and peace to the world.

uta goodbye

To have a quick look at Uta’s dark side, check out the “Tot Musica” music video below by Ado:

That’s everything there is to know about Uta’s villainous stance in One Piece Film: Red, with images thanks to the One Piece Wiki. Uta’s actions may have been fueled by twisted morals and world views, but her intentions have always been for the greater good. As time progresses, she seems to learn the error of her ways and is unveiled to be more of a misguided heroine than a truly evil One Piece villain.

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